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the mother gave him

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Back to the village on the next day, the green Lin mbt uk sale LiXiQuan came to parents grave. That day, the sky waving in the rain, LiXiQuan parents grave and long knelt can’t afford it. That year,  the names of the scene is still deeply written in mind, that year, LiXiQuan has been a big guy, by contrast, mother figure skinny a lot. Mother has been LiXiQuan to entrance, and will urges him, you must come back. Strong mother has no in front of LiXiQuan face tears, but when LiXiQuan around a mbt wingu bend in the mother’s line of sight in disappeared, he heard mother could bear crying hysterically.

“Mother, I come back, come back late.” In the mother’s tomb, LiXiQuan mumbling to himself.

In the KangZhanShi, xiang is very important. 1 ~ 5 periods of huangpu military academy of HuNaJi students graduated more than 2,000 people, most of them become the backbone of the anti-japanese forces, including Chinese expeditionary force generals about thirds HuNaJi. 8 years of resistance, about 2.1 million hunan people involved JiangChang, behind them, but also 2.1 million children returning mother cared about all day. How many, eventually flesh failed to meet?

No doubt, the home is a LiXiQuan every day in the tears of soaking journey. Since hearing the news, the hometown finding relatives to the frontier that moment, to stride in memorial cemetery and that communication, to face the comrades changsha railway station hundreds of citizen’s warmly welcome, and see and their related by blood relatives, and parents to his knees in the grave. But more sad, is once again leave.

Go home, why go? This is many people have asked me a question, these veteran in after I come back to China, why will return to Burma?

On returning Burma, LiXiQuan has for his parentsmbt habari answered this question. That day, he again to parents’s tomb bow slowly, kneel down, and, after that, he tears for parents said: “I am this several days, I’ll go back to see you come back after. My house there others, I also don’t want to go back.”

Later, for the 90 years old, how long after?

Home, whether in what place? Is this can make real BoZi dish small mountain village, or that is in the tropics of another country. Here was burned have their own parents, but there also have their own blood flow to your grandchildren.

On November 7, LiXiQuan again departure, still be home. This day, after rain comes sunshine. And the old man together, and a handful of departure hometown soil. This holds soil housed in an in a glass, press unusually CiShi. When I was very small family whenever someone out study or survival, elders always show the earth, and to inform, if different soil defy, can knead a little blunt water to drink, very efficacious. Now that I think about it, this is actually a very wulitou way, more perhaps just psychological comfort!

Except the tears, and say thank you. The old man, arrived in yunnan border will back to Burma, again the night before the one call those who helped him home. In goodbye the phone, I tell LiXiQuan later, no matter what the requirements, although put me, no matter what requirements. I always think, we are in debt.

Don’t thank, really need not, thank will only make us more guilty, thank will only make us more hasten entanglements. And the real thank, should be we give you, to you.

Originally, we can do it better.

LiXiQuan journey home, is a perfect love relay. From the media, discounted mbt shoes and at a net friend, to the official, to so many enthusiasts, all spontaneously participated the history of redemption for them.

but will lighten his

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

No matter how others to celebrambt emate the holiday, he must like ordinary day as sheep. Day after day, year after year. This pour good, a door, can not hear others laugh,  grief.

However, today he went, purposely left two big JieYang, this is male host early prepared under the feast with sacrifice. Wait until they have finished the week back, be about to use they entertain guest, and bring a gift) visiting relatives and friends.

Yes, pleasure is others, the pain is yourself. He, with infinite sadness mood reinstated.

Back this evening, cow rich heard a bad news, originally, and manasseh o force’s brother can diao batu back the only choice sheep, and behold midway turn, have to horseshoe ended in defeat. Brothers are young, last yearmbt ema they have no more to grab. This year is ready to go out, and behold has failed again. Two unconvinced. Of course, they home is not owe sheep, but who grab that only the fat sheep, headless adumbrative who could get lucky.

In the elderly, does not seem to matter things, but craps young heart a sense of loss. This let home festival heat slightly cooling. Night family sit together, brothers grabbed shovels big meat, ate and waved the arm next year, said must belong to oneself “mascot” rob back. Wang laoshan real were invited to dinner, he is low head, slightly smiling, silent for dinner. Batu er is an uneasy molecules, ran him a moment with grandpa moved wrist for a while, then than wrestling with his father, he also don’t pass cenwanglaoshan real, just took with him than directly. Wang laoshan real push however, have to be defeated by him intentionally, good to meet his careless honor heart. But he saw cenwanglaoshan real fun, just tease him playing for a long time, wang laoshan solid nor angered, always play with him after all, always regarded him play danced till. But in reality, play in cenwanglaoshan accompany the forehead touch on the ground, ceng off a piece of leather.

