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MingFang firecrackers moved

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Therefore, I at most of the time, I was happy. When people face to me this CaZi dreamily finger painting, when people call me this CaZi along with those broken b mbt kisumu 2ricks lousy watts together to dump, when dongdong new apartment house sprang up, when the original residents into the new, I am not for whether they can still remember me and painful, but will secretly blessed them. Anyway, this is also a copy of my credit? Especially the season-a railway Bridges airport highway ionization one port was finally completed navigation, and I’ll be those jubilant people like hmbt chapaappy. I think, they celebrate new project completion time, also must also in praise of my contribution.

But, I also know that not everyone love this CaZi. I made an appearance in some places, caused the endless. Take inventory. Have, have a lawsuit petitions, also have on the media network argue… So, also give myself leads to trouble. Sometimes, people in my body dozen last “x” word or in front add a “no”, so basically I just announced the death penalty. This is to say, the Gordian knot by replacing, flat and agile, just a moment’s shame. Fear is often see results. Year after year, I had to be alone hung on the wall, on the ground, stay not reach the stars boil the moon. Little also not be those passerby pointing fingers, ridicule disdain, if I was anything is wrong. Plus the waves of ruthless rain started in the snow, I rushed rinse not missing arm is little legs. So disfigure, return true not thoroughly flush neatly just good.

My pain much more than this. In some places, to each big project, and on nearby a little “harm” buildings are clear, even if they were new. At that moment, I this CaZi will be “clique” to fergie. Since then, these buildings will become ruins. In people’s blackguarded, I naturally becomes their victim. This wasn’t enough, sometimes because of using my sake, those who don’t know how many dynasty experienced historical monuments have been destroyed, I can only helplessly angry couldn’t do anything. The most terrible, that because of me, but the evolution of the storm or events. In some places, JiangCa people lawlessness, are demolished man resolute objection, that the emergence of the so-called struggle with death protest. Temporary contradiction upgrade, not fighting, is bleeding, the mbt kisumu 2 scene miserably. I want to hide, but could not walk without a myheart didn’t open!

How many years, who experienced so many ups and downs, and behold my merits are, who know me under the sun. Every think so far, angry with me also not dozen 1 come.

I cause! Now which city do not make achievements project, which region fujie urbanization big mbt shoes cheap tear open DaJian, the results were pushed me social contradictions of a two-decade-long, let me have words nowhere said havepainstakingly nowhere lawsuit.

I though is a verb, but I can dominate my actions? I’m just a being moved to move to the little autonomy verbs. What should tear open, which cannot be removed, why so demolition, who to dismantle and dismantling down how much, how, how compensation… These, how do I know!

Especially those hand is entitled to the rich people, if they want to in real estate sludge pot of gold, a party a planning, immediately have a hall “scientific” scheme, perhaps be still a advent liqun likang “morale project”. Of course, the role of the local government and big big. Suddenly, I this CaZi became them to bear the brunt of the pawns, give my brush brush where where.

I so say, you will understand. In my back, unseen hand of power struggle, interests and intricate in promoting human net. These, am I a CaZi can say the pure.

Already so, if the reason for my provoked evil, then please people understand me. All these wrong, is not this I should.

will put something into

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Today, I this CaZi sank into the mbt karibu opinion of vortex, comment in succession, mixed.

Yao ancient changjie pictophmetic, is just want to find a symbol, can segments or eliminate fell purpose clearly express is ok. Hence, the left and right of a handle attaching words, two next combination, I this word of life was born.

Inexorably, years the connotation of advancing with The Times, I change the ever-expanding. CaZi, in addition to the above two meanings outside, still added new content. Which, in some dialect, unexpectedly is rascal diddle property meaning. Vmbt kamba shoesisible, how to change, always with damage and destruction, scam so as to be partly to blame. So, also somebody said, you this CaZi is not daiyazhitang. Therefore, for thousands of years, I with tail between life, don’t show hill not roric, never provoke excessive gossip. But now different. The meaning of this no major “down” word, it ZhaoYan, so full of energy, I’m afraid that the broad masters have unexpected,

These years, in government’s files, in social media, I have never seen so much. Not only such, people still put me this CaZi brush everywhere. Have you noticed, in those so-called oldtown, external wall of the old buildings in the city appearance, ShiMao residual effect on the ruins, even some just completed before long the houses have also my figure. In some special place, a CaZi in broad daylight “a powerful and unconstrained style”, “golden independence”, almost no words I can and mines, or be juxtaposed, or group of words, it may be said scenery and fantastic.

