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advocating ideal, drunk together ever hurt, together

Friday, December 31st, 2010

The day you left, I a person sitting in unit computer and tears, think you go to an unfamiliar place can want to adapt to a period?

Two years later, back last night on the QQ tell me.

Once we are colleagues. For seven years.

Together ever jiyang text together, advocating ideal, drunk together ever hurt, together, also once together happy, happy.

Our friendship has a small light. Each other on the other side of the float in the sky, but nothing has marks a life of a fellowship, nor righteousness “gold orchid such covenant.

However, each other can’t tear is memory.

Our memories always entanglement, mutually intertwined each other.

She is my girlfriend only a deeply religious Christian woman. Of course this is we meet after a few years of everything.

Once we were superior. All say two women partner will doubtless because intercedes, sensitive and narrow-minded, but we are very harmonious. Some appreciate feeling.

Of course, also had to MaiMang pinpoint the sharp conflict. Even once, at the meeting, she slam the door and go. Recognization What reasons, I have not remember. Early next morning, we each other again hurried said to one another, afraid the review word grows resentment.

So anxious, so carefully, just like two who loved each other like.

Everything is fine before eleven. We are still very rhythmic.

Like cooking woman is extremely love life of the people. My teacher to have said. Back to that.

I remember most clear is, again, to have dinner at my house. I mismanagement cuisine, nature is she volunteered to cook. Also just half an hour, is a full table of dishes, red and green, look at drooling.

Again, every hometown, she will raise the hospitality I. She is very like cooking. Moreover, there are many specialty skills. Even once professional background of her husband also inferior to her.

I saw her this Spring Festival, see her face more is fruity, appearing somewhat peaceful indifferent. Always speaks with smile, never the former occasionally sudden sharp edges and corners. “I found myself now is best, grew up, and understand what is important and what is traps.”

Her small whatever I when to go, there will be a wandering bird returning home was tired of yourself. Man is so clear and comfortable nest on the sofa, even sit aesthetic also feel very comfortable. Her gentle let me in, will often blundering calm down.

In addition to the work, she always persist in writing of their favorite characters. I often in her delicate words, see her YongChang but contentment day.

Miss each other, each other, but never say what forgetable estrogen words. But, she always remember our past.

“People don’t know to cherish parted, think young spoke together do not know each other, still make over strike. Go back to, just understand what call time gone, understand that the treasure.”

I suddenly remembered those who cry cry smile of time, even angry all so worth recalling. True, lovely.

We each other dispute, because each other about ah.

“Not predestination, how can go a long way, I’m afraid that in future no such person, are swiftness, hurried away. Really, if go back in time, can never loathe to give up and you NaoQi, love still too late?”

Such powerful expression, when she was the first.

Across the screen, she couldn’t see the tears in my eyes. And I, at that moment, but can see her tender and gentle smile, in such a find sparks autumn, how warms my heart blundering.

I don’t. But, I with she is in each other’s heart.

Your voice is filled with my familiar warmth

Friday, December 31st, 2010

You are the world’s first as I write poetry.

January 2009, 23, in Babel of voices, I heard you at recited the poem.

Your voice is filled with my familiar warmth, no one knows in your poems I will think of anything, just like if there is no such a gathering day, no one will know that this poem is your written for me.

Donghe the clump, have a warm room, it is you and sister-in-law and a pair of twins son’s house. The first time I go to your house, that time, I but their early 20s. And you? It is more than 30 years old of time. You take me to interview in those fine long street shuttle, in those high in short house looking for. Countless people who touched the story of ah, so in your explain has achieved my factory.

That year, sit on your narrow little room, as we were chatting away at doing multiple-choice your shoes. Is that you make a living crafts, you those holding pens twined hands cooked in those shoes barb knocks and cotton cloth, your hand between &cute really not generally, blink, a new pair of shoes is put in my sight.

You said, “get these work had been done, you can ease writing draft, can do his own thing. That day sitting back to the newspaper’s own no.5 bus, my eyes are always sway you and there is a lot of piles in the corner of a space, rather than the cloth and shoe upper leaf. That’s all I saw your life, do you ever day. In addition to me, all the others had never seen?

In the us, o moon month lang star sparse of wine; make up night, And you, in your glimmer of mending a family of four of food and clothing. I said, you are my big brother, although I never said that.

15 years, I’ve always wanted to write something for you, but each time I couldn’t write. You and I, like a different branches, but growth in the same plant, the large tree lush trees that ideal, called strains of literature. Because we met, because writing words, words, but friend also let us sensitive and pain.

Our most joyful time is 100 period? Sheraton hotel in that, we drink is a beer, baotou, we are not drinking may that night, I remember we are drunk. In the stars, under the guidance of my door ran back to the newspaper. We loudly crazy shout we all like songs – “always be friends”.

