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but with the use is

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

[a] youth, is opened the book on the match not pat

  Youth is like toilet paper, watching a lot, not.

  Time flies, those young frivolous, those who rebel bossy and those rowdy defiant, mbt shoes cheapwho does not understand the whip, will be retained in our youth autograph album, which day we gladly look back, will surely smiled, a full face of tears.


  [2] friends, is a found just won’t lost its treasure

  Friend is never solution doesn’t open the unknown. We grew up, many friends, communities also wide, it happening “quantity” also involves “qualitative”, some friends may be benefited lifetime “treasure”, and some may even become a buried their “grave”, associate degree is always keep each other security within the scope of the distance, far away will be rusty even lose, and too close finish and causes friction and cut on, also is lost!


  [3] love, is down to accept a smattering of not return

  Love is not the end of the win betting. It accompanies us till the end of life of that a moment, love, whether born until the end last waiting for our love in our hearts, what is already enough, I want to cherish the present should come more practical! Life is boundless, who can forever love he (or she) him forever? And who can say it’s lost his (her) lost all meaning? Grandfather value, value and unworthy is love true master himself, who also have no judge of qualification!


  [4] life, is raised dial does not open of layers of mist

  Life is “mystifying” same, “flower” can be more beautiful.mbt vizuri Some people just because see “through” the world, will add so much trouble, and perhaps “stupid” “foolish” is the real masters, enjoy life, live at ease.


  [5] life, on just returned to the head of the journey

  Life is not turned back from the journey. The road, miss scenery, why have once again the value? Instead of wasting your time in the past years, than the rest of the journey diligently walk good future than in the past, after all, is not important forever?

  Perhaps this time the lose adumbrative new harvest (just some haven’t enough time to confirm and some are we ignore just), maybe this time the end also representing the next round of new beginning.



  So-called pursue “the perfect person” it is still not understand life true meaning: on life, to the friend family, including our own, don’t too exacting, should learn to zhizuchangyue, learn to appreciate existing “defects,” the beauty!Have your day good beauty, life becomes a kind of enjoyment. Didn’t you of day is very difficult, missing became a habit, I try to call, I firmly believe that you will come back

  Love is not a kind of vanity, and take out before the show, Love is not a thing beautiful clothes to wear in the outside, give people watched, Love is not a task, to relatives and friends have a confessed.

  Desire is wind, happiness is a sail, happiness is ship, wishes the breeze blows happy sails carrying happy ship, float toward you, send you all the happiness in the world, only wish you can carefree life!

  I really hope I’ll with you, I don’t know how far to go, but I know the final outcome ismbt kafala sale I always love you until my life ended, whether we still together.

  I pass my hands memory of your appearance, with ear memory of your voice, with lip memory your taste, use eyes to remember your dribs and drabs, attentively memory you of everything, I love you!

  Want to roses? I partial not to you! Want to eat chocolate? I chan dead you! Want me to kiss you? Beauty dead you! Oh, my dear, don’t angry, I just want to tease you!

  If no moon, I can not miss you. Without the sun, can I don’t care for you. But how can you sun metempsychosis, forget.

  Know what I’m doing? Give you five choices: A: miss B: miss you C: very think you D: don’t think you can’t E: above all is

  Please use the rising tone with falling tone reading aloud: mud is nest mouth short! Clay is nest dreams. Nest melancholy should watch mud, nest nest to clay says: love the mortar!

  I always wonder what fate, guide us to each other? In the life of what happens, involved with my feelings to rub is filar silk red line. Thank all because of you.

  May you tonight to have a good dream, if you in the dream peep out a sweet smile, that’s my breeze brings you mingyue torre blessing. Festival happiness, my baby.

  With soul feel your chun xiaqiu winter, with the life feeling your podcasts, use the tongue feel your suantiankula, use lifetime feel your right from wrong.

  Again many honeyed words also arrive but you gently a kiss, love is not just me, but to work hard, can hold you in her arms, did this present life is unforgettable.

  When you read this message, you have already owed me a hug, Delete this message, owe me a kiss; Reply if you owe me all; If not reply, you are mine.

  If you are cold, I is spring, If you heart bitter, I is sweet; If you break our hearts, I am joys yan. Perhaps I am not all your all day, every day of your life, but it is not the burden.

  Although mountains and rivers can the human and the human using distance apart, but can’t separate heart and heart be apart, wherever you go to the ends of, my heart will always accompany you forever.

  Today I send express the most expensive chocolates and roses for you and your lover, as a valentine’s day gift;.these Oh forget, this gift is up to you to checkout, And I got a job, at the gift shop.

  Met you before, the world is the wasteland, meet you later, the world is a paradise, past many years, to me like a ray of light smoke, the future of the infinite career, for you and happiness.

  I have already become accustomed to many things, accustomed to look exactly alike, accustomed to walk the same route, accustomed to the same destination, accustomed to lead you feel feel you

  I envy the sun, he can see your bright smile, I envy the moon, she can gaze at you quietly to sleep, I envy myself, because I can moment missing you.

  Diamonds are forever, an everlasting popularity. Think you only starting point, to read you has no end. Love your life is changeless, until the time will not flow, the four seasons is no longer transform! I swear this life love you never oracle! Valentine’s day message] have you of day good beauty, life becomes a kind of enjoyment. Didn’t you of day is very difficult, missing became a habit, I try to call, I firmly believe that you will come back

  Love is not a kind of vanity, and take out before the show, Love is not a thing beautiful clothes to wear in the outside, give people watched, Love is not a task, to relatives and friends have a confessed.

  Desire is wind, happiness is a sail, happiness is ship, wishes the breeze blows happy sails carrying happy ship, float toward you, send you all the happiness in the world, only wish you can carefree life!

