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Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Recently from many friends, who I know some things discounted mbt shoes or displayed by behavior, perhaps is not he “want”, knowing is helpless, a life of entertainment “need”! Want to know “need” what may not “to want, perhaps is” people in river’s lake, choice ”

  Dear the friends, maybe we way of living is different, maybe in  different, maybe each other’s orbit separation and not “want”, but it may be “need”, maybe not perhaps this just not debate fact just. At this time as if feel these facts too heartless, in this cold winter, like YiBaBa sword cut quiet night sky.

  What is a “want”, what is a “need”? Know smoking is harmful to health, not everyone “want”, in order to better life, it has become a “need”. Perhaps doesn’t matter “need”, doesn’t matter “want”, just depends on individual state of mind.

  People, eat to live, and lived? Don’t chien to eat? Rice is need, want all not line, you can change your eating habits, but you should change your nature! Perhaps everyone has a box, then there are the “bias”, but to life, but not too “extreme”.

  . I have not discovered early enough, just I didn’t say, between mutual respect, just can’t use “want” or “need” to choose. “Respect” one side or the other respect, have both “respect”, not need or want to will have. A friend is a sample, the total in you’re down, appear in mind, even if it’s just a shadow, repeatedly disappoint also inspired frustrated in his mind, the total time is sent timely congratulations. It won’t let you unprepared, and will only make even when you are sad, also can batch smile through tears…

  What qualifications? People, sometimes even their ideas are confused, return say what for others pay? I don’t know, I just think it’s never too late to pay, because love never dies! Whether you for any love, still return someone cherish…

  People along the way, there are too many helpless, toombt raha much regret, too much guilt, too much say! “Walk yourself’s road, let other people talk.” I don’t altogether agree with, I think it is trying to avoid mistakes. Although I have no reason to also have this behavior, but I still believe that “reason” can overcome “sentiment”.Life is a castle, there are always various noisy interweave noisy omissions to exist everywhere. We wander in the vague narrow block interval, at one end to begin, to another one endpoint do “. All kinds of people and they multifarious trade-offs, you will sing; I come on stage, so the way a smouldering together, disorderly to make clear the dazzling self-cleaning bystander.


  Of course, subjected to test the senses is not only our ears, but also for our eyes. In our visual perception of what can be defined as colorific level, and one-to-one property gives birth to various multicolored pixels.

  Red, white, black, yellow, blue…… We are all around tonal color piece dyed. From pure white to black constitute erratic sorting. This is our eyes not recognize the shrewd.


  Follow a special group of people, I in the supposedly into film portrays the RuLian division of the siege corner. From beginning to end, I can only in a solemn and fear attitudes to JieTan humbly.


  Japanese unique trival process let me regrets death sacred. Is that really without affectation sense of meticulously.

  I saw the noise of the mandala, like bold deep Mi of HuaShi. Hence, along with all people quiet silently staring.


  At the moment of death to begin, about human nature and conscience self torture actually had already spread among the silent. About the dead and the living together in the conclusion of aeriform in contrast, and in a totally farewell to repent of TiHu initiation were preoccupied.


  Facing death, we are too many distinct lines performance. Weeping climbers have, a tearful coagulation choked with, silent gaze have, smile facing have, hysterical. Can’t say who is right and who is wrong. Just different people facing different people’s death, and it would still have different attitude.


  Remember the south people magazine in each issue of last will have one plate is called “water”, added ambt kamba sale deceased person’s life. How is writing his own father mother, similar to the ritual. This text is mostly positive, full of gratitude and respect the. And occasional for far-reaching characters text, it is another kind of sincere feeling. Generally is standing in the whole country and social commentary on the position of a top key link top line, but often also can spark some summary and generality of things.


  See “dead” this two word people unavoidably will want to avoid, so I think a lot of people will follow me at once as over, directly ignored.


  Of course, we do not need to go like reading novels watching story as to see a stranger biography. But with this kind of boring curiosity disparate awe, I think everyone should have. Whether about someone’s a whole life, or about the death itself.


  Japan has called the death of comic “, of course it didn’t notice the death note “so famous that business, but I always felt his connotation and depth than the latter.


  The death of the world inside forecast everyone from all are injected into a vaccine, while the vaccine of a few people will at some point be early foreseen death. Society is in people because doesn’t know when he will suddenly die and positive efforts under posteriori forward continuously. And the whole piece of cartoons is surrounded by 24 hours in advance notice death everyone how to treat death to launch.



  I don’t know the Japanese this regarding death thinking and sincerity is originated from where. But this rare tribute in other countries in the world is hard to see. As the RuLian division “inside for deceased wiping the body, replacement attire, rbis appearance of professional RuLian division as well. The face of life make their life is full of philosophy BianTi general free from vulgarity imply.


  I think the Japanese to many other national people on the profound lesson. This lesson covered with too many people are missing life off the true drops.


  I also know oneself without what qualifications do here talking death and gesture.


  But I think I as a living, and there will be a day to face death. Term who fo mbt raha saler death this door “door”, or are entitled to make positive comments.


  This is the hustle and bustle of life in colorful, of the death mute.


  Finally, I want to know what do people think about death? Let’s hear it.



open a real name passbook

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Buy a city map, then go through it. Drive, take a taxi, carmbt shoes cheap, bike, or hiking, will do.

Want to quickly familiar city landmark, he enrolled in city yingge.

Handle the city of number immediately change, global, ShenZhouHang, m-zone, China unicom, will do. Printed on the card, and inform all acquaintances.

In the city of bank to , you in this city of wealth from start.

Find a job. At least you from now have a receiving mail address.

If temporarily haven’t found a job, or want to a rest, he went near the post office rent a deoted to your mailbox, so also can have a fixed address.

Install a fixed phone, let your family and friends in your hand organ temporal-spatial, also can find you.