We at the newspaper office green carpet guangqishuba sitting or lying land, I forgot our said what, but I remember when we said we will celebrate 100 period, 200 period, 500 period, 1000 period. Then, we all thought that we will have and life as long ideal.

You are looking at me day change. Isn’t it? At the youth mowgli’s mad wench, later that because love and rapid growth of many fans reporter, after again, chance occurrences of leadership. Which one is your familiar me? You never said, but you have been so firmly entrenched in behind me. No matter what I do, want a phone to you, you will go all out. In your heart, I’m just your little teacher younger sister, you have been looking at the words of love grew up to me.

So many years, you seem to is our eldest brother, everyone with you close close, Everyone talks about you, always feel so warm. And I haven’t seen for years, even you, see you, is still close.

That night, we together and sing drink, that is our knowledge of 14 years in another city party. You’re always in my side, never leave. I know you’re not familiar with my life now, but as long as you in, you’ll watching over me. This world, so many let me grateful person, so much love dearly I also let I love of man, but, you, is so extraordinary.

So many people all say, ideal, and time together old. But, my dream is still like our friendship is same, never grow old.

When you are in the cold winter night, the simple language with you for my reciting poetry your letter for me, you know? In your poetry, I would happily dance —

“Depart, the small talents”

Last night and I dream of you,

My little talents.

In the storm you a person cry.

Many want to hold you in my arms dry your tears on the face.

We wake up to the window, wind and rain QiMi

Wrench to ask you, where is the sadness, you lost in the strange city must be very lonely.

Yield is not your character, but your strong carrying is behind QiFengGuYu.

Feeling, you don’t cry, cry will let my heart.

Feeling, you don’t tears, tears will let me do not put you.

Sky-byte: you should smile, like send big brother into the city to buy you love to eat chocolate.

Departure day, you must remember to look after himself.

In the future of the spring breeze, a larks sing in a strange city,

That is I lively and lovely little teacher younger sister…

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My subconscious ground grip the YiHong tender hand

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Perilla qingli pale of face like a picture of a change of painting, before me continually collage, broken, even in crack in the night, I can clearly see her despair in the eyes of penetrate thick curtain of night look straight at me, so sitters, let a person everywhere escape.
I’m fear.
I desperately want to avoid, fear but like a boundless nets mega enwinds me. My subconscious ground grip the YiHong tender hand, to let go, she would leave me but go to. Now she like a baby asleep.

Every night, YiHong will land on my shoulders in accordance with intimacy, touched her swollen belly, pour to talk to me our children, then just contentedly sleep. She is steadfast and happy. The thought of the day she may refuse to leave me forever, my tears running down and unbearable. I, YiHong, Perilla just like the tail end wriggling fish in came flooding back over to memory swam…

Life’s many fortune is very strange, ah margin to’s doomed, people can’t resist. As YiHong and me. If not was rigorous old section chief on toilet suddenly slipped a sprained ankle, and the whole department only I am familiar with business, that Beijing seminar on me this ultimate wheel not the wet behind the ears kid. When I stepped onto a train to Beijing, it was found that the opposite is a sleeper sitting on my young girl she pricked his high ponytail, no dress up the clean face peeps through a kind of beautiful leisurely and comfortable. When her eyes black shining eyes looking toward me, smiling flowers bloom in like her mouth cape side, exposing two teeth white lovely small tiger tooth. Suddenly, my heart was a warm feelings infiltration, I couldn’t help but smile response her. Her bright enthusiasm, nature and pure, almost a meet, she and I talked as if they had been friends. She said she called YiHong, is that this is a kindergarten teacher use holiday to Beijing to visit old grandmother. The lonely journey because had the swiftness girl became prettier.

Car to Beijing, we carry packers ran to their destination, and her figure instant disappears in a noisy crowd. After half month, when I returned B city, I was surprised to find that the opposite me there is still that YiHong girl! Life the first call coincidence, then the second? I believe this is fate. YiHong see I was quite surprised, and then live to be laughter soon say: we really decree by destiny! Our fascination delight to chat all the way, each other unexpectedly is a brief encounter feeling. We exchanging phone number, each other very solemnly will their number collected. Standing in the break up of intersections, looked at her with a tall figure to drift away, I am some a sense of loss.

Then, YiHong often call I wouldn’t matter, most of the time, business, her students attend cheeper painting competition won a prize, with my colleagues stroppy waits such happy or unhappy trivial things, she could speak to me. And I also seems to be very like her so bother.

More than two months later, her telephone suddenly like a blooming flower, gradually died, light to make people suspect had as a period of driving too dense time. Who I used to gaze at the silent telephone fancy, even speculation that she should not is have a boyfriend forget me? Opening speaker at the heart of the putative foe, then filled with envy, resentment. A week later, I finally resistthe inner some kind of desire, hence, I pretended running errands drop in on her teaching kindergartens find her.