  I really hope I’ll with you, I don’t know how far to go, but I know the final outcome is I always love you until my life ended, whether we still together.

  I pass my hands memory of your appearance, with ear memory of your voice, with lip memory your taste, use eyes to remember your dribs and drabs, attentively memory you of everything, I love you!

  Want to roses? I partial not to you! Want to eat chocolate? I chan dead you! Want me to kiss you? Beauty dead you! Oh, my dear, don’t angry, I just want to tease you!

  If no moon, I can not miss you. Without the sun, can I don’t care for you. But how can you sun metempsychosis, forget.

  Know what I’m doing? Give you five choices: A: miss B: miss you C: very think you D: don’t think you can’t E: above all is

  Please use the rising tone with falling tone reading aloud: mud is nest mouth short! Clay is nest dreams. Nest melancholy should watch mud, nest nest to clay says: love the mortar!

  I always wonder what fate, guide us to each other? In the life of what happens, involved with my feelings to rub is filar silk red line. Thank all because of you.

  May you tonight to have a good dream, if you in the dream peep out a sweet smile, that’s my breeze brings you mingyue torre blessing. Festival happiness, my baby.

  With soul feel your chun xiaqiu winter, with the life feeling your podcasts, use the tongue feel your suantiankula, use lifetime feel your right from wrong.

  Again many honeyed words also arrive but you gently a kiss, love is not just me, but to work hard, can hold you in her arms, did this present life is unforgettable.

  When you read this message, you have already owed me a hug,mbt kafala sale Delete this message, owe me a kiss; Reply if you owe me all; If not reply, you are mine.

  If you are cold, I is spring, If you heart bitter, I is sweet; If you break our hearts, I am joys yan. also


the responsibility that

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Recently saw “my youth who advocate of the youth series, mbt discount shoes think a lot. Whether family love, friendship or love is inseparable from they are always series in together. Is said to be “kampf counterpart, haven’t premiere of time, everywhere preaching uproar, saying is not only suitable for after 80 to watch, but also suitable for a generation to see. As a youth warm-blooded son, a bit heavy responsibility, feel more big, also face social reality, I began to introspect oneself, begin to predict the future of risk and challenge, dare not too much ego.

  I think the TV play the responsibility to reflect it out, now I can yet be regarded as very good for education. FangYu in money small kind of father was after colliding have no choice to escape but brave face and assume responsibility, facing the expensive medical bills, he still didn’t flinch, but all the time in clung to her responsibility, very touching. I weep for several times, visible to be true feelings move! In my eyes, it is need a great deal of courage. We are young, we may make mistakes, but also should undertake wrong courage and spirit.

  After 80 young people material satisfaction, spiritual pursuits are reasonable, love need romance, young doomed to struggle, don’t wait for someone else for what you do, but more to talk I pay? This is a man open-minded and free and easy. The each character has very bright individual character and personality, although it is a “kampf attests to the form, but in my opinion, think that the show than the kampf more thoughtful more connotation. mbt amali shoesThe show of affection, love, friendship and responsibility are particularly deserve our careful thinking, close scrutiny, more chew more delicious and learned a lot in life the indispensable thing.

  In the play, each man the personality, have young get emerging entrepreneurs, atmospheric poise. Have the handsome of a doctor, culture with longing. Also has brought some mixed son breath but pay attention to the feelings of the poor boy, etc, the girls is rebellious and lovely, persistent silly, mature professional women, the heart actually very fragile, a role, and their parents that consistent windbag is so familiar, is so real, like people and things around me.

I think the most perfect person should be high together, “prime minister belly can punting” to describe him a bit too much, sedate, magnanimous, selfless, is apart from the ground all of bellicose by him alone accounted for exhausted. Look at the time will want to if I was one of the three leading lady, mbt karibuI will choose high neat, but TV drama art there, o give us point regret not necessarily bad, imaginary space or not small.

Affection, love and the cruel reality, money of load are closely related, we can have love in your heart, but we also want to strive, to seek, to realize self-evaluation, young man of good sport spirit, and can undertake responsibility frankness.

  The root end-result of is what? I began to introspect: is professional managers, or outstanding entrepreneur, or other unpredictable future. I think young we’ll dares to rush to dare to do, dare to pay, dare to choose, dare to abandon, dare to undertake, dare to as. For myself, not others, in order to prove that many years ago commitment. Cease to struggle, young will lose up!

  Freedom, love, personality, error, responsibility, price, wait, tears, growth, affection, tolerance, self-confidence, rigid. These keywords records the salad struggle, the story of a touching love, staring tracts of meidensha of affection, scenes difficult youth of the past, past, missed, mbt karibu cherish, possess, love in youth. Wishing all the friends, sits in career.

on the other side

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Shadows mottled; For ur sigh, A perfunctory into old; Next door sun,discount mbt shoesSoul from chewy; Dazzle sound self-discipline; Sigh, didn’t understand me.


  Sunshine stimulation, not the heartbeat frequency grow-from  of the sea, cliff, he was raging screaming. So licentious attitude only the sky can tolerate him.

  Tears, have a little sweet, a little salt. Be sentimentally attached to the sea, the heart lifted my smile begin tired. Crying face only earth memory. The diaphragm is a layer of such as interstate distance, reflected in mind the only a firm commitment.

  Don’t say forever. The sun rises, light slowly sank into this layer of white diaphragm, eventually will stay in the fading the end of their lives. Burn all the last smile. Only the little stream into the icy moon to border. Even that mottled memory of efface its last defect.

  Float grass, wind after the disastrous of breath are stranded, or substitution. A clear conscience of looking at the sky of the moon says, that is, the stranded you stuck breath not efface.

