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When enterprise is a full

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

In OuYangJiaHe story, old ouyang mbt kifundo boot family came to enterprise has eight hundred years.

enterprise underpopulated swamp grass, mosquitoes in the air round into innumerable huge round the sun’s strong light also can only through them to fall in the gaps between the wind oscillation of grass.

In the slice of mosquitoes and enterprise lush grass same place, ouyang family apart the progenitor of the pack raft went ashore. The endless river with their neighbour continue so far away. At that time they didn’t like three months before leaving the distant lane that has as, and neighborhood after embracing waved goodbye, the mbt shuguli gtx y just several loud exhaustion cell, in a hurry instead of all the ceremony.

In the initial with mosquitoes war time, ouyang family the strongest man throw away your life. Then they in the swamp and found no tigers, however a generally accepted the men who can overcome the tiger by mosquito ate, this is a how incredible things ha. A mosquito eat not to drop, two mosquito also eat not to drop, as thousands of mosquito surrounded came over, one than the tiger strong man without a sporting chance grasp. His body was eventually mosquito mouth suck became a with pack black bones. Therefore ouyang family had to from the start, attaches great importance to the mosquito’s strength. They tried hundreds of victory over the mosquito’s methods, finally they use wet grass rekindled the smoke over mosquito.

It is in them and mosquitoes war period, some of them invented the mosquito that let sleep become mysterious up stuff. Men of them over and over again to other men statement – across the mosquito net see woman bare bottom, with direct see not the same. Such discoveries in a long period of insecticide-treated bed nets treated areas have become QiaoHuo walk.

Ouyang family came to aboumbt shoes ukt the history, ouyang houjie family every generation were trying to detail and real aftertaste and writing, but for some reasons, ouyang family history hasn’t completely in this world appear. Generations can know and, frequently, disinformation to another generation is but a generation of oral transmission, or newcomers juicy news of hearsay. Later, ouyang family and many prosperous family as, forever life in a privately sadness – they’re obviously felt their past will disappear. Some old people gathered in the ancestral temple, family looked at the ancestors of the memorial tablet in bench-shape arrangement for stage apart from these memorial tablet, they are arranged in a family, pin-points traces of memory. Then an ancestral temple had been unable to accommodate their ancestors’ recall, their mind will in some idle season collide each other, even intertwined. So some memorial tablet is their most close to posterity please into the newly other one in the ancestral temple. In fact, a family branching occurs, it is that there is no way to avoid it, like a ancestress impossible to accommodate all patriarch mantle is same. It is also for this, relevant ouyang family history, is quietly hidden in the scale of varying the ancestral temple.

Because the mosquito’s sake, ouyang family came to enterprise build for the living hasn’t hide living cottage before, with the river mud ba in a higher than the water on the grounds of the runners up a huge tombs. The tombs of czerno-witz distance they ashore. The tombs master mantle, afterwards has been put in enterprise most eminent family ouyang ancestress position. Above that of the ink word, every twenty years die during a ceremony was paints anew once.

Later in many years, the first accepted ouyang family bones place, very long a period – almost one hundred years, has been ouyang family special cemetery.

Enterprise will be the fate of the beginning, how to start including ouyang fa discounted mbt shoes mily all people included who also don’t know. But when they are far away from the soggy street, down a surging river floated swings many day and night, after a morning, when they were tired of the bamboo raft was a wave clap, enterprise scattered along with ouyang family destiny is in a mosquito noise began.

In normal circumstances, the family of the secret, also buried in those called graveyard place.

However, enterprise gradually developed.

figure outside the happiness

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Happy online someone launched small testmbt uk sale: “do you think these five years the most beautiful female star is which?” Candidates have Lin qingxia, zhang manyu, cheung pak-chi and finally akbar hashemi rafsanjani, is gigi. Probably, appearance beautiful, of the family serene for her increase points many. But her happiness nor overnight, has been through, it turns steady. And the experience that some trouble reason, is probably: early. Too early or too late, probably all is happiness of obstacles.