In fact, I also have self-knowledge, put my locating here but is a symbol just. Perhaps I did not realize that your own importance. Ombt wavetherwise, write what those people would be so attentively? In order to give prominence to me, they juggle with beautification my red paint or black paint the CaZi besmear tracing the so big, so smart. Some are still in my body painting of the big circle, or behind added meets the eye exclamation mark, even I myself do feel confused, a little too publicity and dazzling. Therefore, many similar envy me, even a bit jealous.

Of course, I would see my people brings joy. Many people of my presence, especially those who exult shantytown, elihu ground.also specialized inhabitants. They can’t restrain excited mood to big CaZi said: “how many years, hoping you finally appeared”. They probably want to improve the housing wish really is too long, like when I’m in the walls of the station, they have hope. Therefore, I am proud, nor pride. Some people still say: “you really catch a good time. Otherwise, you which can have so much publicity chance!”

He is telling the truth. I could be so reusediscount mbt shoes, people always can see my brushstroke row, it’s once in a blue moon! I have removed, which have you build? Without those big tear open, how can you have so many new things appear?


tomb slackened management

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Recent media on see, qi bai mbt chapa gtxshi , reduced to dump, he thought of the problem: qi baishi belong to who?

Qi baishi first is to belong to his children and grandchildren, he left them veins, leaving them glory. These years, at an auction, sometimes can see posterity provide the works of qi baishi outbid, also take from time to time see old people, one of the sons of students’ works for sale, and obtain real gold and silver. But meanwhile, qi baishi tomb is more and more dilapidated, more and more humble, and his work repeatedly pat outbid forming sharp contrast.

Qi baishi is people’s artist. The old man its poor life base art peak, poor one ShengShu perso mbt chapa gtxnality monument, its poor life remains civilian is ecru, won extensive and sincerely admire. Although we cannot demand wind don’t throw plastic bags blow into the old man’s graveyard, cannot ask rain don’t take mud is aspersed into the old man’s graveyard, however, we hope that the people nearby at least can put the garbage into the trash, not defecate indiscriminately, make old cemetery, keep the due clean. Want to know, to others for human ancestors disrespectful is contemptible.

I’m surprised, qi baishi tomb just Beijing’s haidian district of units of cultural relics protection. Thus, we still can put forward to relevant departments “not as a” questioned. If established cultural relics departments of affliction, whether can improve the old man graveyard protect grade, finance department whether can improve protection funds, cultural department whether can increase management persmbt shoes ukonnel… If now graveyard, whether can be considered detrimental to management, choose another baodi heavy Ann. Want to know, when the old man died, leaving Beijing academy of hosting the calligraphy and painting of value in accordance with current market price plan, including a few can satisfy any demand.

Currently qi baishi graveyard management is concerned, whether public or private, many people are unworthy descendants. But, more prodigal, it is so some people: they some leverage his artistic expertise, with ink move color, modelled old man’s works, YiJiaChongZhen, seek profits, They smbt shoes cheapometimes use their own capital status, sharing of force, coax fry fakes, intense, snow add frost, They sometimes use their own academic articles published writings, capital, publishing, black is white, confusion black and white… So, many years Chinese cultural relics and high art market clinch a deal the chief, and in 2009, the world’s art market turnover in the first three seats of qi baishi, is “fake”, “false”, “pseudo clap academic” siege of gravity, which harm caused by the huge and long.

Of course, it might belong to, “qi baishi who” the question, apart from their children inevasible outside, other departments and professionals were won’t pay. However, this problem is not only about a person and its family, qi baishi art market is also about healthy or not, academic construction progress or not, the social order is normal or not, national civilized cool or not, the vast human spirit or not.

Therefore, the question we have to answer, which produces responsibility, we cannot

sun dongsheng the west

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Every between heaven and earth, all in all mbt kaributhings quietly follow destined to rule between. You can’t change easily, like the fell.