  Elaborate words don’t want to listen to, dusk to end don’t want to lose your news. Their soul gradually moored at the treetops, the distance that quiet maples forest came the refreshing flute, right now I have deeply silent. Vows of eternal love has become smile began.

  A second pass, and put my dream into the smile of the end. I can only sighs, sigh, you don’t know oneself, the commitment is a lie. Is a fleeting don’t drop of tears, take not to heart.

  When burning flame burned the memory. A little dust float in the sky mbt karibu shoes, and declining mood oneself make it with the flow stream.

  Small Syria

Bad mood, the moonlight yinliang visible. Hope the sky bright stars, sighing oneself like dust, tiny……

Actually, we all live very helpless, when you don’t know love, love is not with you brush past, when you with through cases after, but suddenly found a true in her wave to you. Many times we walk but can’t back, the choice of career was found that not loved. Born in riches and honour, but want to feel what the poor meet, born in poor but don’t know fugui troubles. We often go to dream but always don’t try, often plan, but not always to achieve. Don’t like reading, but not not to diploma backwards and doesn’t like sports, but difficult to endure a fall meat, don’t like talking, but must go to sell yourself, life actually is such, who can life plain sailing? Couldn’t hurt we must live bravely, since everyone is very helpless, then each other’s helpless down to see who could live in helpless more wonderful and came to this world, is not this spell at each other to see who can withstand more?See the words of the title, you brains might appear very bright people and nature picture, you may also have many associations, you can think of students studying in the early morning, can think on the fields of farmer toiling in workshop, can think of a tight ex-american workers. But you never think I this is mbt tenga bustling street people see in a picture. Will not say I see picture. Or would you say my understanding of spring changes.

  Yes, so I understand with everyone like “spring” this is a very beautiful word, it can refer to the nature, can also refer to the political climate. I didn’t think of someone who also have a spring. And man’s “spring” is ambiguous. Start, I did not understand later often see online say so-and-so actress underpants or hao breasts exposed, called spring coming out, also called the “run”. “Run” this word is by some people, online more, do not know true and false, once saw a topic is “primary female teacher sneaked away”, open on see, is only a school students after school was none of photograph, even a figure also have no, after is suddenly enlighted, no one is right and topic is “primary female teacher sneaked away” well, can this son also can call “primary male teacher sneaked away”. The author really know how the person’s psychology, if the title is male teacher, that no one click estimated. It holds the curiosity of people psychology.

  Later I learned that, with the development of society, the meaning of “spring” rich and colorful, the human body is “spring” and nature “spring” the distinction that having essence. The nature of property, spring is common people can enjoy; per capita Human spring, by contrast, that is absolutely private ownership, want to enjoy the “spring” human body, one is the law allows for you, such as husband and wife, Another law is not allowed, but your economic basis allows, for instance, such as few lover, etc. The third is the legal and economic foundations are not allowed, you still think free enjoyment, and there are two ways: one is to ZaoTangZi to go and that’s that Mr MaSanLi crosstalk speak, then one is peeping down the street, the legitimate not reasonable, also a prerequisite, there must be a spring self-clean condition, if winter wrapped thick cotton-padded jacket, spring is bad leakage, say so, human body spring in summer. Summer arrived, good-looking woman nature should show elegant demeanour. This makes those lewd man’s eyes again many a destination. Some men eyes staring straight those clothes exposed lady, the hungry poop-poop gaze straight want from clean of ham and snow-white chest there tick the thing. Some wish will eyes long in the woman’s lap. Years ago I had in the street meet a guy was staring at a fleshy wearing short skirt of lady straightening twist a reluctant to part from watching, but people still comparatively implicit, young man riding a bicycle speed greatly to slow down, he’s too devotion, suddenly against the tree, ache he knowingly tooth mouth. Opinion, difficult to suppress sensual physical pain. I think of lu xun about some good at lenovo words: see the woman’s hand, he always associate the chest and the woman’s woman…

  Now back to begin what I saw pictures: day noon on the way back home from work, meeting a girl in renmin behind chasing the 78 lad, girls like leaders, AngFen boys like sheep trailing behind girls in this girl, fast, boys too fast, slow, boys and girls slow. I thought this girl is these young lads leadership, a closer look not to attract young man is the girl behind, boys eyes staring straight this girl’s hip, originally this girl wearing small waist trousers, coxal pilasters spring yi yi. I guess, these young lads between does not necessarily familiar, just for a common “target” and chase together. After assigned, girls ride electric car accelerating, while these a few flung bicycle ergometer lad also tight car, no matter how crowded around the pedestrian, just risk everything to chase up.

  I chuckled. Just think, these young lads this call what race, ZhuiCheZu? After female clan? After MAO clan? Fast from renmin turn into dongfeng, my mind suddenly got an inspiration, remembering a poetic language: they chased the spring run.

  Haha, creative? Not easy, I wrote so many years old, and finally in the “spring” thought of a “message”. But, looking at the my “among verb, you must pay attention to your” spring “ah, don’t let people chase your” spring “in others, especially not when chasing you” spring “, mbt kisumulet me see that you might contribute for my old man a “message”.



but big singing cantonese

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Hong Kong pop diva faye wong after 8 years, March 4 late her in the asiaworld-expo for five concert kick off. Faye wong continue to play the ever changing images, but big singing cantonese songs when a bit jilt lips and unfamiliar, she also implement silence style, mbt shoes ukconcentrate on singing classical songs, rarely speak. Interestingly, micro bo control faye wong concert clearance time FaWei bo. Still keep

Faye wong Hong Kong station first concert sparring prelusive, full house, faye wong husband li yapeng appear raised a 2003 and friends more specially to return to Hong Kong for lau good sisters pump; but did not see faye wong two daughters appear.