The next day ZuoMu to carry and give him a breakfast, he was holding a lamb.he breastfeeding, she stopped sai mbt wave d: “my brother’s such an old bold, see play can blow your head all stub.” A real hanhou cenwanglaoshan laughed: “nothing, nothing, the slightest ache, young man well, is love play.” “You’re a good intention.” She said. He laughed. She sat down and picked up a little lamb say: “you eat, I came to feed it.” Cows rich hurriedly say: “get your hands dirty, you go, I fed.” “The nomad’s daughter return afraid dirty hands, I also want to learn to feed the lambs?” She took his hand’s bottle learn what he fed up. He has some shyly exit door, squatted at the door quietly breakfast.

“Are you let’s hui?” ZuoMu to carry return overdo to ask.

“Oh… uh…”

“From you a face of muwen I could see you like we do. However, your beard is too long, the trim.”

“Oh… uh…”

“Ha ha, I said what how you will only oh ah well ah?” She turned and smiles, asked, smiling.

“Oh… hey hey… I am not too will talk. You don’t mind.”

“I see, you’re a heart is installing a lot of things. Just don’t light meaning to others said.”

“I… nor what matter, everyday put good sheep, is my greatest thing.” Cows rich intentionally airily said.

“You in mind than put ten thousand sheep thing.”

“Oh? Hey hey… you be quick to busy household chores, ZuoMu to carry you. Adults do not understand.”

“Who said I am not adult, I also grow up!” She blinked his long eyelash naughty ground say. Health plump and smooth-skinned burnish face flushed faint glow. Green girl peculiar bashful with naughty like spring warm sunshine, bright sunny!

“You still is very small, and my daughter as big…” Cows rich how also did not think in a fancy-free girl himself in front casual let the cat out of the bag. He hurried wu tight mouth, nervously stared at the ZuoMu to mention. Life experiences told him that h mbt sandals sale e must and all men keep the maximum distance, he won’t be back slander. She just smiled looked at him and said: “I would have to look out for, you’re a heart is installing event.” “ZuoMu to carry, I, I had a daughter, if she doesn’t get sick, also with you as big, but she has been ill. You must be available for my secret.” It seemed, he only for this girl and a more credible lie to reassure her suspicions. Although this lie sounds very cruel, cow rich with field name after regretted that he shouldn’t freely plait under such a Yin hi’s lies, but this most can powerfully demonstrating his present situation.

“Oh, she is so poor.” ZuoMu to carry finish eyes arousing the crystal tear. She gently turn. Cows rich heart poured into the one share sour, rather than for his own misfortune sad, rather than by this lily-white heart touched. Human life, no matter what nationality, both men and women, old and young, pure kind hearts are world is the most valuable, the most beautiful and the most lasting and sovereign treasure. If a human lose her, grass this is how helpless, the stars will how light, the sky can how gloomy, the earth and would be much blank!

ZhanFang he live at the

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

His life is such, every morning, most mbt shoes discountf the time by ZuoMu to carry sent him cheese, milk and graze of dry rations, she quietly put the food in the small  door softly, jerks. Eat simple early, he together with three shepherd herded his sheep to pasture, all day long he is in the pasture flocks in with spending. Heart of bitterness, he sometimes with sheep dogs and tell, they seem to know his, quietly listen to. Sometimes he to the blue sky and white clouds said, they more understand his difficulty, open largeness of mind to embrace him that tiny broken heart! Evening return, he CARES about good sheep, silently return to abode, dinner is sent to carry ZuoMu meat, KaoNang with milk, is very delicious food. Of course, it does not mean here have food to eat drink, he can happy-chappy, no, whenever see these, he think, now know what is home wife was difficult bowel up? His mouth is eating meat, thinking about children at home to drink soup eat chaff the crucifixion, many sweet flesh also vapid. After supper, sometimes male host will over with him to sit down for a minute, ask sheep “, also with his members good gossip. Somebody else say, he is often hear. Encounter sensitive, he just laughed said: “I don’t know li.” Actually, he was very afraid of the host to chat, the tongue cuts the throat! His speech is afraid carelessly recognized flaw. You never know, he has been doing afraid vibration. For his situation, only pretend just good. But after a few days, he again hoping someone will sit, listen to other people talk, and his heart will be carefree some. Not every day with sheep, dogs together, he thought he also have become their class? Country nights, seems more than hometown night long, hidden in the bottom of my heart those heavy worry, always mix his long sleep.

The flock is not severe physical work, is all day at the mountain is very boil. However, mbt winguit is suitable for cattle and wealth, HunFan, LanHuo refugees are not mistake. Give family put more than a year after the sheep, his body gradually restored, the withered and yellow hair hei liang, emaciated body strong. All of the scar had efface, skin smooth up slowly. Man peculiar robust knowing when also quietly back. He escaped from cows come home BaoZi, it is bent, low head of beggars. Imperceptible in, he had unintentionally straightened the compass, throws steps, raise head, Shouting to sheep of voice also become mighty loud. Until he reaction come over I shouldn’t “straightened compass” when be, just intentionally stooped. However, before the pains of life down his burden, on his breath. Right now he’s waist if trample fold the grass, with damage mitigation, slowly unbend. He was mean to bend it, and feel very uncomfortable. One day, he anointed the bushy beard and founder of face, he thought of a few years ago, for him to most in life she those days, virtuous capable, a wife to seize the children chatter, livestock prosperity, his heart eased exhibition. Life improvement, make him once laugh and be fat! Behold life mutations, soon, cold and hunger, beaten torture turned him into a handful of sticks. Now, through hard work, life and returned his strong body. Cambt stakan he know, he one satiate and cannot replace family are satisfied. Oh, dear, dear children, plum you? As a husband and father, his deep in my heart to chew and endless guilt and thoughts, but severe reality drove him to despair ah.