Have you noticed, wild field, gully of trees. Can in impoverished agains t grow, you can’t say his tough, but he cannot choose birth place, when oneself peep out full of hope to see the world, he is already present in such a barren, want to survive have to spell do his 32nd efforts, for in this world. A life of left trivial

Still this tree, some grown in between heaven and earth WeiWeiRan towering, let a person gasp in admiration of his underfoot tall and straight, actually otherwise, all the trees all have their own way of life, and is not to give people grow tall zhefengdangyu by people praised, but to withstand hurricane rainstorm wh0 not affected by decree, it is in order to survive, Some small, but grow near escape, not to clmbt kisumuose inclined out, but the earth, hand passers-by to protect themselves, is for the life enjoying waists.

But, in all things calm. Tree has height, but that dou xinxin weak survival and between heaven and earth. Not because of birth in the deep mountains wilderness without feeling dance, do not have because of long small thin and not meet the rain and song, not because of the warm spring rain was ombt shoes ukverjoyed, no for the winter frost, snow and cold and sadness bedeviling; To extend life written in trees, in every season, in every day, all infinite devotional, toward the earth bowed head towards the sky of gratitude and sing.

Men, and to have the tree’s character, don’t ask prev mbt shoes usaious incarnations of karma, only live here and willingly

and alternate miracle

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Life containing numerous variables, life is always sweet and bitter agglutinate, happiness and suffering coexist, smooth and setbacks crisscross, success and failure, reality conversion.

No one can live a verdict, adhere mbt shoes cheapestnce to with all the time in a stagnant stops. Maybe you can grasp the horizon of the cloud, for the successful complacency, but can’t deny that will be a sunny. Perhaps you are going for day and night trying to rush about life idiscounted mbt shoess ups and downs taste, for not being able to keep time forward rotation today applause, but you can’t deny sigh over sometimes entertain wild hope someday to wake up to heaven will drop down a “big pie” hit in his head.

Life’s transformation, the cosmic infinite, life’s short, I for the small, pain frustration and failure is simply the life of a small ornament, the thing turn star move for a period of little episode. In my opinion, the ups and downs of life, for example, it also talk about how important, it is important that we should have a single like sun like anacreontic mood, no matter how time change, time how change, stormy day also can always feel warmth.

Chun xia qiu dong, the four seasons rotation, each season can seize time of irregular change effort to show its own distinctive beauty, every minute every second as times changed experience with a different feelings. Why don’t we hold changeable for an instant of life, beauty, laugh at life. People should have their own pursuit, even short. Person should have survival value, even if is limited. Efforts will now, inmbt shoes usa the eyes of the one single minute. After all the gold of the candidates overnight on copper.

In life, there is bouncing glamour rotation infinite candle, have run of pride, day and night drinking has kept wandering lost, gains and loses the hand in the arm, or lost or if rotated heartily in time the release of all sincerity, appreciate, I believe there is a place of love, life is beautiful, have feeling pay place, customs is warm.

The time of life in the tunnel, the pendulum quick shuttle of ticking in countless times change still don’t change original intention, swim idle swinging. You find countless choice, a second… , may be successful, perhaps failure, however dream is at hand, it is oneself heaven and earth. No matter years how metempsychosis, tight ex-american pain and pleasure of success only fill memory in the corner. Only by seizing the life one variable, striving to victory.

Every time the rotation, there are numerous excellent, the meaning of life in discount mbt shoeshis moment. World various largeness of love, let prodigal son back tolerance, for opponent applause, then think about your tolerance for trifles and relatives in anger, because you high I low with colleagues, because many disputes think uneven with friends, heavy remorse likelihood angrily lashing himself like a whip narrow mind thought provoking.

Time keeps erosion, life on such land conversion. I think, no matter how life variables change, want to have made his heart become like stars as deep, like the sea, like can let, ability makes life becomes more meaningful.