Go, find DuiWei boutiques, restaurants, sports venues, leisure places, not patronizes instrumental, They have a chance to become your spirit can rest “third space”.

The street pats city, even if it does not published in newspapers, also can put it on.

In the local daily newspapers published articles, even in supplement version or send the letters.

Attend peer party. Not to find new job, but for you not to fall behind on major.

In dwellings open a party, even pajama parties. Don’t be afraid of getting into trouble after room, figure noisy fun.

Cultivating hobby, with interest to make the friend, as indicated in the new Oriental lesson, playing badminton or golf, sing K or sing DeFangXi.

Turn every in different situations with people’s photo photo, stick on one side wall, A year come down, the wall is all you in the city’s joys yan.

Go to the library, English corner, matchmaking party, stars concert, find like you appeal and mood of the stranger, with them and have fun.

To antique market, JiuShuTan, civil squares, promenade garden,mbt raha exercise field in a city, they met old man is wise and have patience of chat object, peremptory is city incarnate, can tell you about urban history anecdotes.

In the city of volunteer organizations, for the disabled children, and to the people of voluntary service.

Go to the city of city history museum around the city, where the pendulum past, Go to the city of urban planning exhibition hall, where sitting around the city of the future; Do you like the city master, as it is by the city layout and outlook see clear.

To the mayor hotline phone, reflect your experiences in urban problems. With the mayor day, take time to go to chat with the mayor.

Enrolment run in your district’s owner committee, actively participate in building management and safeguard the rights and interests of oneself and the neighbors.

Every time I’m back, to my colleagues belt can share in the office of nonlocal speciality cuisine.

Learn the local dialect, and locals with miles language joking.

Smoke cigarettes, drink the city of the city of wine and beer.

With a local girl dating.

With neighborhoods, neighbor, security, taxi drivers, landlord, clerk, the company receptionist… And all for your services to greet people, remember thank and praise.

Ready to red envelopes, attend local friend’s wedding.

Establish several colleagues laps, circling: local friends circle, heterosexual circlembt raha, the hobby laps, professional circles, loss, neighborhood friends circle circle, consumption circle.

Open a city life blog, write city life experience, Then you’ll get unexpected links.

Greediness, attention on the BBS FB search room net village convened activities.

No program, on the city group watercress find programs, or launch program fetching participation.

For strangers directions, give him once warmth.

Please out-of-town friends to dinner, and provide them as a guide.

Conditional word, you of the parents also connect to, even if it’s just stay for a while. They can feel your maturity, bear and “the host”.

In this city to buy a copy of accidental person insurance, beneficiary beneficiary to write to your parents. If you should happen to occupy, insurance gold also calculate go if you parents filial piety.

Mortgages you in the city’s future, advance you of the city’s confidence, mortgage buy a suite, even if only for 339 square metre, even if is secondhand room, also be you in the city’s permanent foothold.

Finally, in this city employment, development, and complete settlement, get married,mbt raha buy a house, gave birth to the matters. So, you are no longer a moment of the traveler, but in your second home and be granted the citizens.

but they had the kind

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

There is a woman, she is not pretty, but she is beautiful women more attractive than. mbt shoes cheapThem have something, there are many women do not have. That kind of thing, be called “temperamental” people from all like to see beauty, but each have each different, often be friend eye complain, you see long face so ugly woman should have around so handsome man holding, they are not beautiful, let a man and fascinating thing, that is temperamental, gentle woman flavour.

God is equal to everyone, give you everything is well planned. This temperamental belle, mostly also is not naturally have, mostly in life through the increasingly accumulated. As in the range, the work, the sentiment, they from the original that pure girl who-was-not-little-anymore shadow. They began to wear high-heeled shoes, the high-heeled shoes is to promote women’s temperamental necessary things one, still can rise to thin leg action!

They began to pay attention to dress up, they are smart appearance, know how tombt kafala dress properly self. In the workplace, public occasions, make my clothes and performance and ease, most importantly, they learned to give from charging, let his own intrinsic and external par, not others mouth beautiful not using the vase, they have own unique opinion, independent thinking and face things ability.

They usually work hard, in the work very well, is well received by the boss of him, they always smart. People often say, intelligent woman most bad, but know their people know, their heart is kind, they long for a free life, not easily to a man estrogen, but they move affects men god jing, woman such men don’t like all difficult. Don’t say they didn’t feelings, they are actually very single-minded, once into a relationship will be very seriously, they hope to freedom, also hope to settle.

Now more and more such women appear, they are the than those so-called beauty more popular. A few years ago have a friend, says real grow really don’t how, also some fat, but some days saw, I couldn’t believe own eyes, at present this temperamental woman is my friend, her face do not look beautiful, but she has 1.65 stature, people also thin come down, speak work also more stable than before, that whole mod, absolutely is absolute of temperamental belle. I was greatly to some consider myself very martyrs color, less than half her.

Often hear the word, and there is absolutely no ugly women, only lazy ones. I think this sentence is right, addictive to sad the female people wake up, don’t just sit there dispell imaginary ills, in those who want to those useless things, still be inferior to let myself to form some good habits, give from charging, learn to wear heels, learn to make hair, learn to quiet down to drink a cup of white milk tea, listen to a little music. Actually, you also can be very beautiful, self-confidence is beautiful, mbt habariI wish in the near future, you will also is the common eye temperament beautiful woman.

the average movie true

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

“Come on, I give you a long way!” Word from a warm heart, the boundless in the snow, mbt uk salelike a cup of warm cold in this warm wine, mellow has a drifter life.

  Teddy boy killed black snake, he got to five hundred denarii, and he LiXunHuan said: “I buy you a drink.”

  Then hear emil chau sing friend: “a word, life, life sentiment, a glass of wine.” Moment of trance, eyes as running water wiggling two horse-drawn carriage, a bowl of a bowl of drinking appearance, , the in the mind is warm touched, as seen in the spring breeze swaying branches of the willows.