WangFeiXian sing “agreement”, the ceiling and bubble Snow White, lanceolate, dance outfit of fractal tire wear spider figaro elegant demeanour still, elegant is free from vulgarity. That night figaro mostly singing cantonese songs, but also have sing English songs and mandarin songs, 35 minutes after the opening, fans keep on shout loudly, now figaro eventually break silent and said, “Hello”, then she sing “ambiguous,” said again say “thank you”.

Turn the new makeup and change into black and white maomao unlined upper garment figaro, deduce eason chan cantonese song “lower animals” hind, rare more speak four word, respectively by a cantonese and putonghua to say “thank you” and “thank you”, and the fans waved.

Faye wong before yesterday in a good mood, micro b mbt rafikio addiction her constant FaWei Po and friend to chat with friends, and she had other sons and daughters by every armchair, zhao wei faye wong mentioned two baby female DouJingTong and li namely all talking, she said: “second sister yesterday sent SMS ask what grandma sing and said to look, I think she is going to see ShunZui broadcast, return to sentence the fool, invisible, second sister again returned to the mother didn’t silly, I saw me with your heart. Second sister wisdom the bosom of integrated strength, three younger sister (refers to weep, understand Ti faye wong).” Faye wong said sign very difficult Ming, want to rely on the husband li yapeng remover.In many people’s eyes, wang gang is that lets a person and love and hate the ho-shen, but life he is actually a aizeng clear of true temperament man, the interest is extensive, love collection. A few days ago, wang gang interviews to any media’s dubbed “big head”, also talk about yourself “mix” long entertainment and 3 years old much son.

Reporter: for now you are speaking, the happiest thing is what, is in the home, or career amuse son further?

Wang: I this age, in the entertainment circle “mix” to now, professional aspects of it to me has no more challenge and national, Chen daoming they did better than I did, needn’t contend for nothing. Every enjoy the most of time still stay together with family, listening to the son shout dad mbt tenga, heart very comfortable.

Reporter: at home you are stern father or father?

Wang gang: past and daughter together, to her sternness, eat dinner together are inseparable from about academic and progress. Now regretting, feel to give the child was too much pressure, so now to son but relax a lot, it is small and would not let him prematurely, let him learn what natural to grow.

Reporter: before you say when ZhuaJiuEr left hand seals son on his right hand bank CARDS, in this area have special to look forward to?

Wang gang: haha, when my joke, this boy “power”. In fact there is true to his little expectation, I see too many a millionaire, don’t understand of statecraft, only know how to enjoy, I the son’s attitude is “watch”, hope he can with other families children like to meet social test. Now I feel he especially likes cello, may have a mother’s influence in it, for antiques bottle container canister he also some interest in the development of nature, looked the child tombt kisumu say again.

consultative group discussion

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Gao da4 tall figure, jiongjiongweishen eyes. Conversation among, sound mbt uk salecalm and strong. On March 4, the Chinese people’s political clearance, members with reporters, one about two meetings, then flowed.

In 1983, was elected CPPCC member of the CPPCC , has a special affection: “28 years, CPPCC has occurred many changes, such as the session from original 17 days shorten for 12 days, again is shortened now ten days. 28 years, I already more than meeting time sum year.”

As a famous writer, writers and artists, in CPPCC national strategic thinking on pay more attention to the level problem. In his words, that is “stand in national strategy high ponder question.” It is standing at that altitude, he puts forward the idea of relevant countries cultural strategy, he 10 to 15 years of folk culture study, for rescue and protect folk cultural plead, best efforts.

“Showing decision-makers provide valuablembt uk sale ideas and Suggestions, is the important functions of the CPPCC.” said, “we are delighted to see, in recent years CPPCC member participating politics view more and more open, participating politics the depth and breadth and strength enhanced. The members of the committee to pay more attention to people’s livelihood, proposes more targeted and prospective opinion. “For example, our economy is rich, but the future we want rich arrive where go to, this is we want to think deeply about the problem. We should therefore more in-depth focus on scientific development and more widely geothermal re-debate minsheng construction.”

“The state of soft power, reflected in the social civilization and degree of cultural knowledge in power.” said, intellectuals, the most important is to have the thought, he expects all elites to put forward the CPPCC it become more argument, constructive proposals for bill, promote social development and promote people’s more harmonious life more happiness contribute force9 p.m. 45 points, the reporter cell phone rang, screen display “ZhengXinMiao palace” — is the national Palace Museum director ZhengXinMiao committee.

“I saw you quote us a new poems” time “column, the special published a new creation but, very well. Sombt karibu I just looking for you.” The telephone, he suggested that mass media to strengthen the spread of Chinese poetry, “is the quintessence of Chinese poetry quintessence, poetry pulse never interrupt, especially since the reform and opening, and appeared anabiosises gradually booming prosperous situation.” He excitedly told reporters a set of data: the domestic existing poetry journal publishes an annual poems 800, more than 70 million first, and all kinds of newspapers and all kinds of formal and informal publishing poetry, the paper media published work of, every year amounted to more than 1m.

ZhengXinMiao love poems of booked them. “Let the society popularization of poetry knowledge, to pay more attention to poetry career, is to insist for a long time, including the basic work of mass media role irreplaceable.” His advice: “the media more will be given to Chinese poetry some space, attach importance to its spread, open about the programmes, columns, and develop distinctive come.” mbt kisumu

Chinese movies all center

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Hong Kong has gold, Taiwan has golden horse, mbt shoes ukthe mainland have international film festival – A kind of Shanghai international film festival. If with the Yellow River, bounded since always,  in Yellow River south. But in this situation may be changed. In April, the first Beijing international film festival will be started. Though not a contest properties of film festival, but have many resources, the Beijing international movie season than gold, golden horse attraction is not, and the Shanghai international film festival is poor.