This year the festival began, o force, and manasseh batu’s got up very early, they want to ride to attend the annual wrestling and diao sheep game. Male host and grandpa is bathed change clothes, to the mosque church. The hostess with daughter-in-law, and little daughter shelumiel the lift, wear new, they also went to see the names of the sons of game. Home stay ZuoMu to carry a person, although home had already exploded sanzi, cooked Nang, but cheerfully ZuoMu to carry also made a fine pastry.

Whatever that a nation, festive atmosphere is always very strong. Besides, soon to the Spring Festival. “On every festive day”, see others with joy of appearance. Cows get rich by heart not doleful extremely. Watching them great pleasure to go out unto the feast, he walked into the domicile, fixed, two lines of clear tears if you fall…

He really wanted to weep aloud, he thought the family all go out unto the feast to, anyway nobody saw him difficult bowel. In his sobs, ZuoMu to carry knowing when holding the new do fine pastry, open a pair of beautiful eyes stood in the doorway, rich feel oneself very rude in cattle, he quickly drying, turned back tears. Behold ZuoMu to carry didn’t as usual go out the door down food, but slowly approached him, put the food in the fire and softly: “are you sick?” He shook his hdiscount mbt shoesead. “That you did to home?” She put towels handed him said. “No, no, I have no home. ZuoMu to carry, go unto the feast, just a weed blow into my eyes.” Cows rich said. “I give you see.” Good ZuoMu to carry said. “No, had come out.” Cows rich backward slid body said. “Today is a good day, you want to be a happy camper.” ZuoMu to carry to comfort him, just not safely exit. Oh, English ~! Although the body in exile to get such a good girl’s care, is the gift of fate. But for him, only live wood on, can not give yourself recruit trouble. Cows rich not long sighed the one breath.

BaoZi three years time

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Time flies, suddenly has fled the cow cow rich home .

Then he started down the reds traveled route along the side begging edge, ask brother NiuFaWang’s whereabouts. After a LiuPanShan, he changed direction, to MaGuJun in qinghai in the direction. Hembt salama thought there about brother news. Because he fled when all wounds, weakened kui, walking up shambling, such as an old man, wearing ragged clothes, with rickets back, unshaven. Per day walk 20 miles road, evening to the hay, or shabby cave footstool. Appear to others, he may be a person is childless serene helpless homeless.

Go for two months and sole ground thoroughly. Fortunately the heavens also gradually warmer, he had to wear sandals plait. Sometimes require no rice, encounter resembles the dried has to eat, encounter wild birds have to eat dead mice. The crops grow land, food has enriched. Gr mbt karibu een MaiMiaoEr pods son, green vegetables leaf are first-class good meal. Slowly, the crops seed, burn MaiSuiEr, burn cowpea, these things, he wouldn’t have often huaisu’s house, begging. Appear to others, he is a tramp, door-to-door begging is naturally. Can he superficially calmly, deep down, he felt crustily skin of head to punish once rice than back once poor farmers rope also uncomfortable. Sometimes he really wanted to go back home, let the country pulled him to submitting, squat in prison, perhaps return than the few stronger. No, if I can find out brother news, than anything important. Of course, all the way he also ask “political movement of wars, news is of course to his turf.

More than four months later, he arrived in qinghai. After a few months about, locals or don’t know, or daren’t tell him that MaGuJun disposal captive things. Alas, such as China, and found a big man is better than looking for a needle in a haystack all difficult. Plus he dare not to reveal their identity, cannot zhengda light tracing, so a few months about no results. See the weather was cold, this place in pastoral areas and sparsely populated, give priority to, different mainland, is begging for somebody else did not see. He is a dilemma of a herdsman home want to hire a shepherd mules. To survi mbt kisumu 2 ve, he pulled off the job. And renamed “cenwanglaoshan reality”.

The firm is a honesty cenwanglaoshan knot, except for very carefully about master sheep, he almost outside not say a word. Never ask what requirement, to master is a shoe break up not mountain, if the host does not see, he would not active say it. It seems that he is born “nomads”. Last winter, the ewes mass production, there are always a few lambs son will die because of various reasons, but this year has cenwanglaoshan real worry, lamb is surprisingly shun, all grow trappings, even the previous worry about not to live of those slink cade, he also everyday arms in patiently feed their babies milk, put them pulling live. As the saying goes: agriculture planer, animal husbandry catch meat, cadres grip written. For nomads are concerned, many worry about a lamb, is one point harvest. Master saw him so carefully, not only gave him a new suit of P mbt moto boot iAo leather pants, return him customized particularly new hat and shoes. He refuse however, have to accept. He put them all shipshape on the corner, host asked him why don’t wear, he said so new things, wearing the flock was a pity. Master said if he always wears so miserable, others thought they abuse him this honest? Listen to the words he frighten hurriedly pair of new clothes and shoes to wear in the body.