Gigi to entering showbiz is early. In 1971, 17-year-old gigi by Hong Kong Catholic morality, graduating from high school graduation, ismeeting the Japan airlines in Hong Kong for the air miss, gigi to interview, smoothly. 1973, wireless held its first “miss Hong Kong” campaign, gigi by mother nominations, eventually obtaining a fourth, no into 3 armour of reason, is because “wear swimsuit answer emcee problem, make me feel nervous, emcee asked a I am not familiar with fashion problem, becambt uk saleuse of excessive tension of these factors, the time answer not good, I know this aspect marks many”, years later she said. But now it seems that final winner or her, that year, the champion was runner-up SunYongEn, let Judy, runners-up LiuHuiDe, but after all these years, there has been no one know who are they.

She didn’t worry move into show business, as usual back when the stewardess, but two years later in 1975, because the desire to live, add “wireless” settle send someone to lobby, so she began to entering showbiz, assistant director is in the heart, then talk on programs as host, and take the first youth play “braving the wind and waves,” in the role of a middle school student. Is this year on August 18, she and the doctor HuangHanWei marriage.

21 little wife and how much smaller than she deal husband, know not long, early get married, but found the marriage does not like what they think: “two individual character difference. I will then find, career mbt panda again how is useless, life if not happiness, what all had no idea to do. The whole person very hard, the heart also suffering.”

In 1982, she and HuangHanWei divorce, at this time, she has starred in YiTian dragon-slaying “written” and “chu” and the department of the famous “Shanghai beach”, is the most red female star, divorce and two children had custody of lawsuit, attempting to welcome, and finally she made two gain custody of the child. But tired, she almost into silence, 1982, no work was published, 1983, and only a with chow yun-fat costarred with film broadcast person “.

Fortunately, 1981, she and by pharmacists turn behavior actors in HuangJinShen filming “wireless” television series “the female HeiXia mulan” know, both sides had good feelings dark born, but this time, the two exchanges many zhao yazhi cautious only after more than three years in 1984, December 22 in the United States to get married. Someone said, she is doomed to marry a doctor, destined to marry is huang. Just, yellow doctors and yellow doctor between, also have days bndly don’t.

This marriage effect we’ve all seen, how happy, have many round, we through it last 20 years after that, through gigi continuous classic roles can watch out, “snow mountain fly fox”, “dramatized interpretation qianlong”, “the Beijing cloud” and that part of the new create miracle acclaimed lady legend “, all these twenty years marriage of the product.

Gigi will this happiness boils down to the role of reason, as a mother of two children and have a failed marriage of woman, her rational examination both rational examination marriage; character, Nearly 10 years than gigi big of HuangJinShen, is also a rational man, he is a pharmacist background, in the entertainment world also favor, also in 1996, formal qualifications obtained bachelor of law practice shingle become great lawyer before returning to the pharmaceutical industry. He did each work all have no correlation, but he had one after another luxuriant turned round, each turn all not uncover trace, probably due to the rational power. Two rational man, eventually obtaining happiness.

Because happiness, and so you did not faint water older, gigi said: “many mbt shoes usapeople feel in this circle 20 years of marriage is an incredible thing. But if life is really very happy, very stable, then you won’t feel the passing of time.”

So, do not be afraid of falling, afraid is the next in the same place where the fall, not afraid, it turns afraid is turning without following should materialise, afraid failure, afraid of is not benefited experience feelings, not afraid, afraid is no flood rational factors as constraint.

Gigi marriage illustrates this point.