From the movie season opening and more than a month, the organizers published by the guest and ZhanYing piece part list, has considerable weight. The Venice film festival, chairman of Toronto film festival, chairman of the Tokyo international film festival, chairman of busan international film festival chairman… List is in extending continuously. The first Beijing international movie season chairman and spokesperson have yet to be announced, in accordance with the big shots against the debut in practice, the two candidates should be labelled and achievement is not lost to already announced several international film festival chairman.

The other side of the Oscar just ended, he has two the award-winning film social networks “and” the black swan “, a nomination film of the thunder enrolment Beijing international film festival “Beijing ZhanYing” unit. The organizing committee says, only through the scrutiny, they will actively invited the creator in these films to Beijing, meet with the audience. If these movies are the main can attend movie season, the guest team whether in which film festival, all be called “powerful”.

In recent years, with Hong Kong’s collective north, Taiwanese director followed, and mainland a-list director in Beijing, film center move northward and momentum already beginning is under way. If the first Beijing international movie season can successfully held, and continuous high level held down, this move northward will be more apparentArt can nourish a nation, make it more passionate more energetic, more rich imagination more mbt rahacreative. But needless to say, the world in all busy to earn money, or have the money is just to QianSheng money era, art of hot face labeled is realistic cold butt. Surname money goes named, not money more rare called xuesen, qian zhongshu, no surname money criterion as far as possible to named by cornucopia. Although the money is necessary, poor without money pitiful, but poor get only money is pathetic. In the 1980s, artistic atmosphere is strong, mid have joke that fall from the sky, a great stone batter to death five, there are three poets, but now if who said he was a poet and estimate to let a person on the spot or immediately take you when laugh-out-loud martians look.

Although now business atmosphere than artistic atmosphere is strong, but for the real art, people still have enthusiasm. Shanghai museum is one of key national art museum, March 5 officially open to the public free, enthusiastic audience much more than expected, up to 16 when closed that day, round-the-clock visitors who reached 12099 man, set a museum record. Some of them left carnegy about 2am namely to queue, to 10 a.m., art museum crowing, but still continuously chung of visitors in the hall outside became a 3400 meters long dragon, da spectacle spectacular.

The surface looks, the art museum is open for free BaoPeng, its key in “free”, unavoidable time-consuming, a free agents may is kind. But like liaoning art gallery since 2006 is cancelled tickets, much when year more than 30 times, exhibition site visitors paintings are often very few. Free, could also have switched snubbing, such kind of embarrassing estimates many cities have encountered. And like Shanghai museum of such BaoPeng scene, appear very much.

The Shanghai museum BaoPeng, and it focuses on the art of dinner is ready to LinFengMian, wu guanzhong’s works was related. The two arts masters have in common is merging Chinese painting, in inheriting national based on the tradition of innovation, from the mbt raha JiZhu, its value in innovation, its charm in a personality. Take wu guanzhong’s case, he emphasizes “no personality value equal to zero,” or even a anti-tradition, publicly says “ink equals to zero”, because in his view, the “art art, grasps the ‘art” easy, create “beauty” difficult “, he also realize art and science of echo relationship is “BiYi coyly”, complement each other. Some ways artists are doomed to be lonely lonely, but also dare, he should not was enveloped to realistic materialistic stream, only then can keep his independence and criticism and creativity. Though wu guanzhong’s paintings are often clap a day price, but he can’t go on their most wonderful works sell, but choose to public museums, because in his view, the art from the mind and inspiration, heart and inspiration deals. Everywhere

In reality, like wu guanzhong such conservative artist “one ice heart” the person is really not much, many so-called artists seeking with entrepreneurs and no two broth. Because of this, people will generally feel art hunger. Art master scarce, real art scarce, master works can free opportunity to meet with people more scarce. So can enjoy free LinFengMian, wu guanzhong such a great master works, Shanghai museum is BaoPeng.

Art galleries, and museum such places should open for free, mbt raha open and free benefit cultural “common prosperity”, but if the whole art downhill, this “rich” also mentioned

Along with our country

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

National “1025” planning of the medical and health mbt shoes usaservices development on an important position, this also is my long-cherished concern.  gradually ageing and elderly people’s health and medical should cause social more attention and investment. Constructing the harmonious society, is definitely a more caring elderly health society. Government has a responsibility to push, everyone is compulsory from around starting bit by bit, create supportive elderly health of body and mind good environment.

As early as in 1999, I created Chinese rosewood museum, hope by spreading rosewood culture, strengthen the rosewood of scientific research, to let more people know about rosewood, enjoy the beauty of red sandalwood bring and health. I was then in red sandalwood has a special liking. Red sandalwood culture is Chinese traditional cultural inheritance, as an important part of the acura, red sandalwood wood in known as “the centenary inch wingceltis, inch wingceltis inch gold” say, red sandalwood furniture, art is the treasure, pride of the nation. Red sandalwood makes a good interpretation of Chinese traditional culture in the “tao” and “virtue” of content: the centenary of the coastal zone, texture solid, elegant in symbolizing Chinese culture plain noble “virtue”, Its health, health care,mbt shoes usa health perservation losheng, has both the efficacy and happy affection raises a gender, be discreet self-cultivation of “tao”.

After years of red sandalwood the study and understanding, rosewood in addition to appreciate, also blindly valuable Chinese herbal medicine. The Ming dynasty LiShiZhen compendium of materia medica records, red sandalwood can stop bleeding, acetanilide, regulating qi. However, red sandalwood for human benefit is more than that. In recent years, also found rosewood of antioxidation efficacy, long life in them, be helpful for human body health. So, how to use the advanced technology will rosewood of medicine health care function is developed, r&d benefit to the elderly health products, let more people can get away from disease, enjoy the health benefits mbt kifundo bootof high quality life, became I’ve been long-cherished wish.