YiHong but not. Her colleague said she did appendix out, rest at home? I went out and bought a bundle of nourishment, then click to talk address find her house. Stood at her door, my heart suddenly jump very severe and panicky I appointed calming the, crustily the skin of head knocked at the door open. At first he saw me, YiHong one leng and immediately tickled pink plucks my arm jabbering on and on, I like her intimacy. Disease good later, YiHong naturally about I eat, I acknowledge my natural won’t refuse. Like all young lovers, as we gradually began to pick up the frequent
Touch, have an intimate feelings in our hearts as a ChunCao quietly grow, just; we have openings vindicated.

In 1996 on May 3rd, earthquake shook B to unexpected city, I the first time in almost rush toward to telephone edge, and kept dialing the number, the line is busy kindergarten! The line is busy! My palms sweat pants down, looked blank. Dropping my phone, started to run into the street, stretch hand to block a taxi straight to her at kindergarten. Saw that she was very calm angelic smiled reassuringly20 children, I suddenly collapse like froze in there and make no.

Like many people, like those days we also built DeZhenPeng, YiHong every night insisted on going with me together. Month lang star sparse of evening, she often and I talk is most shelter, we seem to be endless talking. I stared at her exuding the glittering and translucent burnish of comely face, unconsciously will she pulled the bosom, I heard “boom” beating, at that moment, I cannot distinguish is her or my…

In the second spring flowers, YiHong did my bride. She is not a very will contrive now, even rice nor congress do, but every time I see her awkward for me in light changed to knit a sweater, according to the practice cooking recipes, I think he is the happiest person in the world. She is an outspoken without much shrewd man, and so the people’s life, you will feel that life is a simple and happy thing. At least, I think so. YiHong mind there are many fantastic idea, let light life sometimes burst out a surprise. No matter how much I be agitated burnout, as long as a saw her ZhangMingJing smiling face, all my troubles seemed all don’t exist.

Happy days did not seem to have special, I can think of all seemed to is for my job such as the morning she call me get up earlier, or how my coming home late at night, she will lights on such trivial things waiting for me, and these are living. Now I missed, in those days of trivial repetition of happiness. If time can go back, I really hope I can be with YiHong life case forever at that moment. But this to the goal of coming, perhaps…… all already doomed, given the fate of micro as before CaoGai strength.

In the company of the young people like her very much

Friday, December 31st, 2010

There is a person, the more you approached more feel close, the same wavelength. Her in his character is such people. Slip into later, they close a lot of. She is very considerate, plus big how old he is, humanness play very sophisticated, he have what matter son always love and she said. Almost all in his view a difficult thing she would be solved, which makes him from inside to her all the more impressive. With her help, he gradually became familiar with the business, the job also handy, deep get old total admiration.

In the company of the young people like her very much, never told her what manager, always affectionately her “ChenJie”, I feel she is very thick, close as his sister. They that help young people always love to her home run. She holding good cooking, every time always fry several speciality let them solution suggestion. Probably because a person living alone very lonely go, she also special love called them to her, she says many home lively some. Her physical work, what also can be very naturally tribe them to help. He delicious place from her very close, and help the number are also more, every time she always want to fry several he loved to eat food reward him.

Gradually, he found that his feelings for her there is a subtle change. Just saw her, his heart is steadfast, worked to also have special strength son, the person also is active; She if not there for the day, he was empty, occasionally, answering, see her husband phone delighted appearance, he could vaguely jealous. He became more and more attached to her, sometimes down to see her comings and goings busy appearance, he will have a kind of inarticulate warm feeling. He especially want to be close to her. He had to work hard to control the involuntary dispel the idea.

That summer one Saturday afternoon he went to help her change gas, T-shirt clasp somehow fell, she let he stood there to help him seam. They have one build what did not build to chat, when she bowed head bite break, they get so near, closer he can hear her breathing. He felt as if there is a strong heat in the body, he can’t stand the pentium delicious in her face kissed. Her face turned scarlet red, then look particularly like a little girl, which makes him more than an impulse.

He clutched her delicious her, frenetic kissing her. She amazed at first, and then some instinct in his bosom panic and struggled. But he felt her struggle is not very firm, he thought it was a tacit, has lost rational he grabbed her clothes. She flung from a frenzy of like his senses, desperately resist. The feeling be nasty in, she blows of arms, “seems” the sound, malicious slapped him!

The ringing voice of the quiet room seemed unusually harsh, he leng delicious, pine hand stay standed there silencely with there. She stumbled fled into the bedroom, “boring” 1 locked the door. He stared at the door of white door, the brain is very chaotic don’t know what to do. He don’t know oneself how under the floor, until she arrived to place mind still of chaos.