dynasty launched the banner

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Zheng chenggong since childhood, mbt kifundo boot deeply are exposed to the army and to sea haixing path. He lifted up against the qing 16 years, although only accounted as xiamen island of kinmen, but complete mastery of the seas, ensure Marine dilemma freely. But no matter how nervous, never delay battle sea trade, concentration of a large number of personnel familiar with business with overseas business, and deep within the kingdoms LiuAnShe commercial outlets, widely accumulation fund, and exploit source and &political, import armor, weapons such as Chong cannon, sword, preparation and savings backup forces. The Dutchman at sea block the way plunder, often intercept zung and overseas Chinese merchant, zheng chenggong repeatedly sent owing to blow the Netherlands ship fleet, use wen WuWei two tapping method, forcing the Dutchman to stop the invasion local-trained and Chinese merchant. Many Chinese businessman simply get zheng FuLing CARDS and “country” bannermbt moto boot, as a surname ye overseas business talisman. These people absolutely, are also generous support ZhengGuJun. Zheng chenggong in recover Taiwan later, on the one hand, has ordered his troops for settlement, ensure BingXiang source; While continuing to expand overseas trade, increase Taiwan’s wealth accumulation. Therefore, qing dynasty government cannot from financial resources, its neck, &political stuck Taiwan and the penghu so long attack do not grab.

In addition, zheng chenggong implement protection of overseas Chinese policy, also opened up the savings of an important source of foreign powers. 1647 January, zheng chenggong KangQing, who fought southembt rafiki gtxast coast of China, has repeatedly help Ming room with unwilling favoureth families of the qing government public, sail over to Taiwan and southeast Asia to settle down. Spanish colonists in occupy the Philippines later, two mass killing predate the arrival of overseas Chinese and Chinese businessman, where more than 50,000 deaths, arouse the audacity of incomparable zheng chenggong. 1657 years, he sent a Java Batavia named armor will Dan’s overseas Chinese, order it to stop and corellon Philippine Spanish colonists to trade and puts forward rate soldiers attacking the Philippines, punish bullying of overseas Chinese Spanish people. Braganza at, zheng chenggong rock-hard Taiwan immediately after the dispatched a messenger to the Philippines to submit to the Spanish governor a letter, a condemned his killing plundering Chinese crimes, instruct its to repent, and bowed down to their tribute. Spanish is not fuel-efficient lamp, continue to do one’s own way, killing the Manila Chinese businessman. Zheng chenggong rushed to great anger, side pension resettlement from Philippines fled to the Chinese side planning, Taiwan and the Philippines lead fleet expedition sent someone to the Philippines secretly with Chinese contact, completes the LiYingWaiGe preparation. Unfortunately, he was son cheng some shit real things drew the hind legs, then become infected with malaria, soon died, leaving regrets. But driftage overseas Chinese people therefore all became the national hero firm’s followers, highly concerned about national, national safety, legacy rhyme and rhythm, yet endless miles.

Zheng chenggong simultaneously with an open mind absorb foreigners to own army, develop his naval combat power. By European settlers trafficked to southeast Asia area of black, many joined his fleet. There are some intimidated joined Spain, Portugal and Dutch army of African slaves, follow these settlers came to China, which also has many defected to traveled under zheng chenggong. These black residents hanhou honest, although unwillingness thinning, but be faithful, and combat brave, is good at manufacturing firearms, many are excellent Chong hand. They honored zheng chenggong army regardless of color equally, all by ShengShang, exploits decided iron heel settled ZhengGuJun, including a team composed of Negro 1,300,000 team, became zheng chenggong’s personal bodyguard. Recover Taiwan that meeting, and black soldier active QuanJiang some invade Taiwan lotus army, for Chinese recovered Taiwan have made a contribution.

Zheng chenggong ocean gaining acclamations and Marine counsel, let him in DE eridivisie corps, qing double-team throughout bottom spirit and dye-in-the-wood, no matter against the qing dynasty surgery or recover Taiwan is full of happiness, “maritime unbeaten” infinite vigor. The qing gombt habarivernment for the entire continent of financial and material resources and power, also helpless. In his son after the premature death, though cheng called “key”, has done some pull father the hind leg shit, royal soldier, royal will also wrongly. Yet he can still rely on but father laid sea strength, with the army moves a very long period of time, and forced the emperor kangxi big movement “moving boundary” counterspell, in which the shandong, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian and guangdong coastal zone manufacturing areas five provinces. Have historians exclamation, “zheng chenggong such as stick to the seaside, five provinces downfall, and not have this internally broken home of evil.” The author add a little exclamation: if the qing government can JingLve zheng chenggong summing up and absorbing the ocean of successful experience, and through its momentum out an offshore development way, China might not thereafter China.