This is a three generations cohabit of harmonious family, home, and the oldest is over sixty summer pu open rapture (meaning for kindness) grandpa, men and women master forties. They have two boys and two girls, eldest son named tamar, o force (diamond), married soon. The second son named batu Bhopal, hero), just avoid colliosion more difficultly youth. Two daughters were called ZuoMu to carry (emerald) and shelumiel the rapture (auspicious). Sister ZuoMu to carry eighteen, sister shelumiel the mention sixteen. The family together cheers connect and laughter. Whenever cenwanglaoshan real night grazing back, always hear the two sisters were silver laughter. At this time, he was easy to dissemble heart, deeply troubled thoughts up their own his wife and daughter, if it weren’t for heaven disaster, they also with the family as family life fun! Always I think, the tears have from my face soundlessly converged in…

in a table is not decent

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

WangChunMai and horse stone, in this marriage MaWenGe will carry a pig leg into WangDaPing home, after WangDaPing jubilantly pendulum  catering please family and friends to come after, in MaWenGe satiatedmbt karibu from the bosom gingerly took out around two or three layers of rag that two thousand dollars in the MaWenGe, after PoYi for WangDaPing house, old and young, were hanged a new dress, again will WangChunMai from inside to outside from top to bottom wear new,mbt karibu after serious determined down.

In houjie, this is called engaged.

According to both sides in the engagement ceremony agreed, to death can regret.

It is in the banquet over people go to house empty dusk, WangChunMai hide oneself of that little room, put CaoGuiHua give her mention over two sets of new clothes and two pairs of new leather shoes in take out from the baggage, put them in her little bed. She looks at the two pairs of black women’s style odd high shoes with, smelling they send out the pungent imitationleather and strong glue mixing odour, watching them flashing false shiny, her honesty and sincerity fear, panic XinRuDaoJiao. How many times in others they wear on your feet in her eyes appeared ah, she has even in the heart of undue countless times imagine her eyes compact foot wear shoes will is a kind of what kind of feeling. More than 10 years, she has been have no chance to experience. This dream finally in mbt karibuher determines the married of that day of realization. NaZhenZi, to WangChunMai thick gasping for mbt shoes usabreath chest high one low violently ups and downs. Her hands were holding a shoes, grip tightly, as she let go they will become two untrusted bird, suddenly from her hand away. In houjie, only marriage can realize she wanted to wear a pair of shoes of such a little and little dream. She sipped live lips tightly, and with his teeth, and her heart began to HuLuLu surge up the tide, puzzling waves in her six abdominal viscera between surges, even the two haven’t mature small breasts, and is constantly outward collision.

So… If we can say so – she later all dreams can only rely on marriage that the only way to achieve? What is this logic ah, ideal and marriage between what inevitable connection? If there really any theorem can apply mechanically or formula, if it isn’t disclose the horse home PoYi brought this pair of new shoes, he quietly in the enterprise to do another horse small PoYi?

Her mouth upward toward a become warped, corner somewhere contemptuously, then glanced around, two glossy jashar shiny leather shoes thrown out.

In addition to marriage, besides horses in the straw, stone shouted, let every should not to the realm of galloping corner – houjie, she can count on WangChunMai again what!

the Chinese people sent

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

The Korean war in 1950. U.S. inchon after mbt ema landing quickly northward, fires burn to the yalu river edge. In order to guarantee the hard-earned fruits of victory, the divisions into toward operations.

In order to resist the need of connection, decided to shenyang – dandong: — — Pyongyang sinuiju symmetric cable carrier route to repair maintenance. The cable route is during the period of Japan artificial invade Korea and China construction, changeover and northeast China’s consistent, but lines of disrepair, 1951, north Korea to Pyongyang sinuiju of long distance underground cable is symmetrical beauty machine bombing destroyed. Telecommunications instructions, grandpa on behalf of the Chinese telecommunications with north Korea believe province (Korean ministry recursive consultation with: from the northeast to post and telecommunications) administration sent a long-distance cable repair team, to the front, with north Korea postal workers a, repair the ongoing war destruction of cables.

This line is Japanese legacy of communication route has a capacity of four, five quad, open 3 to 6 road carrier circuit, and was communication north Korea and China, main communication north-south trunk, but repair of this route is fraught with difficulties. First is no engineering material and engineering and technical personnel, at the moment I couldn’t. “The puppet” period, these telecommunications e mbt ema quipment and technical data and maintenance management are Japanese master, don’t let the Chinese by stealth. Grandpa was in the administration for several retained Japanese engineers, but they take lysias prevaricate attitude refused to the fore. Learned retained technician JiShouMin has this aspect material and participated in the work. Then immediately organize the QiangXiuDui, let JiShouMin as a faculty member class, edge for itwould edge learning, edge operation.