  LiXunHuan never ask person, but on that day, he asked for LvFeng first and ask for twice, once, begged him that teddy boy a move, let him rediscover self-confidence; Second, begged him to kill XianEr Lin, let teddy boy from everlasting perdition gentle hell to stand up.

  Unfortunately LvFeng first didn’t kill Lin, perhaps XianEr except LiXunHuan, no man can killed by Lin XianEr. But he won’t kill her, because, he is afraid of teddy boy will hate him for a lifetime.

  The chapter title is 60th broken righteousness “, than jianfeng still sharp two characters, serie a. Teddy boy said: “after this, you are no longer my friend!” He said I’ll now to find her, no matter how also wants to find her, I hope your mo want heel to mbt vizuri10 million, 10 million mo want to come, otherwise you will regret lifelong!

  He walked and didn’t look back. LiXunHuan really didn’t have to go to, he just stooped silently cough, cough out of the blood reddened the sleeve. At that moment, I was ruthlessly hate teddy boy, that stupid children ah, why do I yet understandeth not!

  LiXunHuan really didn’t misread the teddy boy, he finally at the last moment “suddenly enlightened!” He went to save LiXunHuan, his sword is already gone, but hold sword has been reborn, he is teddy boy, he will go to save his best friend, so, bamboo sword or kill.

  Bamboo sword can kill, but thorn don’t wear one inch thick metal, when teddy boy broke in the way the sword of death as cold silence doors, everyone was desperate. If LiXunHuan died, teddy boy? I dare not, perhaps, all people dare not to think.

  LiXunHuan didn’t die, because there’s friends and love, and hope, so, he opened the door and stepped out.

  I think, cologne certain smile, wrote the ending. Much good, they can also together drink, then, go mbt kamba saleroaming respective tianya, then, in one place and gather together, continues to drink, maybe that is still a snow, snow swirl, fell on their hair, wine bowl, open positive colourful flowers.

How nice! Friends life together, in a word, life, life sentiment, a glass of wine…

Four and river-lake

  River’s lake is what? River’s lake in where?

  River’s lake, is wuxia burgeon forth bountiful earth, if there is no river’s lake, there is no those stunning adventure stories.

  Jin yong’s river’s lake, are groups of river’s lake, atmospheric lakes. Book, a dozen people, dozens of people, even hundreds of people are vastly gathered in his river, then add in a certain period of the immiseration, in any case, even GuoJiangBuGuo historical background, rendering the solemn and stirring solemn colors. A hero is in this kind of environment growth, strives constantly for self-improvement plus god favors, eventually will become a supernatural ace, smiling. Then people save problems plaguing the foe, in a nation’s wandering aramean ragazzi, stand and fight when foreign invasion, do some ordeal.their deeds cause.

  Jin yong is the river’s lake of ever-roaring, even without any historical background of “smile”, these four words is itself on the theme of sublimation and spectacular. A harp xiaos ensemble of castle peak temple in smile carefree rings, between QingYue broad-minded, fairy sound waves, distinguish right between the shackles of be rock-solid lithe and graceful music shattered, life a soul mate, jiuquan also smiling under. So ji moonlight wind jiao-tung bosom, who can be moved emotionally?

  Jin yong’s river’s lake is self of river’s lake, solemn and stirring is having strong advocate fundamental key, such as ancient Greek tragedy, creates KuangShi of heroes. For the kingdom for the people, the variant of highly actie. This character, perfect summarized of jin yong’s lakes.

  The river is their gu battlefield, he didn’t write great age, don’t write big hero, he’s only written person, just as he said, “humanity” is the novel indispensable theme.

  Then he put his creational figure on own creation river’s lake, then use the stern father eyes, look them in the cruel environment struggling to survive, watching them in whole bloodshed in tears, watching them succeeds or fails, happiness pain, during the peak independence, and struggle in the deep. He looked at it all, and then recorded their symplectic bunk course, life experience, he said: “it is human nature!

  Siew eleven attendants in between heaven and earth alone, we heard his low moans: “the public frets sheep, Wolf, pure heart alone chuang capricious, ecstasy frosty!” Sing tulameen heart knowwhat cold. FuGongXue coming from the darkness, pale of face, black eye, pale hand, black knife. His eyes are always looking ahead, his hand always grasp them, his steps are tough, very clumsy, but he won’t stop.

Gulong’s too many such people, they lonely, lonely, not to be understood,mbt wave They are nobodies, no grand plan determined, they had nothing, which can keep, also only his own life.

The river has gu too much blood and cruel, whole, traps and heavy, put a foot wrong may be shattered. Cologne but don’t have the slightest distressed him children, it’s their own across the battlefield,

And sunkee commercializing

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Jeff appear in front of person do fanatics have mbt shoes usabeen zeelot admiral gogorush will HP will there major general

 etc. Five of them.

Also is Jeff just said “veterans”. This name seems a bit much because of the oldest zeelot

Admiral less than 60 years old,

  But there is also the youngest is only twenty years.

  But dimo Jeff and two for them,

  Is really young too.

“Commander, surrounded by enemies have into the potential, our fleet tree number are few”

  Representatives of the line of people – zeelot admiral said.

  He was born in Jeff before they had already joined, whether the actual combat or cadets military administrative, all have abundant

Knowledge and experience.mbt kifundo

  Apart from the medium figure thick bone physique and trapped doze of look in the eyes,

  His opinion is a middle-aged man no feature devoid of it.

  But his reputation as far away as Jeff above all.

“I know you what to say.”

  Jeff formalized responded to the zeelot causes gift, and pre-emptively against said:

  “Our troops are in adverse conditions, everybody is common among want call I pay attention to this point?”

  “Yes! You!”

  Then gogorush will forward to across a half step replied.

  He is a tall and thin figure forties characters,

  Good at tactical theory and debates, belong to the soldiers, staff type

  Grant the person’s sharp DiaoHan impression.