After that day, she told him cold many, in addition to the work, she rarely and his contact. Before she never talk about oneself of husband in the company, can play after that, as long as he is present, she always carry her husband how thoughtful how capable. Bystanders heard all say she married a good husband, every time she would be very laughing loudly, that laughter is exaggerated. Moreover, she is still in desk on the shelves of that she and her husband photograph of the photo, the couple intimately hugs, a face of smiles. His heart was particularly vitriolic barbs, very and she would like to explain, but he didn’t know what to what she says. And she will not give him anything alone chance, although appear to others before and between them and no difference.

Those days he spent his days restless, colleagues joked: aren’t you brokenhearted? Somehow, heard these words, he flashed into his mind the incredibly is her shadow. At that moment, he didn’t understand what actually unconsciously he was madly in love with her. He was a blazing fire of love burning, is unable to control.

One day the company made into one big deal, old total please eat food with them to show celebration. Ever eaten routinely go clubbing. While she go to the bathroom, he slipped into a corridor through wine is stopped her. He said: “ChenMin, I have something to tell you!” That was the first time he didn’t call her “elder sister”, although hallway lights some dim, but he still can clearly see the look on her face. She is very calm is also very serious, but the look in the eyes is very complicated. Somehow, her to her face, he suddenly some nervous.

She with him came into the hall and across pair of GongNanLuNv affectionately refer to close, jump very input, such scene gave him great courage. Bright eye, he stared at her to say: “ChenMin, I… like you…” The word “love” in his tongue playing a GunEr, he still hasn’t said exports. She gently hiss tone, sound very light but very firmly: “people in certain circumstances may be unconscious is confused, but I’m not a game life. I am very traditional, and some things I look very heavy, I don’t want to because a runaway affect my life, you know? I and my husband feelings is good, he is I want to spend my life with him…”

Her words let his heart little cooling, he still wants to say something, but she stopped him. She said: “you drink many, etc. Sprinkle awake, everything is past.” Say that finish, she comes across the hall back to a box. That night, he drank too much, drunk terribly.

That was the last time he and she speak face to face, he was soon sent to shenyang to expand my business. Upon leaving, she meeting in headquarters, he couldn’t help to call her. She just tone very quietly instructs him to work well, immediately say something hanged a telephone, a pair of business is business’s appearance. He knew the relationship between both of them went beyond recall. He who stepped on to the shenyang train, got there, he unfinnished almost every day social parties, every day treat, with her natural also no contact.

Two months later, he was moved back, the promotion to manager. Originally she with husband go to shenzhen, due to his business capability top-notch son, plus her recommendation, he got a promotion. The joy of promotion by her leave diluent, one day he stayed late at the office, finally get up the courage dialed that transformational in heart cell phone number. He does not know this and what she says, he just want to listen to her voice, but her cell phone was shut down. She didn’t give

Few reporters dare to take his political life, even jobs do stakes

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Strictly speaking I really didn’t do reporters materials, because there is a heavy things often let I feel cannot bear, that is, can not put all the truth speak out. “The news freedom” in a certain historical period just journalists good wishes of just, I believe this is all reporters common feelings.

I received vocational education tell me, news of life is real. However, in reality, too real, they may even “life” no chance of! In a very long period of historical period, our coverage of all is good news, bad will have to tread carefully. For duty of reporters involved, this is actually a very painful thing. On the one hand, you should abide by professional ethics, on the other hand, it had to attend to political reality needs. Few reporters dare to take his political life, even jobs do stakes.

Remember once we draw on a medium-sized state-run newspaper enterprise management mistakes as critical report. At that time is the popular “report literature” that style, I and another colleague ground boxing wipe palm to to write a report WenXueShi reports. However, we just completed, the first draft of various departments and city is in charge of the leadership explanation ShuiQing sprung up. The enterprise again, please us in the past, “report”, and introduces the set with original we interview to a fact completely opposite situation, and repeated requests we must press this edition “fact” to report. My colleagues and I was in great confusion among —

Our newspaper exactly want everything truth tells the reader? Speak the truth, the somebody else do not do it; Say false words, we cannot do. Problems due to the editor there, he said, let’s face it isn’t worth getting against acknown aspects, draft simply not hair! So, the ans painstaking write out the “report literature” ah, haven’t become type? And he died!

This is just an ordinary critical report, and political still does not have what relation, so difficult, its news reports that environment is obvious.

In women’s magazines when journalists, interviewed by a pair of marriage without love torture suffer couple. The man several times for divorce even hit the court, were unit the leadership and the federation’s cadres are strongly stopped. The that guy say, he has had no way out, can only half-paralyzed wondrously damned marriage patchy down. We wrote a report on this at that time, with the intent to not uncommon for a situation analysis and discussion. But women who mother-in-law mother leadership anyway don’t let dispatch: you this is not encourage divorce, influence stability and unity! Thus, this story will see not the sun!

Such a thing experienced a lot, however, are mostly I when a reporter at the beginning of the year. Now China’s political democracy environment has had great progress and improve on various media reporters, for example, it is really very happy.