Chinese embassy in mandalay

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Subsequently, several veterans with Burma is now in the name of thembt amali existence of anti-japanese expeditionary force to the consulate general petitions:

Huaxia great people, since Japanese invasions, early 1200s creatures of misery, the destruction, disturb, relatives displaced. In that GuoQiuGuHen occasion, Chinese people have a boiling passion, salty bosom his hearth of heart, with the Japanese aggressors break, enlisted gives zhule, in order to battle fought for the need of some FengDiao into simeon, support for China, is assurance allied expeditionary force in the battle of simeon, its JianGuChu, no words can book, how many mbt kisumu 2 sons and daughters of the Chinese elite, sprinkle their blood Buddhism world, abandon corpse, its YingLie foreign solemn and place, so that the Japanese aggressors discouraged, victory after the teacher of justice, PaiLing Japanese imperialism unconditional surrender, the victory of tdiscount mbt shoeshe ring from the world. Expeditionary force of merit once won the chairman MAO zedong, zhu DE commander-in-chief, premier zhou enlai and peng dehuai captain and praise, and Chiang kai-shek male etc academic praise affirmation, more allied government awarded MEDALS compliment, also take the world recognized. But victory date, namely is Chinese expeditionary force ice away cloud was forgotten, on the top of the relevant aspects flawless, outside dividing partial home care, most cannot be funny, and retention overseas, by man can struggle to survive. Turn over the past half century, has long been forgotten, but still save people of insight, the parties under the support, build tablet set temple, make sacrifices in overseas ZhongHun YiBo, somewhat conversion, ever zhao later ages. Now is still alive anti-japanese expeditionary force, has been more than eighty, old, sick when there is no vision of flourishing, more can’t since about the ref feat, only let later generations to review, let history to testify. But in order not to let his hearth sprinkle their blood overseas river yue hero children been forgotten, therefore I etc initiates petition, heartfelt Kilimanjaro motherland the authorities, gives admit posthumously expeditionary force of historical facts and merit, showed (but a paper praise, as the anti-japanese memorial just), consoles Chinese children sprinkle their blood exotic heroic facts.

Veterans petitions got an highly valued. Because often deal with veterans, Chinese embassies personnel are very understanding veterans real situations. Chinese embassy in mandalay consulate general consul ZhangJianXing said, to Chinese expeditionary force veterans issue combt chapa gtxmmemorative medallion nbsp132, they would have to have idea to 2005 the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War is approaching, they apply to central, and soon got approval. Later learned that, including China federation of returned overseas Chinese vice chairman LiZuPei etc are therefore some officials took a lot painstaking care.

force of historical facts and merit

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

29. Heartfelt Kilimanjaro motherland the authorities, gives admit mbt shoes cheapposthumously expeditionary If not war, merchant scales feel, in their domestic affirmation is a respected experts and professors.

In 1941, are shandong first normal reading, and the school teacher scale merchant and other male classmate together, QiBiCongRong, walk to resisting Japan and saving the road. More than half a century later recall those days, merchant scales feel very is discounted mbt shoes childish, “then we put the luggage all on the school uniform custody, said after battle again after come back to take the baggage, who also can know, would never go back.”

Merchant in the scale SongZiWen belongs to the central ShuiJing regiment. December 1941, ShuiJing regiment adapted to new 38 division, SunLiRen any major general teachers, merchant was the ShiBu tankers scale. This one personal army, after two years of training after the national revolutionary army, become one of the most troops. In 1942, merchant scale as the forces into simeon, attended RenAn qiang victory. This battle, new 38 division of 113 regiment, with seven times in my enemy guild wars factions day and night, finally complete the trapped 7000 britons task.

After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, merchant scale left Burma, and in 1950 and Burma dai’s a girl married, then entered into a professor of Chinese language and culture school physical and chemical, Chinese language and culture school was nationalization, merchant scale after again to the rise of the Chinese taoist-confu-cianist school professor, until 80 years old retire, before and after 40 years of teaching, at present monthly 33,000 yuan simeon currency (about 200 yuan) pension. Merchant scales with five children, are graduated from university.

“You say that in China, like me, when they had normal resistance and taught 40 years book, and cheap to become so?” Merchant scales, said his own history can be divided into two parts, one is left school gun hit Japan, 2 it is to drop the gun picked mbt gotiup a piece of chalk in foreign professor Chinese.

“I rightness get our motherland.” Merchant scale said. “the President Kennedy once said, don’t ask you what country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. I do for your country of these two things, I think, I rightness get our motherland.”

Say to rise, merchant scale impromptu plait song for us to hear: “I have no dozen over the communist party, see have never seen; I still overseas Chinese, no into Burma cadastral…”

In an interview, merchant scale purposely put on a white don’t with two commemorative medallion coat. Two commemorative medallion, a medal for 2005 was the 60th anniversary of the victory of war by the party central committee and the state council and the CMC jointly issued, Another detonator is guangxi a caring veterans nongovernmental organization issued.