Since 2006, I began to plan on making an investment in it. In September, 2006, Beijing was a Nobel Prize winner BBS, closing ceremony held in Chinese rosewood museum. The attendees are able to to all sorts of red sandalwood furniture is amazing. The next morning, a man named mourinho radmanovic of americans came to the museum, again ask for details of the origin, usage, I rosewood and history, and immediately expressed hope will rosewood back drug research, cooperative development application products. Over the years, we have conducted in-depth development of red sandalwood progress gratifying.

Traditional culture have come into my life, I want to let more people know rosewood “Jane”, praise its “beauty”, reflect its “virtue”, I more hope in Chinese rosewood museum outside of a broader platform, let me put the livelihood of its health “dao” tell people, let red sandalwood better service to human health, play its higher social value. My idea is to do things, life, will do well. Fear is slow, want to pursue the real, duty mbt wavehonest, for the society, for countries to do can prodrce.

gorgeous and tragic and

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Why the flower so red?

Why so red?

Ah, red, like red like burning fire,

It symbolizes the pure friendship and love.

Why the flower so bright?

Why so bright?

Ah, bright enough to, bright enough to wrench to leave,

It is used with a youthful blood to irrigate.

For many years, there are some beautifudiscounted mbt shoesl emotional song to move our hearts that moistens our emotions, and even become our express some feelings the inevitable symbols — like singing love of beauty with depression, youth is  the joys of life and sad, what better than sing a song “why the flower so red” more appropriate? Especially for has been BuHuoZhiNian person. Sing this song, generally will immediately remind the miss comrade-in-arms “, “plateau song” and “a snowdrop on iceberg” verses.

They are all feature the iceberg visitors “episode, film, several teams have become deeply people love interlude, decades enduring popularity of song, rare, and create this achievement is famous composer LeiZhenBang — in the last century, this name brought. Besides the iceberg visitors “, in addition, he also is “five golden flowers”, “sister liu,” jingpo girl, “” lusheng” legenda “, “plain guerrillas”, “painful”, “da ji and her father”, “XuQiuYing case”, “JiHongChang” and “the underdog” and so on dozens of films composer, created more than 100 first movie episodes, “folk song is like the spring water”, “Dali march good scenery”, “AGe a-mei friendship long” song and decades of echoes in our side side.

Film on iceberg visitors “by changchun film studio in 1963 shooting, it abstracting a story is, in 1951 summer, xinjiang sasha lille pass a family in nomads from a trip to a named ancient LanDan marries his bride, this name as a loud thunder ring in the PLA outpost new soldiers amir heart, because he had with ancient LanDan’s childhood, affection depth tuk, later because LanDan’s ancient by her uncle sold and lose touch. As the PLA soldiers,mbt vizuri amir in outpost Yang lieutenant’s advice, suppress his feelings, and went to the wedding.But the bride is a counterfeit ancient LanDan’s latent spy, she married to later, in an attempt to use amir unforgettable old BianFangJun outpost intermingled with local activities. Regardless of day and night, many times to outpost looking for amir and asked him to renew old friendships. Amir though repeatedly rejected by the PLA discipline phase, but still can’t get away from her entwine. This phenomenon caused by Yang lieutenant’s high alert, and see that there are, therefore, behold, he soon caught the bride’s spy face, and perceived a share of secretly by hostile forces across the conspiracy. Yang platoon arranged amir with the true ancient LanDan’s reunion, in each other, their familiar song, two people renewed meet, meanwhile, a set against the special and hailing, love fighting erupted. I BianFangJun army’s beat him at his own game, using the enemy’s plot, for they built a tight dragnet, in a happy national festival diao sheep match, will the enemy articles.

This is a film with distinct national characteristics and regional characteristic of film, romantic and realistic combining work. Mysterious strain, thrilling anti war, and cointelpro, integrated with the innocence of the purity of love, plateau ice on scary snowstorm took away comrade-in-arms life, has fostered the most beautiful snow lotus. Some classic scenes in the film, many years by the oft-cited benefit, and these classic scene, there are nearly an episode resound.

For example, when a young amir learned gustavo LanDan center will be sold as slaves, he holds of oneself only COINS drive to save her ancient LanDan’s uncle a call, COINS on the floor. The ancient LanDan Tim was forcibly bosoms, amir hand take a snow lotus to pursue being down to the ground, the flowers are taken to throw on the ground, any only large feet trample, theme song why the flower so red “rings, pictures, mbt kafalaand young amir helplessly looking at the ancient LanDan Tim melancholy sound cried,” where amir, don’t forget me!” Faded away.

For example, ice blowing rare winter storm trooper bring people arrived, Yang outpost, found a monitor and amir has been frozen, amir saved over, and a monitor has turned into a permanent ice sculptures, with Yang platoon tore heart crack lung calls “a monitor!” Solemn and stirring music ringing, one song “miss comrade-in-arms of vocal: when I farewell comrades-in-arms, ah, my dear fellow soldiers, I can’t see you majestic silhouette lovely face…