“Our enemy is twice, and come from three directions. This is also xiadechuanzhong in war state, means that when

The enemy will be dominant. ”

Jeff ice blue eyes shining a flash, he coldly looking at will.

  “You hinting refers to losing our army then?”

  “… I didn’t say so! You! Now our disadvantaged situation is a fact, see screen, you

Understood… ”

  Seven to eyes focused on the tables of projection on command.

  Dimo pointed out that the two armies configuration to Jeff see, screen have figure block appeared.

  Covering sounds unanchoring few soldiers, curious to gaze at superior officers,

  Yougogo will stare them a look, they just guarded sight.

Dry cough two after sound, gogorush will again openings.

  “This year formations and same, Protoss empire cosmic squadron for quell rebels that attack, YinHen instead

Defeat! ”

  “Is horse mo galaxies annihilation?”

  “Yes! It’s played a match of make Protoss – George santayana sigh defeat of!”

  Out of the mouth will heavy sighing, continued:

  “War of justice is completely sustain in protoss orthodox predominator and its faithful accordance,

  But, the crafty the rebels remembers the sinister trick,

  Protoss brave to millions of elite force, a lump sum buried in the “ion binary” below.

  So, in my opinion, we never subsidiary of greed, should promptly glorious reactive judeo-christian retreat in order to protect reputation is! ”

My opinion is indeed! Good incompetent rap guy!

  Jeff in my heart, but his mouth but this andao said:

  “You really chatty! However, I don’t agree with your opinions because I wasn’t going to retreat!”

  “… reason? May smell its detailed!”

  A pair of “RuZi is not taught!” zeelot scold mercilessly mbt vizuri gtxexpression written in the face, Jeff as if nothing has occurredly replied:

  “Because of the enemy, we have overwhelming advantage!”

  “How to say?”

  Gogorush swirl double eyebrow.

  Zeelot looked sombre, sunkee and HP is a face startled looking at this handsome young commander.

  Five of them, only the young there is a pay -wait for the fun of appearance.

There is the color of double eye, apart remarked expression.

  Many people say that he was born in lower aristocrats, in order to mix mouth eat for rice became a soldier.

He only good at fast-break, mobility strong, itself is X wing aircraft ace driver.

“I still don’t understand you, timber, can say the meaning of rest again, appreciate…”

  Gogorush will scream said.

  Jeff answered his questions,

“I said advantage has the following two points:

  Firstly, relative to the enemy by three directions dispersion of forces, our only focused on one place.

  As a whole, the enemy forces for 40,000 ship, our army has 20,000 ship, good is the enemy taken advantage of,

  But when focusing engage enemy’s one,

  The ship has twenty three teams of the enemy army is in any team all spinach,

  Then take advantage of is our army! ”

“Secondly, first of all, according to the enemy now the march route,

  Once in war, if we can meet them before routed the enemy fleet in positive fourth,

  So next goal for ranking transfer around a second or sixth fleet,

  Then by one place to the next place battlefield troupes battlefield,

  Located in the middle of our journey is near,

  Whether we are to attack the enemy in the two teams any team,

  Another team must come to rescue, quite beyond the difficulties.

  In addition, when both sides haven’t war, the enemy if change the plan to ZhuanFu other battlefield,

  Then will inevitably bypass circuitous, exert more a kung fu, giving our roumania.

  Thus, time and distance are converted into edge tool! ”

“That is to say, of all our forces concentration and scheduling maneuvering two advantages, this isn’t the condition of triumph, what is it


  Intonation punchy, hit the nail on the head.

  Jeff say that finish, dimo think five prefect as if in that instant form fossil.

  Jeff than these has competed and more experienced older soldiers, more can never think more flexible.

Jeff cold sight strafe the likelihood stood mbt habarithere had to stay gogorush will, then says:

  “We are not in a besieged

when colrain say

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Cating head buried in the colrain bosom, and colrain ambt shoes cheap lifted her, stopped a taxi.

Colrain very grateful to the driver, because out the hospital, the driver said nothing, gearing up for the qualifying tourney, only three minutes to five minutes’ drive out. Colrain urgently out of the car and cating still can’t stand, the body is soft, colrain an embrace her, and went in, once seemed to hear the driver said “hope in time.” Ear seems also to hear others have said: “again!”

After a long time colrain remembered, originally that haven’t given the driver expenses? Colrain really appreciate that driver, but forget who he is.

At the emergency room door, colrain saw HanLong and bro and the other drivers, two people look at colrain embrace cating come in, surprise of ask: “she was also in the evening?”

  “No, just frightened. You who go to call his mother, called her to see.”

  HanLong agreed a sound ran out.

  Colrain cating down, the body feels she still shake incessantly.

  Colrain comfort said: “don’t worry, it’ll be fine, believe me, it’ll be fine.”

  “If… if my brother died to do… ugghhhhh……”

  “Don’t cry, your brother will be fine, believe me, I never cheat you, not occupy. Trust me.” Colrain tightly embrace cating, heart think: “if… if really made outside, how to do? No, a real interstellar ace how so easy to die? No, you fucking must wake up!” Colrain thinking of, not be conscientious shouted out from his mouth.

  Colrain gnash teeth in hatred of looking at the driver. The driver was alarmed, far away, but was afraid to leave. Zhang yi came unto cating said: “your brother in transit waked up, will be fine.”

  “This sentence you should say!!!”

  Cating believe nodded. No longer want to just the same wept. Slowly calm.

HanLong from outside came in, to cating said: “your mother was soon arrived, don’t be sad.” Cating and colrain separate, their romance also belong to underground, dare not to let her mother knows.

All quiet waiting, waiting for…

After about ten minutes, Fen mother finally arrived, with hermbt shoes cheap coming is five or six people, colrain recognize one is the second cating uncle, other few probably belongs to such town. Colrain look at their turn to see the driver, “this gains you play.”