But history cannot be assumptions, its predecessors written what kind is what kind.

temporary not focus on

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

In the eighteenth year of shun mbt tupuzhi (2002), the qing dynasty founding 1661 first emperor puzzling, died aged only kangxi reign of new 8 and actual hosted queen of the palace sourdrang again busy mediation amidst different viewpoints of political power struggle,  the far corner of warfare, fujian gave zheng chenggong a adjustment strategic direction opportunity. He in this year on March 23, leaving son cheng continue stationed gold, xiamen, oneself QinLv 25,000 soldiers points by hundreds of ship, Thailand, starting from kinmen makings after ChuDiBuYi came to Taiwan, penghu deer portals and hetian enterprise ocean near port, launchedmbt kamba from the Dutch hand recovered Taiwan great battle.

Zheng chenggong had followed is the father and the Dutch played some occasions, joint also have struggle. In early Ming dynasty apocalypse seven years (2002), 1627 ZhengGuJun there had been a platform with a standing army combat, suffered a Hollywood “red raghunathan r s”. Since then many time, as long as the Netherlands ship appeared in Chinese waters, mostly for zung group sails intercepted. This not only given zheng chenggong victory over the Dutch courage, also let its mastered the mutant brigade. He’s one of the most complex machine selection, Dutch seems impossible to land at a secluded place, the enemy flat-footed. Stay night comes, quietly close to the Dutch embassy in tabor among the shore fleet, instantly fire qi open, hit the Dutch warships “Hector maru”, burst instantly into flames foaming at the mouth. The enemy flurried of lee landing forces launched a surprise attack, QuanJian Dutch captain led Hollywood army and cut red inlay and heat expiation of Syria two castle touch. In the red army can’t Ying embed lotus feng, was holed up to its strongholds adherence to aid. Zheng chenggong continuous launch onslaught, forcing the Dutch flag hung the defenders to surrender. Then mbt rafiki gtx Abram five2set heat expiation city surrounded, halting “red yi” hometown to go back to Europe. The Dutch governor yu, and puts forward a letter zheng chenggong willing to send silver 10 100002, request lee leave Taiwan. Zheng chenggong tell this red feather son: “the land of China, Taiwan, long for your country which is today more than according to cable, it is to return to me.”

The Dutch east India company bring reinforcements from Batavia, except for more than 600 army soldier, 11 warship forces, but also for hot orchid covering city defenders brought a lot of munitions resupply, let yu a renewed surge of hope. It so happened that moored at the Dutch reinforcements axon palavidis by the storm, forced back to the penghu shelter, there’s also a warship unfortunate stranding, tranquilliser. Zheng chenggong best-ever attack at sea, sunk Dutch warships two ships, captured several ship reinforcements, forcing the Dutch reinforcements vessel fleet fled into Java. Lee in hot orchid covering the inhabitant cooperation, with artillery destroyed ChengTou fort, yu a forced to sign the document, rate of more than 500 down archers back to the Netherlands. Zheng chenggong this feat, with respect to its historical merit and profound sense, how to measure too. As killed in the Sian incident made immortal exploits the chang said: “great honour Ming did in the new sure that Taiwan into territory.”

Is worth discussing, zheng chenggong was onshore have strict qing government economic and military blockade, sea have Dutch army fish in troubled waters, actually rely on what the enemy of the stalemate with expansion, achieve the final reoccupy Taiwan victory? In 1998, the author in chun xia to attend a meeting of xiamen university, and the institute of Taiwan has several scholars to discuss the problem. Xiamen university scholar dug out a great amount of historical materials, originally mystery in zheng chenggong inherited is ZhengZhiLong business sea group father, constantly expanding maritime trade, accumulated abundant capital contend with Nemesis. JingLve ocean, although local-trained father-son time is not very long, but in the political, military and economic aspects successfully implementing a Marine strategy.