Before a diameter of 50mm commemorative medallion with symbolic, positive casting under the leadership of Chinese communist party unity among the revolutionary people of 5 stars, symbols, human peaceful the dove and the olive branch, and revolutionary interest of yenan forever, and military force resistance of the fighting. This commemorative medallion written on the caption, “this commemorative medallion is by the CPC central committee general secretary and state President and central military commission chairman comrade hu jintao inscribed chapter name, awarded to attended of Anti-Japanese War veteran comrades.”

Say to this commemorative by the CPC central committee and the state council and the CMC jointly issued the commemorative medallion, merchant scales were very excited, “China peremptory is already a superpower, because its development began to follow the natural law. Natural law is allowed multiple, allowing the butterfly swarms, also allows bees exists.”

Have foreign veterans can get this commemorative medallion, among them many stories.

Sep. 15, 2002, the Chinese embassy in mandalay system under the organization, 9 veteran group, and to return to yunnan segmented memorial cemetery for the comrades laid wreaths, returns to visit, is the name of a tourist, and delegation to the full name is myanmar overseas Chinese delegation, and did not appear Chinese expeditionary force the inscription, and returning veterans were organisers told, and shall not accept with the media, all low key behaviour.

At that time to participate in the organization of the event WangRongSen says, he began to find soldier said the incident, a lot of veterans are not willing to back, “although it is his motherland, but it is still the communist place.” After many work, finally 11 have veterans promised returns to visit, “in near before you leave, and two veterans because of the child’s opposition failed to make it.”

Myanmar overseas Chinese delegation to visit, dismissed the success of many expeditionary force heart doubts, some veterans therefore to Chinese embassy in mandalay consulate general puts forward, spent so much money on returns to visit, still be inferior to spend a few yuan RMB to give them a piece mbt pandaof proof, “just say we played Japan, for national done contribution will do.”

burden entrusted to his

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

HMM…” This hmbt vizuri gtxe doesn’t know to Yang mei spend how many times have refugees, the first time when he was cautiously to her aboard, Harsh life again drove him out stray before he with tears in her eyes again and again to her aboard, Right now he will die, only the unfinished tasks, the heaviest wife a person! How much he guilt, if he is a sinner words, he felt himself just relatives sinner! So many years, life persecuted him everywhere he fail to survive a father’s responsibility, more not fulfilling her husband’s responsibility! Dear wife, after the periodical rain after evil Wolf, tiger, the child before block one from “wooden bridge” pull up over mbt shuguli gtx ! The thought of these, he you’re hurting, completely broken sacrred! The flame of life has grown dim, he felt eyes is a hand unable to see the darkness!

“Plum flower… before dawn?”

“No, no jie still dark night!”

“Oh… you put some dolls to wake up, I want to give them settle a few words…” mbt stakaYang mei flower wipe tears to the next cave pushed awakes several doll. They all cold sucking qing 15-year-old nasal discharge, standing on the ground, cow rich eyes slowly over their cheeks, oh, although they are weak, but still grew up a bit.

“Come… to… da came to touch you…” Cows rich struggled to say.

“Quick to you reach came!” Yang mei spend the child forward pulled.

Cows in each child face rich kissed and sighed tone say: “baby… you remember… person this lifetime, sightseeing as long as can line, must dare not greed was, was much dreariness ah…” With these, a torrential coughed was choking him breathless!

“You will go to sleep, night also long?” Yang mei flowers make walked children, she knelt on the kang, give him back, good tapped a while he just slow lead to god.

“Are you asleep slow for a while.” “Let’s sleep…” “Well!” Yang mei spend just hugged him and her head bent, looking at his slowly shut eyes, in her arms fell asleep! Seems ever peaceful, never calm! Ever sweet! The dream also not hungry dog screaming, no evil tiger fierce Wolf! Where is this? Mother is warm tracks? He put down all the pain goodnight!

Emaciated Yang mei flowers, such as he clung to the holding of mbt stakachildren suffering from serious illness, she kissed his gloomy face, touching his pale hair, a mixture of tears… She patting his back, in mind silently million times pray and may god can bless dear people through this life and death through!