Cating and tears fell on her mother’s bosom, her mother fondly asked gently: “you no matter right, feifei.” “Mom, I’m okay, but the elder brother he… he… ugghhhhh…”

  Turning around, to colrain asked, “what happened.”

  These three men, only colrain she knew.

  Colrain affair of after speaking it.

All eyes all toward the other drivers. The driver uneasy at these people.

At that moment, and come in several people, but the traffic administration, original driver silently dialed communications bureau, perhaps this is the best way to it. They still there theory. Nurse came with quiet grounds and cast them out of the hallway. Cating as witnesses out theory.

  Colrain, HanLong, bro. Three people sitting quietly emergency outdoor, quietly waiting.

  “I say her brother just wake up. It’s cheat her.”

  “I know, but at least can make her feel secure, this is good.”


The driver buckle communications bureau several proof, let him go.

In waiting for more than half an hour later, emergency room door finally opened. Open the door doctor shook his head and come out. Emergency outdoor these people stay. Cating extra-sharp faint, colrain aside quickly embraced her.

The doctor looked at the atmosphere, and hastened to say: “I just activities once head just, it’s too sour. That guy nombt shoes cheap matter.”

What a pity now cating fainted, didn’t hear. Colrain gently exhaled a sigh of relief.

After a few days colrain noon, bringing “cold” team all the players came to the hospital. Cating is to feed him. And his right hand and the right thigh and chest is on gypsum.

After the examination of the hospital, Fen of right hand, the right leg comminuted fracture, though not the sort of, but we should at least be lying for several months. The right chest ribs broke two root. Because he was walking in the left side, to push cating cating, car hit his right hemisphere.

“Ha ha, later dozen interstellar lost can not say that is because of your right hand once was hurt by a oh.”

  “This you also dozen however, ha ha, I let you left hand can win you.”

  “For three rounds, then war!”

  All joking, a good atmosphere.

  Fen said, with a smile: “good say, wait me after me good, must be happy to come.” And colrain smiled and said: “just this two days, you don’t want to see feifei.”

  Colrain smiled. Thinking of: “good brothers!”

In those days, Fen hospital colrain almost once a day to go to a hospital, bringing the school information and send the examination paper of the day. The high time can not repay! Conveniently see cating, two people in the hospital small garden roaming.

One and half months after discharged the Fen, after coming out,mbt sandals clearance played a match of interstellar, although level is not drop but “cold” overall strength increased,

harder the book all

Friday, March 11th, 2011

You are really genius? “LiJiYong surprising tone ask us. mbt discount shoesHe really did not expect, the three of us take out the university entrance exam the  the important material back down. Even if is favourite sleeping LaoGuo, also for each > > > data from a to z.

“Quite good! Good! But this will not proud!”

We tried the nod, the representative of each word in mind.

“According to our preliminary studies,” said ‘we mouth Ritchie “is probably one of his people,” 4v4 words, it is best to choose the most effective clan operations. The cooperation is: two p clan, a t race, a z clan. Therefore, we’d better now can decide which people dedicated unidentifiable.”

“I’ll use p clan!” I and GaoLin two chorus of said. Again reflected we as clique of similarities.

“No!”Ritchie flatly rejected us, “LaoGuo is a novice, he p clan is more appropriate. T race difficult to operate, so I use t, you two must have a person with z race.”

“He!”I GaoLin two personal opinion and jonadab, each other again pointing to the other.

“Why do you every time argue with me!” I’m a little angry, since it is the best friend, of course we want the best for each other! GaoLin how always don’t understand this.

“You misunderstand me.” GaoLin suddenly has disappointed tone say to me. Let me faintly feel he seems to have any difficulties.

“Don’t you know? Z clan is a noble race! Is a symbol of the WCG championship! This year is z clan players!”

“I thought I leave the best for you, who knew that I was wrong, ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~” GaoLin words made me feel very guilty. I really misunderstand this good friends.

“GaoLin!” I moved to shake his hand, “or I come with z clan!”

From then on, I became a 4v4 Z clan users. This is not what I wish. Until graduation fmbt kafalaront farewell cocktail party GaoLin drunk, before doing saddened shape, told me he used me kind affection let I became a z clan users.

“Since then, you play the original starcraft only use his special race, other entirely does not use!”

My poor fanatic! In my heart, I pray to say goodbye to you, and to those lousy bugs life together.

“Next, I will touch your bottom.” Ritchie said.

Hence, we and the manager came together in a computer game hall, TuiRang after the GaoLin.thee do in opposite Ritchie became the first lesson of object Ritchie.

Because we practice is 4v4, so map is hunters, Ritchie choice GaoLin chose clan, t p clan.

Ritchie and GaoLin start are very common, GaoLin use is a typical dual barracks start. Ritchie nor use “starcraft” the whole QuanGongLve start, but ordinary mechanized double barracks out pikemen.

Soon, two men were found at the upper right, and right upper quadrant opponent.

Early, p clan of enthusiasts no matter what > face have maintained he pulverize is strong, life more advantage. Two zealots can easily kill 4 not micro gun soldiers. Therefore GaoLin in critical out four zealots later, without hesitation, take them to Ritchie base. However, ace after all masters, close windtight architecture in the peripheral formed the perfect protection, and gun mantell a fine, no matter from which position GaoLin attack all cannot escape pikemen range.

GaoLin nor first met such circumstance, in 4 fanatics not start after, he immediately at home built BF, ready to start building turrets, and he repair turret place is not his base, but Ritchie base.

Pikemen advantage is range, and zealots is close-in attack > > >. But p race’s turrets are pikemen nightmare. Continuous firing p clan turret only need 2 guns, namely a second time can kill a musket and turrets range than pikemen far more.mbt kamba GaoLin this reliance on zealots repression, rely on turret offensive tricks before you meet ace, in an almost invincible status (from another sense, before GaoLin have not found true ace).

At this time, I saw Ritchie eyesight issued uncanny light!