ZhengZhiLong “from childhood acquisition maritime,” youth follow uncle in Macao in maritime trade, have been to Manila, etc, in the business competition grew professionally. Uncle hence order the enclosed the overseas Chinese LiDan merchant, far go to Japan’s independent business, not years also became rich merchant shortly, pull up a dare with any sea power against the armed forces. ZhengZhiLong thereafter to their hometown quanzhou anping town for navigation and business base privately, and built a city, it is said that the sea may direct the proceeds of the bedroom, from the bed to jump ship namely diameter of the sea. He broke the official HaiJin directly and Portugal, Spain and the Dutchman establish trade relations. Japanese goods also by its direct shipment to countries such as Spain, Luzon resale. He often still carrying fleet of silk and porcelain, iron and other goods to Cambodia, Siam, accounted for city, and deliver toe, three buddhas qi, the Philippines, Jakarta, malacca etc. To trade, change to return sappanwood, pepper, ivory and XiJiao etc. Within a few years, become the Dutch east India company in Asia commercial trade greatest competition. In the meantime, he still use their cumulative power and financial resources, China and overseas kingdoms monopoly trade, foreign exchanges sea trafficking in guest goods are using zung banner, only a, each proceeds mbt shoes cheapcases into three daughter, annual revenues must plan, and consequently it’s got more money than god, Ming regime spending money entirely depended on zung family. ZhengZhiLong lamented: “three GuanXiang take it minister, I take sea, and without the sea, no home.”

against the qing dynasty

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The Dutch colonialists commandeer island of mbt vizuri gtx Taiwan, at the customs, kill into family nuerhachi, and with the southern launched the forces launched BaiRenZhan. Reportedly, the Dutchman had invaded help eight banners soldiers against the qing dynasty launched the campaign insist the zheng chenggong, was the emperor shunzhi transferred in one eye, had invited his visit to Beijing, and give some special care. Have British kinder ground say: occupy Taiwan’s Dutch for help qing blow ye “, “national surname name the term” rebellion “won the great qing empire of great affection, this is the great qing empire in the Dutchman than British people friendly one important reason. Whether this is true, zheng chenggong indeed had been in the army and lotus army luhai sides flanked, historical and therefore will China reoccupy Taiwan great mbt fumba opportunities to the national hero.

Zheng chenggong launched against the qing dynasty, had very good performance. Shunzhi sixteen years (1695), to solve the residual the mingyong calendar emperor, he took the advantages from the northern expedition amphibious force, 17 million by the Yangtze estuary upstream, successive conquer melon states, zhenjiang and wuhu bigui s nanjing. Etc. Have historical said, young shun zhi ye hear the news frighten a face is pale, temporary liushenwuzhu and cried out for up to return manchuria soft gold and silver. Or a reprimand angrily, “luang sourdrang how can discard fathers scraped earned jiangshan?” Make it suddenly waked come over. The first emperor of qing kingdom bitten to grind teeth, make the decision YuJia personal expedition, draw a sword will oneself sit dragon chair chopped down a leg, pointing -sky swore that hand shall not be destroyed zheng chenggong even emperor don’t want to be. The governor of nanjing central LangTingZuo liangjiang, also make a delaying tactic, release will surrender of news, but came secretly sent out of the city, and moved to help. Zheng chenggong deceived, not only lost until offensive situation, but also in the army reinforcements ambush, suffered heavy losses, compelled to return the original fujian bases.

Zheng chenggong this northern expedition, or a serious setback though shred the qing troops in southeast coastal spirit, shook the manchu ruling group in Beijing. Ming emperor therefore forever calendar for the WangTi conferring the zheng chenggong hereditary yenping king, and given surnamed zhu surname, became the “ye” kingdom. The qing government to become angry from embarrassment, increase the ZhengGuJun offensive, will desire driven and then quickly. As local Ming remnant is being dissolved, zheng chenggong under increasing pressure, and even his father ZhengZhiLong also carry not, ignoring the son, give the great qing empire against the JiangBiao. The emperor shunzhi eyes zheng chenggong isolated, QinLv eight banners sons, the apparent gruffness forced to xiamen, kinmen several islands, and use various besieged meansmbt rafiki gtx, attempt to ZhengGuJun trap dead, starve to death in isolated fujian sea.