The next morning, because rich-peasant molecular cow rich cannot teach labor, waxberry flowers along with a few can took land reclamation projects dolls were herded into the big entrance shelter to dig fertilizer production. Until the evening, the youngest child crying came to Yang mei flowers to say: “mama, quick, I reach breath! My elder sister call you quickly go back!” Yang mei flower desperate to run back into the dark caves! Cows wealth has already gone.

Over the years, the state of reform and opening-up, wear on their heads of three decades of inhibitions – rich peasants hat picked. Now create a, the sons’ life though poor, but personal finally free. Yang mei flowers want these things said to burial place under the husband!

I didn’t give you said many times? Does your zha return heel find son even a play all sing a? Let’s family had dozens of pigs dog than day, now the son has a singing opera hobby, you must bless to sing. Before you I deceived by others to lift head, now son on stage but we carried the head to see him! Eva he reach, I today a give you settle, you must be available to hear my words miles…

still around found

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Yang mei flower heart after listen to defy spirit, she reached a question, tuck diveseethe attacks to seek son son hung his head, along while just put the scene said to her mother was. Yang mei flower after listen to sad to say: “you of all left for over twenty years, he is cause? Quick, packed incense tables, I want to go to you reach grave gave him to settle.” “Mom, grave just on, you don’t go away.” “I’ll give you reach me mbt ema , asked him not again with find, kui fake-out men are not drop what good end, he should reassuring…”

Wind blowing in the paper “basket” make 15-year-old, waxberry spend skill pressure from the paper, with a blow to relive the ox hair to face the graveyard of wealth to walk. This is a time for nearly two seemingly ramps, when she was young feet run down soon. Rich in cattle into the tombs of sleep in two or three years before, she often while night ran with him “speak”. Now don’t like before, age does not forgive people, walk slowly, road also seems a long JieEr than in the past, she from home to travel burial or it will take some time. On the road, her thoughts returned to distant twenty years ago.

Snow mbt kafala mountain is very thick, find any further in less than any food, even birds hungry I lost him again, refugees and frozen outer cattle rich and hungry, in those difficult times, all the people in the collective dining halls were demand for dinner. Who can give him the stray madman alms bite to eat? Some also hungry guy, see him very not easy to find a field from freezing cold withered potatoes, must carry spade rod he drove rob in their own hands. Carrying the whole body scar cattle rich not with first refugees as lucky, hungry, he was unable to find brother. Of course, he concluded that have already gone to flourish. Escape from cattle BaoZi after his house on planned to wound better after they can learn to do some cobbler or shoemaker blacksmith craft such work. Who knows exercise is very tight, to walk in the country such as the artisan, peddler by the legitimacy of the government cengcengbaguan. YanZha identity, to doubtful personnel should send the detention. Cows rich in order to escape from questioning, had to pretend. In order to can go home earlier, and this time he didn’t go far, but prospectlog in mount liupanshan under some remote small village stray. So can always hear local political movement wind.

In the late 1950s, 5th group of internal SuFan movement, the villages made teams and down to a large number of cadres and students. Soon again antis movement “serious”, all the “guy” were sent to detention. They become the then social and the main class struggle. Cows have family cannot go back to get rich, plus physically weak, once this seven feet tall, hemorrhagic man now only have suo a neck, bent in rags and cotton-padded jacket, hands on crutch, its interests, yi ah! Ca-caw to beg.

This one morning, cow rich very not easy hope until the morning, he dressed himself weaving bristly, on the snow trod a long string struggle pits, a refuge ravines, folks door still pressure solidly plastered over, in the village without a RenYingEr. Although this village canteen meals relatively better, but want to win out to eat is very difficult.

He remembered big field corner also some don’t clean the grain crops, so he passed slowly down and go. mbt shoes uk In his hand opens, thick snow snow-bank suddenly jump two wear big one sheepskin coat of folks.

“Stem what?” A loud asked.

“Well ah well!” Cows rich frighten quickly intimating, means he is looking for food.

“Hey hey, have you as a ChaoZi, it seems that you did not exceed, zha know this is a piece of food?” Another said.

“Go, unto the workgroup. Otherwise we this night in the Snow White slept, pull a thief let’s or a job.”