The LeiZhenBang music has the rich ethnic styles and regional characteristics. “Why the flower so red” originated from an old tajik xinjiang folk songs. The film’s episode contain bright xinjiang folk music characteristic, all it’s thermal tiles, drum, tambourine, the violin etc accompaniment, build give a kind of sorrow and romantic fundamental key, whether the miss comrade-in-arms “, “plateau song still” a snowdrop on iceberg “, have a kind of wants people to tears function impulse,mbt kafala only with soul created so magical songs just now. Theme song “why the flower so red” in the movie, a third time than a shock in the hearts of the people, the most complete once is amir and ancient LanDan Tim finally meet

among the clouds like separated

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Daming wanli 1359 1591) in August (, although already is early autumnmbt shoes cheap, the weather is very hot yet. The sun irritable, roasted meats may Beijing mancheng line the streets of willow bosk cicada tolled squeaking.
In Ming dynasty BingBu hall court set in a green shade,  by the burning sun shoot, appear cool faint, was silent, pour into a clean cool beautiful place.
At the moment, BingBu right SongYingChang sitting room levels ruler, the side of carefree freely supped green tea, while absentmindedly browse every FangJun town from wen letter. As usual, these papers mostly still cannot leave cable grain, cable xiang old routines. Whatever they do in words how “WanWanRao around”, “WenDu”, “take cover a secluded spot” ultimate aim, still nothing more than want from the Treasury of the much to some (to worke “following” only. SongYingChang see in the eye, just repeatedly sneer at: Treasury now although also some “dignity, but that’s when ShouFu zhang juzheng spell the cabinet mbt shoes cheapof ChiMa penny wenwu baiguan truly saved her land, is used to cope with the change of the kingdom of contingencies, where is the parties FanZhen want will have a go? While he think so, as she reached out to any of those crusty wen letter to book aside blows. “Wow” the sound, but see under a covered with wax seal and adhesive seven inches BaiLing of 800, the quick ride urgent letter greeted his eyes!
SongYingChang complexion is a tight, hurriedly put aside the hand of tea lamp, grabbed the urgent letter apart a look, suddenly once surprised lived:
Princes ZhaoCan lu emergency ChengWen fujian governor are as follows:
Recently, according to ShangNing contradiction ryukyu countries to report: Japan Qiu months in the ryukyu domestic purchasing wood, gunpowder wide, and in each port and west yi profiteer frequently to consult, purchase have ware, guns, etc. Very many ordnance In accordance with ShangNing opinionmbt sandals sale, bonobos Qiu move big are suspicious.
More recently, several WuWeiZhong, LuoShangZhi guerrilla general province with a had written the youth are all bonobos flourish together: to Jupiter in derision before ji town company commanders qi jiguang under the orders of XuYi sent bonobos competence, wanli overseas that returned to send message, claimed bonobos uir white pine away in PuJun built MingHu house coils, TunBing accumulate grain, dressing, BingXie island-had, tried to opportunists assault on north Korea, daming.
Princes repeatedly nuclear check, etc ShangNing and zhu ryukyu countries that are flourishing said not empty – Japanese does TiaoLiang crazy throng of heart, must prevent. ZiShiTiDa, I dare not stranded, with 800 etc in quick ride rushed to submit BingBu and cabinet, please send your majesty CaiDuo disease.
SongYingChang see; again surprised again nu, dare not delay, quickly picked up the sealing qinchuan quick ride into BingBu ya-men, ChengWen urgent ShiXing of ShenQian room in a hurry and come.
Didn’t expect that he just rush to ShenQian medicine-case, but see a palace in waits inside to convey ShiXing is KouYu: “your majesty, north Korea has LiuMeng kingdom princes decree concerning the palace, ding important matters, urgent FanGuo mbt wave sale feixingyuan involved XuanShiXing, SongYingChang 2 people quickly end in consultation with.”