In zheng chenggong was almost qing extrusion breathless, have given the Dutchman as a translation of HeTingBin from Taiwan to flee to xiamen, join in zheng chenggong charisma. He offered up a picture of a Taiwan map, ZhengGong of zheng chenggong said: “why not take Taiwan? Taiwan asked a great distance, spool h.a.crosby, horizontal rejects the sea, the ground should be kingdom, take its enough wealth to the ways of the sweet (refers to mbt kafala GaoShanZu compatriots, by red yi (refers to Dutch) every desire itself insults, long lasting, and neville faces, such as make wolves flooding the sheep.” Zheng chenggong listenned to this words shine at the moment, treadmills boarded the fort, xiamen eastern gulangyu standing in the convex into the ocean, boulder on coagulation eyebrow om distant Taiwan island. Have subordinates be hesitate: “red yi both cunning and agile, not easily overpower.” And subordinate remind: “abandon keep gold, xiamen, march Taiwan once defeat, namely no retreat yi.” Zheng chenggong resolutely disagreements, bold made from east refers to the Dutchman hand recovered Taiwan’s decision.

tentative sailing three

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The country in development ombt kifundo bootf maritime trade and colonization activities, never formbt kifundo bootgot far east China. Since the 16th century, the Dutch Barents began to explore the north to China and India’s route, once in the arctic ocean waters times, people later gave the slice of the Barents sea named. 1601 years, Dutch armed ships come to guangdong near the sea, and attempted to use force coerce local government concessions trade. Guangzhou local government jointly rebuffed, coastal garrison also very tight against, fail to let them achieve the purpose of ashore. The Dutchman bullying already downfallen Portuguese to Portuguese from macau, ousting JiuZhanQueChao. But now already in macau ensino root on the island, leading Chinese also kan buguan Dutch attitudinal, unaware she let them ashore. The Dutch man turns to fujian sea areas, local officials with big-money bribery, proposed loan penghu as trade base, was also zhangzhou rulers flatly rejected. “Sea coachman” first going to China’s “day”, but not the recruit the door and enter.

To MingGuangZong, don’t know why so preference when the ye delivered a carpenter, hobby see perhaps emperors also important in the palace, all wondered how to get to tables and chairs make more than 8.0 mechanic level, national affairs are aside all. Excuse LuanZheng, ChaoGang narses liu big bad, poor, poor countries EPiao everywhere sacrificial, common people rose up to make riot. 1622, the Dutch sticking to occupy the penghu, so this opportunity to monopolize the stronghold, trade, but also from some Chinese in coastal everywhere in also shang also stolen racket. Zheng chenggong’s father, and the name ZhengZhiLong cheng, namely is with the Netherlands official pirates, cooperative, one of mainly in charge of Taiwan strait for Dutch volleys round-trip Manila China merchant ships. At that time in penghu Dutch DE wei’s left such records: “TongShi cheng officer was sent to go north volleys captured some ships.”

In summer and in 1624, Dutch JiaBuZhu Chinese military and civilian, driven from the penghu retreated, metastasize to the southwest coast of Taiwan island, was to peep at GaoShanZu compatriots, we found that the club will block with swords in the sea. According to legend, the Dutch dared to easily get rough, eyebrows a wrinkly, play trick. They sent TongShi ashore do bargaining, hand still hold a few come loose silver, GaoShanZu had broken in front miserable said: “I’m honest businessman is from the Netherlands, because shipwrecked ships, damaged, forced to your. Now willing to bring silver, and request for piece cowhide grand-chatelet ashore feet.” Hanhou honesty of GaoShanZu compatriots, think that these “red hair guest” just wanted to buy piece cowhide repair leaking boat, thus relax vigilance and have made the deal. The Dutchman resilience will cowhide cut into a roots slender cords, with its circle good big piece of land, moved to stone lei out a city and also with Dutch named “hot orchid covering city”, lai here not to walk. Then again they get a piece of land with deception, and built a city and called chek other embedded city. This looks a little similar “Arabian nights” and the Dutchman aggression occupation of Taiwan, even covered with cheat, carrot and stick, should be set of facts.

