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New Beginnings….

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

dreamcatcher_joel.JPGHello, Family and Friends! Welcome to our virtual world….the Dreamcatcher’s Blog…..another “new beginning” for the Rigsbys.

Most of you know we’re dreamers….and for years, like most of you, we dreamed of retiring and traveling…

Well, it’s happening! p1030756.JPG …Here we are!

Our Dream-catching actually started years ago….a definite sign of blessings received! We give thanks.
July,1990 – A longtime dream, to own and reside in a turn of the century home, was realized when we bought and moved into “The Old Taylor House”,

in Marshallville, GA1pic243.jpg……A grand old lady of 138 years, she was Home to us for 16 wonderful years (mostly)…some thought we were crazy…but She bore witness to many treasured memories with family and friends! We miss her and many dear ones who enjoyed Her with us.

Spring,2005 – Another dream came true…..we retired! Retirement began, 1 Apr 2005 (April Fool’s Day) for me, and 1 Jul 2005 (Independence Day) for Jud…ironic, yes? Gleefully, we joined the ranks of retired civil servants…you know…those folks cruising Watson Blvd in the day-time between 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM, smiling….believe me, it’s worth the struggle! If you’re not there yet…Hang on! Because…….p1000513.JPG……..The sweet dream of Freedom became a real possibility……YES!

Aug, 2005 – We began pursuit of another dream and launched the search for the perfect Motorhome…a journey that took us all over the country virtually, and all over the South East literally. We finally found our “Dreamcatcher” in Tampa FL….a 2003 Fleetwood Southwind. photocard_1-141.jpg Previously we’d enjoyed two other RV’s but this one was big would hold all the “stuff” we thought we needed!…… a year later, it’s shrunk a little.
May, 2006 – Jud’s dream of “fulltiming” became an itch, we needed to scratch. With a giant leap of faith, we put our beautiful and well loved old home on the market…in just four months it sold to some folks from Florida. We put a few things in storage, sold ‘most near everything’ else, closed the last day of Oct, and hit the road in our Dreamcatcher the very next day………Nov 1, 2006 – an exciting new beginning!

May 2007 – Six months later, we’re still “dreamcatchers” and “fulltimers”, living in our Motor Home…free…to travel, learn new things, discover new places, …go where the “Southwind” takes us! Thank you, God for this opportunity.

Our Lucy Dog is still a joy (at 11 years) and a vital part of this “gypsy band”. She’s quite the traveler……blogphotos001.jpg She loves it!

To date, we have remained in GA, FL and AL, enjoying family, friends, getting acclimated to a new lifestyle…….that will soon change….expect more later.

We stay on the go! This weekend we’ve been back in Blairsville….tomorrow we head out for Montgomery……last week, we were in Florida where Jud helped my brother, Ray, make repairs to their vintage Airstream.p1030557.JPG The guys worked long and hard…many hours and the “Toaster” is well on it’s way back to being road worthy. Ray and wife, Terrie, leave early in June to be summer camp hosts at Camden State Park in Maine. We hope to join them in Aug for a week. Their blog, is well worth the read….check it out by clicking on the link to enjoy their trip last year to Oregon and go with them this year to Maine. Terrie does an outstanding presentation of their experiences with gorgeous photos….she has been my inspiration….but I have a ways to go.

It wasn’t all work….we played some too! Here we are at the Starfish Deck – Jud, me, Terrie, Ray – p1030573.JPG with an audience p1030565.JPG……all of us enjoying delicious aromas and the viewp1030578.JPG ……..waiting for our fresh grouper sandwiches, oysters, scallops – yum!………….he didn’t get any!
The week at Camden, Maine is just part of our next adventure….a 5 month trip up the coast through Maine to Nova Scotia, then head back south through New England with a side trip to New York City…hoping to follow fall color all the way home to GA…..plan to leave mid-June and be back for Thanksgiving!
Sure hope you’ll travel with us “virtually” via this blog…enjoy all our adventures (and misadventures) by logging on and keeping up. My ambition: to publish 1-2 times a week with photos. You can post your comments right on the blog (and I surely hope you will)…let us know what you think and what’s going on with you and yours. Be sure to email us too! We definitely want to stay in touch, as well as share our experiences with you.

So, come on along….there’s a strong “South Wind” blowing and this “gypsy wagon” is about to roll!

You know what to do…..make a wish and blow like the South Wind!

……………………. p1030160.JPG…… the journey begins!