Followed by equipment ability is insufficient. Closing period, China is still cannot produce long-distance symmetric cable, also cannot make three road carrier machine. In order to the Korean battlefield needs, will only Japanese in northeast China along the former Soviet border embedded symmetric cable dug to north Korea for repairs in use. No carrier machine, using captured the kuomintang troops used CF1A 4 bus cable carrier machine support north Korea to use.

At that time, in the army’s volunteers and north Korea with the enemy has arrived at the “38th parallel”, but we have no air, bogey’s constantly bombing sinuiju to Pyongyang railway line and drivers. But long cable route exactly is along the track laying, therefore constantly being destroyed. In order to prevent enemy attacks. Teams often use a night to repair, but at night enemy aircraft is also very rampant, everywhere. Teams in order to cope with enemy flare to a lot of measures. As our army air power expands, the line along a lot of post and telecommunications itwould safety often can see me air force fleet in the air with the enemy aircraft equipped spectacle.

1952 February, I post finish to Pyongyang sinuiju itwould anually repair engineering, restored communication, mbt ema to ensure the frontline volunteers to toward my motherland communication with headquarters. Return of north Korea issued by recursive commands, provincial letter by letter QiangXiuDui granted me “recursive province labor model” title and MEDALS.

Since then, the business like the rainbow, new thirties of grandpa suddenly silent. After many years I just know, grandpa because “were jailed TeXian” problem. The indictment is: before liberation in the kuomintang post and telecommunications departments can do the operator, not “JunTong” is “; ZhongTong” LiaoShen battle when receiving the post office for security and confidentiality of shenyang makeshift meters in a home station with Chiang kai-shek became the “secret liaison tool. The more thought is disclosure grandpa’s just is together with him without stopping to close comrade-in-arms of, this is a by the reds wave crew background in the leading cadre. Although examined two years did not find any problem, but grandpa still very reluctantly left his favoured communications career. Afte mbt moto boot r grandpa in shenyang many units at the grass-roots level had stayed. Ordinarily, life met such a big thing, on who will depressed, but grandpa but didn’t mind, no compassion. Even in during the “cultural revolution” was “the rebel” by Concorde box on the ear dozen wore eardrum, he is non-envious. The old society tribulations joined the revolution of hardship and death trial, has made his experience that gives a kind of artistic conception, stick to the common view that is happening all, do the things they want to do. Just like that, it comes with the republic of disturbances came along. 11th, after the sixth plenary session in telecommunications, scrutinizing grandpa’s problems were solved, and returned to post and telecommunications team. Grandpa is 95 years old this year already, but many things still insist on yourself to do it. Shenyang home of tens of meters in the sitting room, almost full of oneself do aquarium, with the remote control control of colored lights to make all kinds of tropical fish five-color multicolored; He produced bonsai in shenyang game once got a medal.

Throughout life, it is my grandpa peaks and valleys. But he never depressed lost, more no bellyful of illnesses. Maybe he didn’t see the fame and fortune was badly, so can have a place waves and not jing state of mind, can calmly live each day, and conscientiously carry out every thing, can also draws people’s respect.

n dry.

economic and military blockade

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

On October 1, 1949, the founding of the People’s Republic. discounted mbt shoesThe victory of Chinese revolution, rocked the us-led invasion force. They leave no stone unturned to from the political, and destroy the Chinese revolution. Internationally, with beautiful SuJian cold war intensifies, reflected in communication field, it is QieMi and reverse QieMi struggle more intense.

In February 1950, MAO zedong rate Chinese government delegation visited Sue. At that time the sino-soviet communication between contact, MAO zedong on shortwave service trip to the Soviet union’s decision, domestic only a few top leaders know, but U.S. newspapers have publicly reported, Chiang kai-shek even appoint spy chief vladimiro hairy man fung formulated the subversion MAO zedong setout plan, along the railway of tianjin section even found spy embedded grenades. Chinese estimates, completely may be wireless code to be interpreted.

There’s a wireless knowledge will know that wireless telegraph is on short-wave pad hair to the sky, and through the ionosphere reflected by sending machine after receiving. Radio waves in space is a kind of resource shari mbt shuguli ng confidential coefficient is very low. Therefore the Chinese party delegation signed the treaty of mutual assistance china-soviet friendship alliance, while the Chinese delegation to follow-up post and telecommunications SuFang signed the agreement establishing telegraph telephone contact, decided to build Beijing to Moscow telecommunications line between direct cable, in order to adapt to the need of the sino-soviet associations between.