Of course, needless to say, even today, a news events to the truth of the report not report, how to report, or the reporters to reconsider the matter. Fortunately I am not so directly to a reporter, otherwise, the an affirmation already cannot afford the burden of mind, give up his dozen small is the right career profession!

with numerous unforgettable interview experience

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Perhaps that era in their early 20s girls can become a reporter, very envy letting a person, Maybe I was just retired from the army, still like to wear an old accented back an army corps satchel, look silly very blindingly obvious, anyway I then no matter where we are going to interview all very “compelling”! Their treatment also tend to be more superior to those male reporters. It is against this “favorite” (I deep thought, the hard in this to me the young or very willing hard approbate, even tolerance and pampering affair), an when newspaper “political culture mouth”, “industrial mouth”, “supplement”; Women’s magazines, political theory magazine reporter, nature also with numerous unforgettable interview experience.

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, people’s living standard is very low, material supply shortage, is the young people of today have imagined. At that time when reporters don’t like now, there are so many hidden rules under the “affordable”, but also can enjoy society in most people admire treatment. For example to big companies to interview, the somebody else will entertain us in the abundance of food, To small businesses to interview, manufacturers are also extremely do enthusiastically put their son to send a lot of product stream to us. That’s all. Let me unforgettable is, in this scene, the most delicious food is always put in my in front, I get gifts are always than other male reporters. What reason be? To be honest I have also don’t quite understand.

Remember to make a reflect the city industrial development achievements of large reported, this day we came to municipalizational factory. The frontier by Shanghai rebuilding the enterprise according to the state plan production, when some local market fundamental cannot see the export products, such as milk sugar, sugar cubes. During a visit to a production flow on the way, I was feeling in such backward frontier city should be so good product, part for the city including me the folks who sorrow: holding a so good food, but could not eat good candy – all export!

Look, I think, came to the packing workshop. Here, there is only a pallet packaging machines in operation, more sugar is by a large group of women manual packaging. Women workers saw us, or lift up, laugh, or nodding welcome, they busy hands of stuff. When I walked through a about forty workingwoman side, she suddenly jerked my sleeves, and then from the case seized a just wrapped milk sugar, tucked into my coat pocket. Before I return to absolute being son to decline, she has turned to continue her Pal. Look at my wits and the appearance of the other women are kindly smile, what said nothing but only, when I came from their everyone walking nearby, they have all and that woman worker eldest is same, grabbing a two sugar into my pocket and stuffed! Out of the workshop, my two large pockets and carrying the army satchel, are all milk sugar to stuff it full!

Look at my side wipes a touched tears while displaying my pockets and satchel, peer several male reporter, including a deputy editor and my department director, all wonder speechless. Afterwards big shout “who said women than male!”

This is my warmest years when the reporter an interview, but also I this lifetime to eat the most sweet candy! However, in that a group of big report, we don’t have a word write those dear women! Therefore, I haven’t felt very sorry!

Experience the happiness of meaning

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

WuShun living in Beijing xidan northward alley, live is 13 square metersThe shacks, middle-aged, rest hasn’t released erhuanxi. WuShun a happinessLife is a stable source of the buy-outs of 60,000 dollars. WuShun very satisfied,WuShun believe that peace is blessed, WuShun hope wife at home to housework, daughterBe able to read, take an examination of an university. The hutongs are WuShun world, have a plenty of like WuShunSuch people. Guys play mahjong, partnership between small hun business, meet the dailySupply. If it is not to tear open change, this miss wade through the life seemed to last foreverTo live. 63 million CaQianFei, this number ruthlessly stimulated WuShunHeart, he didn’t come up, one breath collapsed in the chair. Come to his senses, wait him to buyRoom, just discover oneself hutong housing prices already near 40,000 on every square metre, buy a house endInvestigate or a dream. Soon WuShun adjust good mentality, day return to the past. becauseFor just done with more than before, he clearly their weight, will also be more content.The novel hutongs WuShun “” October” (2010 first phase) language level, SyriaThings slow pace, no complicated plot, and slow style is suitable for WuShun that closed,No change of life, with the rapid development of life itself form contrast. Juice originalFlavour present and looms but Lao she since babbittry literature tradition. Look at this group was higherWith the rapid development of modern life sling out old citizen, differentiate their philosophy of life, perhapsExperience the happiness of meaning.