Dutch people in Taiwan stand foot, immediately exposed colonialists appearance, around the ferocious looted and burned, search, and weaponry to suppress the island wealth of defiance ya-wun dares to compatriots. Some of them and worm Spaniard also clashed, each other d mbt kisumu 2 eclare war against each other, fights. The Dutchman opportunity will power range from Taiwan’s southern expanded to northern Taiwan keelung and freshwater area, and immediately occupied entire Taiwan. But at this time of daming emperor chongzhen, although also be a better person, but see mainland sanguo dynasty, manchuria early 1200s nasty KouGuan, already was impotent, can let Taiwan fall into the hands of the “red hair”.

At that time, the only person that can contain the Dutchman’s, but with some relationship ZhengZhiLong. The man is a complex era that complex characters. He is chartering, also be pirates, Both local government suppression of object, also local government and the Netherlands, Japan spoken middleman, His side with the Dutchman together, there were close to engage himself, but also has married a Japanese woman to be a wife. He used this ZuoYouFengYuan advantage, to cut off from sea, grabbing the maritime forces into the local government system, obtain necessary seas, effective combt habarintrol of the thing two the trade. Chongzhen twelve years (1639 years), Japan in dekang family governance under seclusion, withdraw from the east Asian seas competition. Dutch settlers also forced and zung family with trade agreement reached sea voyage to Japan, the Netherlands, provisions trade, subject to ZhengZhiLong mbt kimondo will the Chinese shipped to Taiwan, then transferred without the Dutchman, be able to Japanese sales. ZhengZhiLong these accumulate, give zheng chenggong hand from Holland later recovered Taiwan laid corporeal and military strength foundation.

Many of the past and in

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Azure moonlight, faint of night, still have ambt chapa sneaking sadness of I. Then remembered glittering and translucent snowflake landing, don’t know should happy or sad. our clinging person.

Childhood, brother, sister and I always will be because an apple, a irrelevant words wrangling, each other’s inner love but with them, love never leave us. Now but element does not have intercourse, seems to have no the exchanges of reason. For parents died, affection in became a thing I can’t digest luxuries. I am like a piece of grass, and go to be promoted over the chaos of the world. Family CARES and it has housed a tiredness, o.k. have slightly a breeze can hide countercurrent of sadness. This battle is me to Mr. Breeze only warmth. And some trial mood not easily slide.

Actually, should go, experience ups and downs exultation after mantra, what can not put? Put down, for everyone was difficult to do things, face once a section of the damage, cannot forget, how can I learned to put down. People because understand some sense, so would grow. I don’t know whether I understand, but I can’t let go.

In that an argument, brother, sister only escape the censure, I pay the price, face face scars bereave wife still strong, middle-aged and face LaoLei miles of strife but father, is I can’t forgive the original intention. For since the childhood protected brother speaking, obedient is his only choice, marriedmbt tenga mid before listening to father, got married after listen to a wife.

So let him in the face of his ZhangRen adult to the father against helpless, JiuZhanQueChao tragedy in his father’s performance. As for his father, and eventually does depression stranger unknown. So far, also ended his sister and brother contact me.

Mind is the kiss is depressing, too flustered mood, often because of this paragraph past abnormal messy and trivial. Peep my half, only fluttering affection.

If I say, the family is to accompany me along the way of sadness, aftertaste, or sad again aftertaste still is sad. You also don’t have surprised eyes. Those of the memory of the flower has waned in does not belong to it the withering season. As my eyes can only see things in my eyes. I myself know from already of sadness. Don’t want to go dispute, since fluttering in the world. Some early the withering flowers always left some desolate beauty, the attentive person from will distinguish which a star is my sad tears, which a star is the time of tears.

Wake up from grief, think people in helpless, always like taking the time to piece together, and then split reverse adjust, my time is spell out the sad that often loses a few drops of tears. After the dignified and regret. Think life is temporary, who can be satisfied from steady person walks others walker. Step a camp also need not complain.