Beijing to Moscow international telecommunication lines between, the span more than 12,000 kilometers, was the world’s longest onshore wired lines. China from Beijing via shanhaiguan, jinzhou, shenyang, changchun, Harbin, qiqihar, hailaer to our border town of frontier, with the Soviet union manzhouli far east to communications lines through. China 2478 kilometers, the northeast area sword-boat (including China Eastern Inner Mongolia region) for 19 km. Engineering tasks is to communicate across two can be opened three road carrier of copper wire (3.5 and 2.9 mm diameter each pair), another according to domestic communication was needed to hang several wire and wire. On this line are left during the period GanXian, most of the liberation war, or destroyed by war, or by soil FeiDao destroyed. Northeast after liberation, although have paragraph repair recovery, but by opening long-distance carrier communication requirements need to be rebuilt. Therefor mbt shuguli e engineering tasks is most of the newly built or rebuilt rod should adjust the two lines, road and the layout. All are according to the telephone HouDeYuan design expert 88 type cross adjustment was doing cross intersection. In the international circuit will finish Harbin to our border town of adjustment between 2000 line a crossover engineering, as an international circuit spare line.

In order to complete the large scale project task, post and will declare it in 1950, the whole line of the national key project blotsky. Northeast post and telecommunications administration established by grandpa (deputy director SunJiShu) concurrently ZongDuiChang international route engineering corps. Supply changbai aggregates chapter, ChangSunShaoChi concurrently deputy ZongDuiChang bursary, are respectively responsible for equipment, financing. Engineers XieDing for technical total principals. The corps only 67 handle affairs personnel responsible for the examination and approval equipment engi mbt shuguli neering design and construction, equipment points in tuen mun expenses budget allocations, project scheduling etc. Personnel is very capable, work efficiency is very high, urgent matter not all night, drive, even great overtime working all night.

Shenyang, jinzhou, changchun, Harbin, qiqihar etc post and telecommunications administration are respectively established engineering brigade or directly by each team, vice director of the administration or part-time captain or directly under the administration of construction team captain, along with, were established nine teams, each team 30 to 50 people. Each administration from the post office or in section a lineman counties survivors consciousness, high technique good a lineman attend construction group, workers all to participate international routes engineering rong.

The corps established at the beginning of, for the whole project scale, along GanXian remaining original situation, and useable degree don’t touch bottom, also can’t find out a say clear from shanhai to manzhouli, especially the range of Inner Mongolia steppe period of surveillance gobi person have been to. As the ZongDuiChang grandpa QinLv engineering and technical personnel further along the route, check outthe gradual line and construction and points at tuen mun equipment conditions, the basic brought the project scale and paragraphs construction of difficulty. Then the clock rushed overall engineering design, equipment and engineering expense budget, equipment and transport points in tuen mun plan, make this a grand scale and difficult engineering is off to a good start.

In 1950, northeast China in early April post work conference and pointed out that, to build international routes is the overriding priority. The project was launched on May 1st, strive for the end of all fronts be. When countries in war wounds heal recovery period. Lack of funds, equipment scarcity, engineering and technical personnel are scarce, in a short time to finish so big project and difficulties. In the Soviet union experts connor cloth and telecommunications life. doubt ground to say: “such a short period of time, if you can finish so big project, I give you made!”

In the whole construction process, XianLuGong people really developped does not fear the difficulty, fear no sacrifice the revolutionary spirit. Administration team, changchun etc team in the finished shanhaiguan to shenyang between project, actually the copy of concentrating on the new qiqihar to manzhouli line. This period of lines GanXian remaining original, are completely new made stem wiring. Several teams separate from zar LanTun and yakeshi hailaer construction, the line through, the greater hinggan mountains and hulunboir grassland, not only large gobi complex terrain, climate anomalies, and desolate, wolves swarms, drinking too far away to cmbt moto gtxar only rely on luck. Construction personnel lived in tents or yurt, noon temperatures as high as gobi grassland more than 40 degrees Celsius, night is below 10 degrees Celsius. Workers wearing cotton-padded jacket, morning and evening walk up and down site three or four miles, Noon wearing ChanYi work also sweat a lot. Jiao ding insect bites, forest, everyday work twelve three hours, but nobody to complain.

Since November, is in the war to resist the nervous stage, to accelerate the progress of the projects, corps assemble several teams separate cast fix Harbin to qiqihar section. This paragraph of sal graph (in daqing oilfield area) is ShuiHaiOu at swamp seeper, pole year-round steeped in water. Appointed rod, wiring, do cross shall come down waist-deep water homework. Was not in the water homework protective outfits, beiguo November, frozen snow floats, workers have been beating ice cold water, red legs can’t hold out much longer, up a few drinks, minute to thaw out in front of the fire, warm water after the body after agai

except to implement relevant

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Jinan battle after the liberation war of liberation, th mbt karibu e party to victory successively cities receive issued instructions: future work on big cities of receiving work,  policies outside, also according to organization has a hand in, receive, orderly receive…

Jilin liberation, DongBeiJu established receiving in changchun, grandpa is JunGuanHui JunGuanHui post and telecommunications system JunDaiBiao. He leads a team arrived by “which gauges when Karen, when night falls in changchun, has not all liberation. The kuomintang army revolted forces have 60 to hand in prevention, and the people’s liberation army in succession to designated location accept reorganized. But local fighting still in progress, the gunfire continuously, stray bullet is everywhere disorderly there. Along the way, post and receiving team met administration line itwould comrades who, a group of armed combat atmosphere. Everyone in the battlefield meet, particularly friendly mutual dozen hello, excitedly regards.