“Alas, I see calculate, this ChaoZi miserably, joab to deal mid-1960s-until meal leather string.” A said.

“Walk away, I was sad no thief come, just with a”. Another said.

“Ah uh-huh ah…” Cows rich flounder, stretching, but he was eventually a emollient and big pull into team production team working place.

“The honesty hand over to treat, are you doing? We would notice you, you aren’t spy is wanted, or is five kinds of molecular can not stand the detention of bitterness, ran out when much?”

Cows get rich, at this point, he didn’t nobody only in the home, was so hungry that day is too cold, seems to have my family was hot meals warm kang waiting for him.

“Hey hey, you don’t talk, that means you will talk, not a really dumb.” Not the kui be national cadre, IQ had contained regular, they use this reactive scheme design, rich like a cow the deluge lies child, his head hangs still don’t talk.

“Ha ha, you and a mute speaking, not for casting pearls before swine? Quick call him out, we good door ReHang on top in warm.” Working in another person, saw his suo shaking his head, even that strong send him to villagers somewhat disappointed, as the working group play this guy several feet just good.

“Think you don’t want to speak true identity, we had to put you close behind the pigsty, called you eat pig!” Said he rose up and pull.

“I said,” I said.” Cows rich quickly stand up.

He started up a few people are surprised liveddiscount mbt shoes, in fact that people just had him? This situation is complicated.


after the reform and

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The mid-eighties, opening of mbt chapa gtx China’s rapid development of economy. Literary began to recover in developed coastal areas, and avant-garde singers are like a tiger to karaoke with… In the home BaoZi area, life gradually okay villagers can’t restrain sincere joy, while they formed when DongXian spontaneous poses team and sang tendencies. NiuAnTian voice, captain door-to-door mobilization for several times, he finally joined the poses of team and sang protagonist.

“Pack by meditation in KaiFengFu, and a sound the bridegroom ye listen…”

“Pack adult, wrong…”

Suddenly do not know mbt fumbafrom where HanYuan from the sound frighten leng stage play of baogong involved NiuAnTian! At first, he thinks someone in stage deliberately disorderly platform, he is looking around stage next, black people are watching him singing opera? No one seems intentionally noise. He think that may be outside the wall which bad boy disorderly cry! He was just about to sing the second sentence, the ear again came many people also called “wrong” voice, he zheng big eyes, he immediately frighten “oh my!” 1, he saw stage on knowing when knelt several clothes lv Lan, unkempt, skinny, very poor man. He carefully discern the past, saw dim early has died father cow rich and with tears in her eyes kneeling in front! “Oh, boy!” He scared the blows of sleeves, covering his face black-and-white “yin-yang face” immediately became the hut scribble, when he again see those flexor crack-hemp, they have to myself gathered. “My mom!” NiuAnTian frighten yell to backstage run to…

See stage of baogong involved “oh, mama ah” disorderly shouted down to run, the audience not “ha ha” laughter, some small young whistles, some people said: “this is ZhuangNong han smelly poses, sing two sentences you forget the word.”

“Pack Mr.” ran, nasty stage “ye” bridegroom kicked straight stamp, seat backstage, “QinXiangLian” and its poses group in all don’t know mbt habari“how” monkey baogong involved ran over.

“Quick, set XiangAn! Flexor crack-hemp unbelievers come!” NiuAnTian was trembling attached to CunZhiShu ear said.

“Mama! This is a square god didn’t respect to ah-ya!” CunZhiShu exclaimed. Then offer up. XiangAn drama Seeing this, the audience’s attention and daiwan gathered. You don’t know what happened, but it is strange wonders.

“The beauty Zha case” also do not sing sing, the body is fitted.” Someone ask party.

“Quick, eliphelet, change to sing” margin “, put this chest a branch off!” Then the erhu and pull up, drum and fighting. The audience began to the theatre.

“I from future don’t act in an opera.” Wash face of Yin and Yang NiuAnTian said.

“Extensive field, is you suspect is too heavy, let us see how nothing.”

“Who don’t believe who draw a face of baogong involved see.”

NiuAnTian with a large group of poses to act in an opera, someone says he was eliminated, someone poses class family number 5’s lovely generation no oxen said an official, very not easy on groups of group with a holiday poses, still mbt habarican’t afford supporting the