“Ace to recruit!” I can’t help but Shouting. Who knows but attract numerous hatred of vision.

Computer room boss blunt come over a Ling within me. “Boy! Don’t disturb ace operation!” Said and then want to dropping me out.

To tell you the truth, I admired the boss because he interstellar lovers degree of concerned is so high, each in his superior fights, asbestos here there are always elephant I so excited by his throw a crowd outside.

“Don’t do it again!” In my sincere apology, the boss finally put me a horse, and I also because this small incident, missed the defeat GaoLin offensive player on the sidelines of the scene.

“What’s the matter? GaoLin the soldier?” When I rushed back, screen only eight pikemen are cleaning GaoLin leave crystal column.

“Quick!! Tell me through!” I quickly from the pocket notebook, prepare the players’ wonderful combat recorded.

“SVC rush!” LaoGuo pie pie, very surprise of appearance, “in turret repair was half, Ritchie has mobilized farmers and all eight of the musket rushed out. Farmers punch, prevented the zealots near, the marines in the farmer behind easily destroyed opponent.”

“See ace operation to know what call bad,” another bystander added, “five zealots all destroyed, pikemen without dead one.”

“S ~ ~ V C ~ ~ ~ ~ I.”When I was a notebook sound brushstroke record, drawing ground LaoGuo ruthlessly give me a bit.


LaoGuo reminding let me again to screen looks, Ritchie bold let me violently taken aback. “Ace juergen abnormal condition!” In which I sent if the exclamation, Ritchie have a band of the musket and violently 6 to 7 farmers angrily toward the base mbt kambaGaoLin swoops in the past. GaoLin base whipping-boy, besides original 3 fanatics, the other two zealots just came out from the base, two regiment shine


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

On November 29, 1899, Hans Gamper founded Futbol Club Barcelona,mbt shoes clearance along with eleven other enthusiasts of ‘foot-ball’, a game that was still largely unknown in this part of the world.

He could never have imagined the magnitude of what that initiative would eventually develop into. Over more than one hundred years of history, FC Barcelona has grown spectacularly in every area and has progressed into something much greater than a mere sports club, turning Bar?a’s ‘more than a club’ slogan into a reality.

Bar?a has become, for millions of people all around the world, a symbol of their identity, and not just in a sporting sense, but also in terms of society, politics and culture. Throughout the most difficult of times, Bar?a was the standard that represented Catalonia and the Catalan people’s desire for freedom, a symbolism that has continued to be closely linked to the idiosyncrasy of the Club and its members to this day. Within the context of Spain, Bar?a is seen as an open and democratic club. And all around the world, Bar?a is identified with caring causes, and most especially children through its sponsorship agreement with Unicef.

For a whole century, FC Barcelona has passed through moments of glory and pain, periods of brilliance and other less successful ones, epic victories and humbling defeats.MBT Wingu But all these different moments have helped define the personality of a Club that, due to its peculiar nature, is considered unique in the world.

With over one hundred years of history, there have naturally been many different periods, both in a social and a sporting sense. In the early years (1899-1922) , from the foundation of the club to the construction of Les Corts stadium, Bar?a was a club that had to distinguish itself from all the other football teams in Barcelona, to the point that it would come to be identified with the city as a whole. Bar?a soon became the leading club in Catalonia, and also associated itself with the increasingly growing sense of Catalan national identity.MBT Voi From Les Corts to the Camp Nou (1922-1957), the club went through contrasting periods. Its membership reached 10,000 for the first time, while football developed into a mass phenomenon and turned professional, and these were the years of such legendary figures as Alcántara and Samitier. But due to material difficulties and the political troubles of the Spanish Civil War and post-war period, the club was forced to overcome several adverse circumstances, including the assassination of president Josep Sunyol in 1936, the very person who had propagated the slogan ‘sport and citizenship’. But the club survived, and a period of social and sporting recovery materialised in the form of the Camp Nou, coinciding with the arrival of the hugely influential Ladislau Kubala.

From the construction of the Camp Nou to the 75th anniversary (1957-1974) , Bar?a suffered mediocre results but was consolidated as an entity, with a constantly increasing membership and the slow but steady recovery, in the face of adversity, of its identity. A very clear sensation that was manifested for the first time ever in the words ‘Bar?a, more than a club’ proclaimed by president Narcís de Carreras. The board presided by Agustí Montal brought a player to Barcelona who would change the history of the club, Johan Cruyff.MBT Vizuri GTX From the 7th anniversary to the European Cup (1974-1992) the club saw the conversion of football clubs to democracy, the start of Josep Lluís Nú?ez’s long presidency, the extension of the Camp Nou on occasion of the 1982 World Cup and the Cup Winners Cup triumph in Basle (1979), a major success not just in a sporting sense but also in a social one, with an enormous and exemplary expedition of Bar?a supporters demonstrating to Europe the unity of the Barcelona and Catalan flags. Cruyff returned, this time as coach, and created what would come to be known as the ‘Dream Team’ (1990-1994), whose crowning glory was the conquest of the European Cup at Wembley (1992), thanks to Koeman’s famous goal.

International Dominance. From Wembley to Abu Dhabi (1992-2009) was when the club’s most recent developments occurred in between its three greatest achievements, becoming champions of Europe. Josep Lluís Nú?ez’s long presidency came to an end, and the club displayed its finest potential during the celebrations of the club Centenary. Following on from Joan Gaspart (2000-2003), the June 2003 election brought Joan Laporta into office, and the start of new social expansion, reaching 172,938 members, and more successes on the pitch, including four league titles, the Champions League titles won in Paris and Rome and the FIFA Club World Cup.