Then ZhengDongGuo occupy the central bank building, not yet completely to lay down their arms, until the next day, receiving team did not enter the changchun telecommunication bureau. Changchun telecommunication bureau is the puppet northeast’s largest telecommunication bureau, period of Japanese for enlarging the need of war of aggression against China, is the capital. Telephone and telegra mbt amali h shebna construction bureau of technical equipment was in the northeast, and even China can say is first-rate, especially telephone large capacity is alarming. Grandpa said excitedly, according to this capacity, not expansion is enough also we use 30 years! (1980 the telephone usage to achieve the design capacity) but changchun was besieged period, telecommunication bureau except taiikie &walkie mechanical outdoor, most were the kuomintang troops occupied. Power room excrement ground, telegraph the basement of the building is being used as a military ammunition, even in indoor the aisle also are a body, in a room and by the kuomintang abandoned the injured more than 20 people. Because of the lack of understanding of the communist party, changchun telecommunication bureau within the worker most because there is no work idle outer, long-term don’t work. From the receiving circumstance looks, this is a urgently finishing chaos stall.

Then grandpa made a decision. He puts his name by SunXin changed back to the SunJiShu, Israeli forces in the name of the representative SunJiShu, summon northeast postal worker return to work. The army before my grandpa had done of international telecommunications services in telecommunications system has a certain reputation. You know SunJiShu represents the communist party receiving post and telecommunications, thought to northeast concerns little a lot, a lot of old worker in succession returned to work.

In order to quickly recover postal business administration armed itwould active undertake security work and timely send the telegraph building of ammunition and deal with the kuomintang wounded. When only local phone opening, but many for the kuomintang troops use. Grandpa led us to cleaning up, control the city telephone hub – control-cabinet, cut off all local call, adopt register one by one, each of the opening of the way, thoroughly mbt amali cleaned up the local call. In the same day receive changchun telecommunication bureau launched straight to Harbin of long distance telephone, ensure into field armies of the headquarters of the battle command.

In 1948 with the end of October, the liberation of shenyang, administration to grandpa immediately start receiving shenyang post office. Receiving the JunGuanHui in shenyang in shenyang liaoning hotels, director is Chen yun, deputy director of ZhangXueSi, grandpa as telecommunications is JunDaiBiao, concurrently shenyang system of telecommunication bureau chief.

Comrade Chen yun to post and work instructions are: “for political influence, to within 24 hours of shenyang city telephones opening all.” Grandpa and comrades, using a relatively complete telecommunication bureau telecom equipment and technical business management mechanisms are sound favorable conditions, in the open citywide local call, also got through the shenyang to Harbin of long distance telephone lines, the new shenyang mayor comrade ZhuJiWen attended the first with Harbin calls.

Shenyang liberation soon, administration by changchun moved to shenyang. In order to strengthen the administration and northeast each tube innings of internal contact, administration of the motc minister yur questions.please ancient great save, agreed by the responsible, grandpa in administration temporary set radio station. Due to then shenyang liberation soon, telecom departments holdovers many, and even many Japanese technical personnel, personnel composition is very complex. For the securidiscounted mbt shoesty and manageable, grandpa will be the us-made 450 watts transmitter temporary in their dormitory, in the post office by two own comrades take turns to check-in. At the same time will call two innings inventory of a 500 door automatic switches renovated into field armies to northeast three places specializing in special; In two innings for military cable telegraph communication Settings a confidentiality quote room; Assist the military three places for the soviets in shenyang defense command ZuoZhanShi installed interior lines and partial communication equipment, To the Soviet air force, a single carrier machine, do shenyanmbt shoes cheapestg to liaoyang between two airport security, and dedicated circuit accompanied Soviet union experts connor no life. BeiMan several big cities such as toured the telecommunication bureau.

some were the police car

Friday, February 25th, 2011

In some places, we often meet motorcadesmbt ema spectacle. The police car rang “tuk tuk tuk! Tuk tuk tuk!” Different from common car horn voice, then ring, so anxious, so bossy, so called upset moviegoers. People at the “tuk tuk tuk” quickly flash road on the road. Just this “tuk tuk tuk” people is enough to fear, and  loudspeaker also spread commanding, like untouchable voice: “jinks move! Pull over pull over!” The police car is to give who saying? Is mostly some officials. They in the police car draft tube its road, what red light green, burning with fire ass like running.