silver zhu immediately stop

Monday, March 7th, 2011

You also sitting! “He to kneel fell on the edge of the princes commanded mbt shoes uk seats with a busy filed a silver zhu, then to mess. Then, suddenly heard temple outside the eunuch sounding together way:” domestic fondle bonobos is making HuangYunJi, caresses bonobos FuShi the jin cheng, now temple outside waiting for a given saw rapid request, king of judah. ”
“HuangAiQing and JinAiQing come back?” Lee 昖 listen to, and that is to the dish “spicy white tiger liver” stir silver zhu immediately stop in the air, thoughtfully once, way, “quickly called him on the throne temple two people.”
This HuangYunJi, the jin cheng a 昖 recently in neighbouring lee the identity of the special envoys sent away their past four “lustration congratulations, integreted fusang”. Of course, in MingMian, JinYunJi, the jin cheng one is to congratulate, In secret, li 昖 is let them play-pleasure Japan shut white treat north Korea’s attitude away. His long heard YiZhi away deep-seated, if do not send someone to advance AnZha figuring out the truth, in the heart is bottomless again how could reactive?
Temple doors open place, see HuangYunJi, the jin cheng 12 people ‘re just fin 663422186 hing, full head big sweat, panting, rushes to the king, “plop” lords before a sound fell on, seems to be exhausted, a relentlessly shake head vomit tongue, unable to speak.
“Take a rest… rest a while to say again!” Lee 昖 saw him two people such shape, did not bashful plus urge to ask? Only waved two maid-in-waiting respective carried a cup of warm tea for yellow, JinErRen handed over.
Yellow, JinErRen KouTou thanked upward up, also can not consider what mannersmbt rafiki, “GuDu GuDu” will cups of tea in one gulp. Then resting a moment, this just contradicting the mood, kneeling is the posture, prepare openings played.
Is making HuangYunJi coughed, tone, and still can’t hide intense panic and provoked, quick say: “big king, bonobos uir white away, ‘ambitions arose lion big openings’, unexpectedly want to devour three miles I north Korea jiangshan!”
Over the past a, hall immediately ausgestorben, even the dance of north Korean song ji ask state are also immediately stopped action, callous and stand. The music hall on both sides of the musicians also put down his instrument, a staggering watched lee 昖, dare not again play down.
At the birthday party cardiac smelling the big disaster, li 昖 etc, will no longer centerless entertainment their silver zhu “splat” throw, calm face outward waved. Song ji, musicians quickly with naughty ground in a hurry back down.
JinLuanDian on air like once solidified though depressing up.Long mbt kifundo boots, long time, just hear li 昖 some faint voice breaks a regiment depressing: “HuangAiQing! He is not in vain intimidation wilt thou? Is he too country gave his present too little? This time the king gave his eighteenth strains coral tree, six measures of water and five ZhangBai tiger – Labour are rarities, value also equates to our complimentary give daming xiyang rarity… he isn’t satisfied?”
Listen to the lee 昖 say so, HuangYunJi and the jin cheng 12 people are in distress situation, zhang the mouth to say what, but see lee 昖 decided on her throne mumbling said, but dare not phonate interrupted him, had to restrain silently listening.
“Forget it! Forget it! Think that Japan is but ManYi countries, the king also don’t care… they LiuAiQing, you later down and prepare a gift and send a blarney stone, offices in 2 to taste more minister, election urgent to Japan and they say, do not arouse incident!” Lee 昖 immersed in their own concoction of LiuChengLong ordered, “to HuangYunJi, the jin cheng a inferiority, not for this king exterior harmonic yi relationship, for a retired at let…”
“Wrong! Wronged!” The jin cheng a HuangYunJi and listened, astonished kneeling on the ground repeatedly kowtow, chorus shouted, “MAO lu bonobos ambitions, don’t bite Wolf son I will stop north Korea into the abdomen and… whatever how to send the curiosa of the king of judah, that the dog away lofty thieves will cross strait straight came!…”
Above the tablet hall quieted down and only they hoarse and the shrill cries over a long time in the hall echoed.
“Do you have any tangible evidence can prove Japan will come upon my north Korea?” After a long time, LiuChengLong today-at last broke the silence of the house. He really experience, personality, also want composed some, waving JinErRen withhold yellow, with the sound of the cry, said slowly, “the two countries belligerent, ZiShiTiDa, not tolerate you both in the virtual acoustic act sensitively!”
“Liu… willow adult, I act sensitively princes, etc, the disruption of virtual sound JunXin? Big… king, torre two princes away such a letter to send to you…” HuangYunJi ignore their forehead is bit out of the economicsystem blood bead, hands hold up a yellow silk letter, knees do the attached to, “big king just read this letter, all will be understood…”
LiuChengLong from king YouShou seats on her feet, and lords over the yellow silk away in the E-mail letters, quickly holding gave lee 昖.
Lee 昖 heart beat “boom” ring, will hold the E-mail yellow silk letters in their hands, but like holding a piece of red hot coals, and his face as metal gray.
He set a set of mind, slowly outspaned a long breath, and sending letters slowly dismantled, conscientious reading up:
Japan close to book the emporer white away you:
Wild goose embalm read book, gradually repeatedly, thank your good pleasure. I though Japan sixty-six state land, the year hug each thiet standing, disorderly ChaoGang, waste decorums, not serve the emperor of a long lasting. So we will utter chi shots, three or four years, madame, cutting PanChen between SAN, intended BoJi exotic inverse far island, finally 厎 set the country, the peace in the world.
My night questionings thought: there HeDe can into the cause? When torre recalled my womb, my mother dreamed of red, flying into the bosom. Fortuneteller accordingly broken yue: “this son department Apollo, the son of the deceased ZhaoLin place all sunlight, all without exception to its master. It to adulthood, universal, rights within eight drought, yu sloping available also.” We have these gifted, why not destroy enemy? HeGong not built? What not for?
We read this, hence a born YingYang ideals, shall wallow in the kingdom of sea 6.1% es? So, we at the year lead half hundred body, ignoring the country apart, cangnan shanhai narco-state best-ever proceed daming kingdom, easy to our customs in the millions who toward the more states, ShiWu benevolent to educate the people until eons.
Er countries have struck to the heart, we give daily, especially of fine for my 90-year Japan, optimal ritual for big SAN. Wilt thou from connect my letters date, he shall LiBingMoMa, woven garments repaired fingers, help our Japanese samurai drink MaHaiBin and conquer the daming! If there is a reckless, I when holding four feet green feng sending fighters into raised!
Keep on reading, rao is always natural disposition cowardly lee 昖, unexpectedly also can’t help spirit “crack grind teeth, beet red face. He suddenly once attack up, “hua” once will the sealing yellow silk away letter fell on the ground, cried wrath to shout: “he practiced extortion! He practiced extortion! Away this rogue insult!”
“Big king mollified!” LiuChengLong saw, quickly lead wenwu princes qiqi kneel qi please unceasingly, “Lord disgrace courtier dead – bonobos lu deceives me king, minister etc oaths and bonobos lu never greatly!”
“Qing, etc PingShen!” Lee rapid pace in the house for several circle, this just slowly calm down, carry the finger refers to oneself fell on the ground in the E-mail yellow silk letters and angrily, “said a look that such a letter ZhiBen uncovered himself today… then why content anger rude…”
LiuChengLong smell speech, quickly forward picked up the letter and start a look, is also spirit keep blowing beard! He stamped stamping and are thinking of opening to lambaste, see the general lee overflow, ShenLi 2 people Ethan overdo to also want to see this letter, then hold anger put the letter handed them.
Lee overflow, ShenLi head bundled together, watching, a look of judah also is apoplectic under: “this is really KuangBei bonobos lu was willing to do our utmost to princes, etc. In the king by the humiliated!”
LiuChengLong from his two hands grabbed the letter, thoughtfully a short moment, then passed itmbt wave sale down to all of you to look at it. One minister, Ministers each beat, provoked unceasingly.