detail nowhere Because that is in me at the age

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Recently saw Mr Studies Yang jang’s prose, including an article “first ceremony,” said is 1955that the May 1st Labour Day holiday.”At the end of April 1955, I got a green ceremony bars, May 1 can LuTiao son to tiananmen ceremony. That is not wait, others do not, don’t know who thought that to me. I received very happy, because is the first get political treatment. I know first-class is big red, pink is inferior like someone, I don’t remember. Low level than me, he had a son is orange, than I came. Anyway, I from than in a dream of red mansions autumn grain, ask somebody else red stripes son, yellow the son,” I only brought Mrs Grace “.This is Mr Studies Yang jang’s opening. A few a few sentences, recognizes time, everything, reasoning. Also point out the right now her political level.Recollects in his essays, said Mr. Foreign prose translation studies Yang jang’s best. I see Mr. China’s prose is top grade.Studies Yang jang’s sir can get a minimum of LuTiao son, took a “wife’s grace”, in order to have this political treatment and happy. Actually, formally put intellectuals as bourgeoisie is in 1957, visible political level division already come into fashion.When I was in junior from cultural revolution is not far away. And studies Yang jang’s like Mr, is that year, I muddleheaded was elected, celebration of National Day parade, that is composed by female teenagers of safflower square. This means that can accept standing in the national leaders on tiananmen side inspection.Speaking of decades ago this young square formation, then quite famous. About thousands of girls, dressed in white shirts red skirt, white socks, black color cloth shoes, holding the red wreaths, listed into the square formation, according to strict review procedures from the tiananmen gate walking under. The famous, but also because of the trail behind by thousands of boys composed of doves square formation, they wore a white shirt, blue trousers and white socks and shoes, holding use a handkerchief to pack the pigeons.When a young phalanx, walked into the tiananmen gate, girls and boys wreath, according to the rhythm waving handkerchiefs open, thousands of will instantly take-off, touches pigeons blue sky.Each year the National Day ceremony, safflower and doves become dazzing one scene. This cultural revolution began to ending.Remember that year in September, daytime classes, extracurricular attend rehearsal, without a little tired. Heart is uneasy, always secretly hope rain day, don’t, don’t windy, not fall ill, don’t… ..That day is finally here. Is really no wind of rain, I am also very HuanShi. Days just bright, we came to tiananmen square, where people mountain people sea, east is waiting for the inspection of all parties team. Memory like waiting for a long time,Later I understand while we waited, tiananmen square above must carry on a lot of things. Such as, fired cannons, national anthem, chairman MAO speech, etc.Finally, we got close to the tiananmen gate, according to the rules and began to shout “chairman MAO hurrah!” . When we walk also very neat, shouted also rhythm, garland waving fairly standard. But, to the jinshui bridge, towers on the upward can see person, we excited, her head to the tiananmen gate. Ambiguously see waved chairman MAO. Everybody almost leaping waving garland, cried “chairman MAO” throat, has been sent out voice. These all too imperceptibly, just numbly hopped and cried. Remember the teachers harsh voice shouted, “keep formation! Keep up with front! Do not stay!”Through the jinshui bridge, team and neatly, lead the south nan, gradually relaxed.The next year, the start of the cultural revolution. Since then said goodbye to the small dance with the wreath and fly to the sky white doves.For a decade, tiananmen review red guards eight, my hand is black stripes son, far less than that of Mr Studies Yang jang’s LuTiao son, again with tiananmen sidelined.LuTiao son of political level, while low, and a little bit of affinity color, black, it is simply not trust. How many years have passed, suffered the reproach of mostly forget, boundless decades ago, my red flower phalanx, inside of a bit detail, nowhere didn’t forget. Because that is in me at the age of 13, grace to my political trust, it is a kind of sweet gladness, how could you forget?