This scene often reminds me of the emperor, have real scene, I haven’t seen a lot on TV. But What officials where to go, there is always a sedan chair in front of knock gongs, sometimes they threaten to what, total frighten people the run. What’s this called? Call boost it or mbt wingu create any imaginary.

Do not know this “motorcades” and the “when emperor boost it or create any imaginary” have what distinction, but I am a see “motorcades” and immediately thinks “boost it or create any imaginary”.

Chinese officials are busy, is there are innumerable great things to do, how can so anxious? How even the light a few seconds of such time nor? Can talk nonsense or listen to nonsense, listen to lie time spare dozens of seconds? Can drink time spare dozens of seconds? Can you put in dwellings poker or in entertainment singing and dancing sauna time spare dozens of seconds? I have heard of a national leaders to make room for mbt rafiki gtxpeople’s story, isn’t some local officials than the national leaders also “different business needs”?

I also thought about “servant” and “master” problem. What is a public servant? National cadre call public servant. Public servant is stem what of? Is serving the people, is the people’s social. “Master” is what? Is sitting in a sedan chair carried told his servant, is people service object. Now some of the “servant” and the “master” are really confuse who is who ah. Sitting in car, vigorously that common people “jinks jinks”, how can you say that also don’t like public servant’s appearance.

I also thought about the traffic lights. How people ran a red light and buckles and imposed, “servant” showed how rushed? Who provides public servant can’t obey traffic rules! What’s this called? This call privileges?

Some officials ah, people respect you consciously, see you coming consciously get out of your way, “what is it? This is a friendly, is a kind of harmony. This is people to JiaoYuLu, kong same cadre’s attitude. You have to fight for the people the self-consciousness of the respect. How to win this respect? The only people handle affairs, the real body, close to the people heart close to the people, and not in dark membrane bearing the car afraid let people see, afraid let people stop your car WenShi. Motorcades that common jinks, pull over and what you are here to run away and disappear regardless, run away and disappear, there will only make people regard youmbt shoes usa as a high above the “master”, will only “won” people antipathy.

Of course, motorcades also don’t expel another kind of circumstance: bigger “servant” are not know or don’t want to do that, while the smaller “servant” best fawn on the top.

you must be good at something

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Recently on “operating their own mbt shoes discountstrengths can make life value-added” this sentence, think a lot. Yes, everyone has each person’s advantage, everyone has each person’s strengths, but also has its own inadequacy or weak, the person is in life, nothing but is living with, and want to make oneself losheng life better, , have their own foothold, survival book, only good at operating their own strengths, just can make life produces shuofang shuofang tired fruit, can cause the life value.

A person’s success in best secret is operating their own strengths. If a in his life, if station coordinate the wrong location, with his weaknesses and strengths to make a living is not the words, this person would in countless failures become frustrated and destruction, find themselves. “Rulers are director, inch somewhat shorter.” Good at finding and operating their own strengths, will write beautiful life chapters. Conversely, if you run your own shortcomings, it will make your life devaluation.

Of course, operating their own strengths will be life value, not inside short time accumulation canmbt shuguli gtx achieve, takes a long time to insist, to reach the shore of our ideal, after a long time quantity accumulation can realize a qualitative leap. So far, no BuJiKuiBu, Not accumulate small flow, without into jianghai. Riding a lake, cannot ten paces leap, NuMa ten rides, reactive in give up. -200 and forsake not fold; silk, Perseverance, inscriptions can be used. To succeed must strive constantly for self-improvement, for a firmly towards the goal of people, others will make way for him, or offer him opportunities; While to a faltering shilly-shally, others will rob ahead of him, will never give way. The so-called “divine-help person, self-help also”, “divine-help” is oneself for self-improvement, not a figment of fall off. Head decided pocket, eye decision wealth, choose to future, in change of survival, always strive to seize nature, success will find a way, don’t give me your excuses.

The earth’s silence bred the autumn harvest, the eagle’s mbt vizuri gtx silence will carry your voice like the strong impact, wintry day silence is to give a rosy spring. Have the archaism cloud: “the gentleman well-grounded thin hair”, no bit accumulation, no tireless work, which have a successful joy, which have a winner’s cheer.

With the great breadth of view to cope with life’s every gift, every loss, should have both a lofty sentiments pursue happiness and success, also should have the courage to accept pain and failure, Don’t because of a moment’s proud and complacent, also do not by his will just disappointed since falling his or her own way. Constantly narrow oneself to find some more living space.

Needless to say, can’t live without colourful multicoloured dream, but ultimately to fold the wings, to a common heart goes to stick into life’s pulse. Life someone will feel inequality, injustice; Have reaped sowing affectionate lady, then love grow is scorned, Give hope to get are disappointed… No matter what will seeded a fine mentality.

Life is a journey, whichever is a time period from the maturity of the journey, and I believe, the real mature, is never complained began. According to the instinctive quality according to the role to handle affairs, person, according to the feature localization. Always have mbt moto gtxa job for you, always have a show your talent platform, pinpoint the life long board, can live out the most wonderful himself.