In the season 2008-09 the arrival of Josep Guardiola as first team coach brought new energy to the club and they recorded the most successful season in their entire history winning the six titles that will be forever burned into the memories of all Bar?a fans. Success on the field has helped the club expand its social role and heighten its media profile. In the 2009/10 season, Guardiola’s second in charge, the Liga title was won for the second year in a row, and the twentieth on club history, setting a new record of 99 points in the process. The title was not decided until the very last day, with a game against Valladolid, and the celebrations went ahead that very same evening in the company of the fans at the Camp Nou.

The grandeur of Futbol Club Barcelona is explained, among many other factors, by its impressive honours list. Very few clubs anywhere in the world have won so many titles. MBT TupuThe Intercontinental Cup is the only major football trophy that has never made its way into the club museum, where the club’s greatest pride and joy remain the three European Cup titles won in Wembley (1992) Paris (2006), Rome (2009) and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2009.

Apart from winning Europe’s top title,, the Club also has the honour of being the only one to have appeared in every single edition of European club competition since the tournaments were first created back in 1955. Barcelona’s many achievements in Europe include being considered ‘King of the Cup Winners Cup’, having won that title a record four times

In addition, FC Barcelona also won three Fairs Cups (the tournament now known as the UEFA Cup) in 1958, 1960 and 1966. In 1971, Bar?a won that trophy outright in a match played between themselves, as the first ever winners of the competition, and Leeds United, as the last.

Are you always so

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Silly woman, be good care of yourself! Did you eat? Ha ha.mbt uk sale Remember? Every day we started from the topic. What did you eat again today? Maybe you didn’t eat dinner? Are you always so he said, nothing Kui mouth; Say oneself on diet. In fact you see chicken leg still can’t help, In fact, you are not fat. oneself were not do, but also to my request this requires it. You’re a silly woman. A person’s time is better than good care of yourself and remember to eat dinner, want to eat satisfied, otherwise you’ll have Kui disease.

Silly woman, be good care of yourself! Cold time, remember to buy drugs. Don’t say his body is very good, a little ailment will become a serious illness. Don’t so lazy, pharmacy, they are very close to the changyun port (should calculate nearly?? . Days when cold clothes to wear more dot. Ill will go to see the doctor right, take good care of yourself.

Silly woman, mbt rahabe good care of yourself! Remember the first time we meet? Ha ha. Then you’re confident, very beautiful. In that day your self-confidence, you of beautiful gave the idiotic boy deep impression. Perhaps at the time, you know about the idiotic boy didn’t heed it. Ha ha. Because you’re confident. Remember to look after himself, the self-confidence hanging in the face. Because of your self-confidence, is the most beautiful.

Silly woman, be good care of yourself! You often say that we have no sense of direction! Out often will get lost. That when you’re free remember many sightseeing, remember VIP accompany, otherwise encounter female sex maniac can be good. Remember to look after yourself! Don’t get lost.

Silly woman, be good care of yourself! Next time, don’t say talk about oneself this not line, that won’t. Ha ha. You should put no as I have talent, you will send won’t say into me a little bit.

Silly woman, be good care of yourself! After dating time, want to find a good taste of place, to drink coffee and eat steak. Don’t be like that idiotic like men, remember that night, out about you, will only about you to barbecue booth edge. Next date, must go to the cinema, because you have never been oncembt tenga mid. Remember to look after himself.

Silly woman, be good care of yourself! Although now… In reality I in the distance silently looking at you, me or you can network underlying object, I still can amuse you happy. Silly woman, I think after graduation, don’t know won’t meet again.. So, allow me, better good care oneself, protect yourself. For the family, for your own, You must certainly be happy, you must be taken good care of yourself; better Confident you are the most beautiful.

Silly woman, be good care of yourself!

Silly woman. Hehe… Right after the etiopathogenisis “, then don’t disorderly to take medicine, went to the hospital to see. Pain in the stomach, if don’t disorderly take medicine, listen to split a split doctor?

If sad, za this or your underlying placembt tenga mid. Don’t pack adamancy, this sad cry, the happy smile, remember! Must remember, za this did not change, has been changed, the za this place or then give you the underlying place.

such as the four seasons

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Love, for thousands of years, was discussed and the topic of discussion. mbt discount shoesCountless ChiNanYuanNv deductive and deduced events, is alternant, again and again. Everything will escape years of reincarnation. Distant hope, as can be instantly thoroughly distinctly. End, or happy and prosperous life together, or impotent parting, each rush thing. But even so, for love busy people still like turbulent river, unbroken, have more very person at over money, injury and innocent, even if nothing.

Don’t know is love itself incidental magic makes it difficult to resist, or people to love fantasy too beautiful, sad scene, side everywhere, shore the but again BiYi in pairs, like two world. Every day or each generation how many people in the tireless efforts for love, for a period of hundreds of perfect love lay flat road, in different body, can always see different love. Life is full of matter. Ten often 89. Love is not exceptional also. Too much pursuit of perfection, often miss have right now.

Seemingly correct and the perfect start, but necessary errant end leave a regret of ending, from a strange to the familiar, from the familiar to unfamiliar, then became the most familiar stranger, don’t know so JianBai simple describe love is there not comprehensive, but avers, who to have again pair of love analysis for a clear two white? Clearly is our eternal pursuit and always get in the answer.

I always said. Love is not just physical meet and spiritual give. It is between a tacit understanding. No need to deliberately arrangement. A simple gesture. A faint eyes. Are each other communicate emotion tools. Dependency phase deep-rooted. Everyone wanted to everlasting. When love is like [doping] general make us fondle admiringly. But you never know. Yesterday’s lover. Today is already shape with stranger. When love peremptory become our [great beginning — or quick ending –]. Boundless. Meet a and his love a man. Really not easy. People often say. The previous 500 review xiangshiyixiao only for this life mbt rahaof once meet, for past lives. We cannot have a textual research. About this life. Swing is fleeting. No one can tell who’s who of meant to be. At the next crossing. Can not meet love. Life is a short journey. Impossible to meet the second he [her] if love to caress attentively, let each other.September’s calendar year chrysanthemums blooming like, also by the cool wind a leaf blown, for many years I had experiences. Until one day two disc vaguely stubbornly to stay in front of my eyes, looking at it, the in the mind secretly craftworks.