In green town reed Bates wan village

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Li (1608-1645), late Ming peasant uprising leader, formerly known as hongkey. The mansion with LiJiQian for TaiZu when. MiZhi LiJiQian village of demarcation shaanxi. Childhood to the landlord shepherds (say home very rich), has been used for yinchuan couriers. Two years (in) chongzhen kills ChuangWang after uprising, for GaoYingXiang of underlings strife, valiancy, ambition, slightly. Eight years XingYang conference, puts forward suited orientation, road 4 tapping war plan, by the approval, each princes, high popularity. The following GaoYingXiang sacrifice, he says ChuangWang. Eleven years in tongguan defeated, only rate LiuZongMin wait for more than 10 people concealed in shang sacrificing mountains and shandan border). The mountain comeback. 13 and in Brazil open the stomach mountain (abdomen a complex) are trapped, in 50 break into henan ride. Attila zhongyuan famines in serious, class contradictions extremely sharp. Li proposed “JunTian exemption fu” slogans such as by all the people’s welcome, distribute “towards ChuangWang, not pay taxes” song. The troops to millions, become the main force of a peasant war. Chongzhen sixteen years (four-year-old Louis xiv becomes) in xiangyang say the new king shun. In the same year, in henan (now face annihilation of Ming shaanxi governor thee), the main force SunChuanTing sub-location xian spin make track for. Next year, the month nisan, establish dashun regime, nianhao yongchang. Soon conquer Beijing, overthrow Ming dynasty. Due to the insurgents leaders made a victory when pride of mistakes, persecution WuSanGui families that force against WuSanGui take refuge in the manchu aristocrat, and joint army against rushing army. Li ChuangWang against loss, exit Beijing, rate army in henan, shaanxi fight. Yongchang two years (1645) in hubei TongShan jiugongshan inspects the terrain, li mysterious disappearance.Li killed TongShan county of hubei nine-palaces mountain in previous years at a national symposium on li that experts had been confirmed. But, the article analyzes how is dead, but has been controversial. Li Ming, the biography couldn’t understand its martyrdom after. The author thinks that li martyrdom after has the following six possibility:A, unable to sayUnable to himself, who also hang himself but dead. Based on the AJiGe to the imperial army commander the newspaper, the newspaper said: “… when its channeling, join with only twenty people, step jailer trapped for the villagers, and shall not take off, hence since YiSi.” But later that li battle-tested, resolute strength, no possibility of suicide. And AJiGe parlance, not seen, therefore authenticity very low.Second, die saidThe TongShan editing of the records in: “nine” gathered to kill a thief first YuXiaoYuan mouth “, The ChengShi genealogical records: “it was” suppression LiYan in cattle thieves rushed tracing ridge; under” No place explicitly pointed out that the process of nine “indeed killed li, but that killed LiYan. So LiYan and who exactly? LiYanHe li again, it might be what relation? They will be the same person?However, in turn MiZhi editing “” the yanan mansion volunteers” hometown of historical data, li li RuMing and found recorded name that many, but is no delay word.Three, incorrect deathMistakenly death accidentally to death. The qing dynasty wu weiye suijiang healing-wise JiLve, “said li rate: twenty to ride in nine-palaces mountain, he let men stay up the hill, oneself pay their respects YuanDi temple. Local villagers “doubt thought survive steal”, in YuanDi like when li bow down by the villagers behind with Dutch Cha wounded head, li promptly faint “cannot up”. Then the villagers watch, “broken its first” and die. The villagers found its ferret, it was found that the “JinYin”, square know kill wrong people, “big outrageous, from behind to run away.”Four, fight deathEmperor kangxi years his writing the drought book said: “by li rate 18 riding, TongShan had nine-palaces mountain”, mountaineer “smell thieves to strike, group of mountaineering, 18 ride beat stone.” Li man and mountaineer cheng nine “nine” struggle, cheng would-be opponent, be not li fell to the ground, and ride in cheng nine “body,” take out sword to kill.” But the knife was waltheof and permeability people mud, Temporary didn’t pull out. Just then, cheng nine “nephew jin mou, from behind to shovel slam li head, instantly and die.Five dragon pond, clip ChanYin saidViews: in 1981, hunan shimen clip dragon pond found a tomb, archeologists found MuZhuRen fengtian jade monk against monk rules, press common courtesy buried, and bury common again with local bury common different, finally through various material evidence that fengtian jade monks probably is li.But doubt very clear: in fengtian jade clip mountain tonsured history, fengtian jade monk and local officials contacts closely, and li “shanbei accent, forty more, a blind” appearance characteristics is quite obvious, it is easy to expose identity, which obviously with his identity some discrepant.Six, said li kindred withdrawing qingcheng (views) proposedIn green town reed Bates wan village LiWenSheng home found a copy fix YuKangXi three years (1664) “lee genealogies”. After study, it is concluded that the new conclusion, li, after defeat at its in disguise as monk take refuge in YuZhong qingcheng uncle li bin, and his old age short of help is living near the mountains, after death and big ditch was leading sideways. BaoZi

Yang torres large businessman.