  September 9 and on September 13, these are two ever let the world soul-stirring days. The former is the day after MAO’s death, one is the day of Lin biao fell dead. With is prominent figures, once to ally and later political opponents, in September, but death is a long sovereign, another is the westerners as unlucky day. Is fate? Or coincidence?

Calendar faithfully draggingly paces of time every year, and historical stubborn endeavour seriously the meaning of the two festivals strictly distinguish. Time reversal in my head sharply in the bleak QiuYe: in HanQiu, independent of chrysanthemum reigns, smile ao ether, I carefully will gather the petals into ku basket, as history on me a little store. This is the age of only a poor rural economic crops.

The fragrant floating in young I enjoyed the underprivileged in few luxury chrysanthemum ground fragrance. AnChao stormy political climate that I junior in remote country unaware of ignorance yet understand clearly feeling YanLiang ways of the world. “Until autumn to September 8, I meshach. Sweet flowers blossom after wind rushed through changan, having been chosen as the array golden flower.” Then I don’t know yet hundreds of years ago, more do not know his reigning house after300 inspiring poems and his chrysanthemum as unbeatable heart. Otherwise, I will also face the ground chrysanthemum ShiXing wrath. I think, Lin biao must know. But his poem more risks than the reigning house after300, he blessed the leader’s poem as a weapon, YiMeiMei into the MAO zedong. Unfortunately his ambitions eventually become a September chrysanthemum – litter in distant exotic desert. Lin biao although more than reigning house after300 hidden, but there is no luck, the reigning house after300 reigning house after300 somehow took a few days dragon chair, and Lin biao this “tianma” really “heaven”.

  Follow the river of history, I found the September is one is full of pitfalls in 1949, at least for Chiang kai-shek September it is black. Because after a month of MAO zedong’s leadership, new regime replaced the Chiang kai-shek business years of jiangshan. Lin biao is fought together with MAO zedong comrades. Mr Chiang probably never thought he’d that year the huangpu military academy this is not outstanding student then become MAO zedong right-hand man, with MAO zedong together to him the headmaster to small island. Mr. Jiang perhaps more never thought he’d this huangpu student then did not meet one under the vice captain of ten thousand position, also want to lead a supreme addiction, results perilously close.

  Fate? Morale? Destiny? Politics is a puzzle equations. How many ambitious, many people ambition difficult, the number of people who paid bufo bleeding, untied equation is Yang avenue, solution doesn’t open the noose is spooky. Lin biao from sunlight avenue towards the rope.

  I don’t understand political, but I have memory when they know Lin biao is chairman MAO’s toast mbt karibu, chairman MAO is coworkers, coworkers, Lin biao is deputy two can lead us down NiuGuiSheShen sailing for the ideal of communism. The sea voyage by helmsman “this song deep in my memory, since I can sing, my elementary school on the first day of my voice learns to sing, that’s Lin biao to MAO zedong’s masterpiece, is the main melody of that era, is my elementary school will sing songs. I certainly don’t know Lin biao to the helmsman’s strong desire, know him in the tiananmen gate on the hand shaking with MAO zedong’s behind this red one’s sayings when let person elusive smile – this is my since the movie news bulletin, documentary on see, it is met the red guards or festivals with people together joy, I forgot. But I remember in the country early yur questions.please late reporting situations and me a small classmate because fart matter die scary.

  We cui every temple since shanxi red hole immigrants since LieZongLieZu territories, later is fathers mantle became “old four,” four between north house become production warehouse, the west built grinding tents and two plates atone had consumed my childhood hunger time. Mill, is my companion in a policymakers physical labor, a circle a circle tiredly. turn, stone buzzing sound, head friction numb, leg hurts acid arm. Illiterate mother edge grinding side BeiMao chairman sayings, this is every Rotarian political task. In the PoLuo finish grinding, bear surface, a meeting out, mother is the simple sayings forgot, I again remind.

  Feast celebrating the New Year ahead often warehouse and people at home to burn incense, and later XiuGai in-situ temple is a rough archway, white plaster walls, stick with two ZhangShuo large portrait of chairman MAO, on the left is dressed in military uniform waved smiling, right is Lin biao smiled holding chairman MAO wobble, portrait both sides is two couplet: sea voyage by coworkers, everything begins to grow by the sun. Before working group to work after the archway before reporting to recite sayings yur questions.please together, jing, your voice loud in the abrasive tent fly pecking sparrow and chicken, day long, the sparrow and chicken bold, and fear not, no longer flapping wing, just stop pecking at the world, watching silently farce, or chirp or goo goo several voice, ishi echo. In adults with behind me about these stylized pious also gradually tiredness, pick up a born clods hit those innocent animals, but was captain 1 DuanHe frighten of running. Then he didn’t let me follow, father said: you can’t give me trouble, is that what occasion oh, child really didn’t know the universe. Later I understand this religious type of activity is not fit to join, in case I top key link top line, will bring trouble family. My classmate follow adults to participate in activities, captain put fart, he could not help laughing, results and his dad together by criticism, he linked to small age that after so serious appearance, even surprised with frighten, often in a dream by night sleep all day, and then shout silence, finally psychiatric disorders, 1023 years old when they fell puddle addicted to die. A fart matter from extinction. Years later I still think this thing, feel distressed. Exactly is who to who wrong? Maybe captain this fart put not small classmate smile, perhaps not, two “not” coincidence in the special occasion, fate as chrysanthemum petals falling in that abnormal season.

  MaJi grand, a horse million tolled alone. Lin biao this horse with black horse, political mbt karibu opponents schamer battlefield ponder thinking deeply MAO zedong. He is making god movement, but also the biggest beneficiaries of the shattered myths. He USES unique soil plastic