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

In Chinese history of the richest 10 Daniel decent people exactly which several? According to the wealth absolute value index arrangement is as follows: the liu, ho-shen, SongZiWen, WuBingJian, DengTong, LiangJi, lv buwei, ShiChong, shen wansan, ceramic ZhuGong.A, liu Ming zhengde toward big eunuch:, the Asian Wall Street journal as world-class millionaire.Liu, shaanxi, this XingPing surname talk, at the age of six LiuShun adopted by the eunuch, after the clean body into the palace when eunuch, hence take liu. Filial piety Pope, made of death and will escape. After 燳, namely ZhuHou serve prince later MingWu Pope. He is good at random strain, deeply watched and trust. Prince, he succeeded after several advancement, climbed SiLi prison ZhangYin eunuch throne. When power devolves will entice sea addicted to the arrogant excessive is high, excuse yourself, when ZhuanShan palace says he is “made emperor, the sea for” sit emperor “. He was trapped in the upright officials, toward the dissident mostly by his persecution.Power concentrated stimulated his greed. Using his power, wanton corruption. He advised the sea provinces all lose matriculating ordered depots, from which corruption (large. He openly bribery bribe, carrying out using transactions. Pilgrimage to Beijing officials around, all offers bribes to him, is known as the “real”, move to silver 1000 liang, some as high as 5000 liang. Someone to bribery, have to borrow from matriculating plute, people called “jing debt”. Who officials promotion back to Beijing, got reporting on activities, give him gifts. In addition, he was sent to the local place cronies for its razor-nailed mercenary. According to the MingWu Pope records of records, liu “with HanFu, raging, ruler HuAn doubly-fed silver to more than 10 100002”. Good bribe-givers often, such as the governor louie has an official transport prosper, successively to its bribery tens of thousands of palm with silver, and with curtilage rose to official department holds.However, reports of liu jin’s greed take to the nation and the people brought infinite disaster. We Zhi 鐇 YuZhengDe king zhu took five years (in) April launched at 1510 rebellion. Due to the unpopular, the rebellion was soon broke out. Eunuch ZhangYong using the machine, to offer a decade-long sea revealed however, reports of liu jin’s status. Liu was arrested, from its home found gold and silver millions of two, and a false imperial, jade belt etc banned substance. The HuiShen, liu was sentenced to pieces. In August of the same year, liu FuZhu, ended its evil life.Liu said the bribes income closes for 33 million kg of gold, silver, and almost 805 million kg li scored Beijing seized chongzhen year national revenue only 20 million kg for silver, who don’t choose, is no justice.Second, ho-shen: qing qianlong when large corrupt officials and elected “Asian Wall Street journal world-class millionaire ranks.Ho-shen (1746 from May 28 – in 1799 on February 22nd, namely jiaqing emperor qianlong eleven years – the four years on 28), formerly known as good protect, word to NiuHu eloth, saito’s, manchuria are demodex. Red flag dimethyl Once concurrently professional FengYi etc loyal xiangyang male, became chief university, foremen world.and minister, JianGuan official department, native places, series, Richard thiet courtyard, the three library and wear of revenue, the academician courtyard palm courtyard bachelor of si ku quan shu President officer, brought bodyguard inside ministers, step for central positions, such as military hachmonite, the emperor prized extremely high rank, steward widely, part-time, power of the big, the qing dynasty rarely. He was the emperor in-laws, son FengShen YanDe mr.weng designated as the emperor’s favorite ten princess of Fu frontal. After being JiaQingHuangDi given death.Their deeds will no longer say, just say a word about, jiaqing property by property when 18 years of emperor qianlong shengshi equivalent to the national tax income, no wonder when proverbs say “ho-shen fall, jiaqing eat satisfied”. This person will choose!Third, SongZiWen: the Asian Wall Street journal as world-class millionaire.SongZiWen, during the period of the republic of politicians, diplomats, financiers. Guangdong province of hainan wenchang (today). 1925 RenGuoMin government finance minister. 1928-1930 autonomy through negotiations, will cause China to recover duties shall have the right to determine tariff rate and supervision of tax. In 1942 as national government foreign minister when it was signed with the United States secretary of state hull sino-us resist aggression mutual agreement, the negotiations with foreign countries in China back extraterritoriality. 1945 at the UN general assembly as the China chief representative in June to Moscow and Stalin talks, August sign china-soviet friendship treaty. In 1949 to Hong Kong, then moved to New York, USA. 1971 April pawn in San Francisco.SongZiWen finance minister said in R.O.C. during, rely on America’s JunYuan monopoly materials business, its wealth at that time had none. “Top 10” should take a seat.Four, WuBingJian: business name WuHao officer.WuBingJian (1769 – in 1843), alias WuDui yuan and native fujian. Qing dynasty guangdong 13 line jardine matheson ok-xing Lord. By with the British east India company smuggling opium newsletter immense wealth. 1834 has claimed that have assets of 26 million yuan (Monday) for 2600 100002, western scholars said her as “the world’s largest commercial wealth and a millionaire.” first days The qing government to in 1843 repay the nanjing treaty provisions of foreign debts, his 3 million yuan 100 million to assume alone. The same year in guangzhou, died.Five, DengTong: han emperor wen ChongChen.With the special relationship with Chinese emperor, monopoly when casting QianYe, wide open copper, rich enjoys. Scene emperor style-came, screw disfavor, are taken. Limited to fame, think selected all difficult.Six, LiangJi: WaiQi background in the eastern han dynasty high-ranking.LiangJi (? – 159 years), the word “zhuo, stability (now gansu JingChuan) people, is China WaiQi east han dynasty from high-ranking. Born tide, the patriarch GuangWuDi LiuXiu when helped establish eastern han han, the father of liang shang, have a younger sister, is han emperor shun queen. Yonghe reign (136 years) become henan Yin. Because of qualitative emperor LiangJi as “face to face, said,” the general defiant poison, which is what he has established another 15 years old huan emperor. Thereafter he more ZhuanShan palace, murder, and one of the great seal a door for hou liang officer. Han huan was close, emperor have paid more than 30 billion fortune. Once ranked in the Asian Wall Street journal selection of Chinese ultra-haves ranks, meant to be selected.Seven, lv buwei: in the warring states period, Yang torres large businessman.Lv buwei (BC – 292 years BC