Believe this lifetime fluttering affection, in smoothing the once pain of heartmbt moto boot, dilute once sad souls, will slowly precipitation down, will let me learn Thanksgiving.

Wait. Fluttering affection.

worthy of economic center

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

A few years ago, our party came to goteborg. mbt salamaIn Sweden people’s eyes, Stockholm is their political center, gothenburg is .

During the Swede, meet all relish about a called ge debao date of ships. After Sweden friend introduction, just knowing the ge debao date is Sweden and China of barter trade article 1 freighters. It is the host of the east India company in history, in Sweden for a long time.

One day, we were invited to tour of the “new east India company ‘ge debao date’ foundation. The foundation was founded in 1984, derives from more than 100 volunteers once important mining. That year, in Sweden western trade industry association, the support of the subjects conducted a probe, and the Marine archaeological sunken place ge debao date were excavated, salvage out many Chinese porcelain and sunken ships the things, which caused Swedish national and international attention. On October 1, 1992, “new east India company ‘gothenburg’ number foundation was established. Its task, one is to organize various ge debao date memorial activities; 2 it is to raise money to build ge debao date ship restoring ancient ways. The foundation in the world has held 30 times “18th century ge debao date wreck exhibition”. In 1992, Shanghai exhibition, once drew over 30,000 visitors from all over China.

The foundation is located in the seaside an abandoned the docks adjacent to a exhibition room and field two big department. Showrooms, is actually a ge debao date smaller museums. For a ship built a museum, I still met for the first time. Visible, the passing of time, and didn’t put the Swede to ge debao date memory pass. The museum, display a salvage of ships, and that from which country components to porcelains, tea, spices, such as silk residue. At the museum of a wall hanging a dressed in the qing dynasty, the Chinese official sashes photos. Swedish friends speak, the qing dynasty officials have with the east India company ships visited goteborg. To have this photo surviving, it is not easy, but also explains the official state of the elder brother of attention. We suspect, the officials may be the qing government was responsible for foreign trade and economic affairs minister or one. That year, he can across oceans to Scandinavia, visible, the qing government of Swedish trade attention, also explain the qing dynasty officials do not entirely closing.

In this “museum”, and to meet the country’s history first sino-us trade permit. The display of written documents, tell us, red in the trade between the long history. Early in the 18th century, some insight gothenburg started budgeting impetuously, China. At that time, China’s manual has a well-developed and Sweden was a poor farming country. Some advanced European countries already competitively to China southern port, and their profit and gain sweets. The Swede also unwilling to lag behind in goteborg, in 1731 founded the east India company, dedicated and our economic trade. Therefore, the Swedish king for east India company issued this permit. Whembt kamba shoess are two things, Spain is needed. Hence, the east India company ships loaded with Sweden of wood and metal products, the card TeJiaTe strait, across the north sea, the Atlantic ocean after the first stop directly south, add to Spain, port. Then take wood, metal products for Spain eight lille COINS, again into the Atlantic, around the cape of good hope, entered the Indian Ocean, in Indonesia port recuperation again after north China guangzhou port, change to return to their home country needs of silk and porcelain, tea and spices, etc.

At that time, from a come-and-go gothenburg to guangzhou navigation need two years. Although gothenburg already is one of Europe’s leading shipbuilding base, but still is made of wooden sailing boat. Each voyage. Journey far, trials and hardships and unpredictable, its risk cans be imagined. Although each voyage will devour group of young crew life, but the large amount of remuneration still can be obtained for they have great temptation. In exhibit. We saw a was one of the ship’s log with pastor left, he accurately recorded every dead crew name and the specific time.

Familiar with the history of markets, “said Mr. The east India company business to 1813, and diachronic 83 years, there have been 132 voyage came to China in guangdong. At that time, each ship’s goods value of the whole country is equivalent to Sweden budget. The east India company trade for Sweden brings fortune, but also promote the Swedish industrial start with the scientific research development, make Sweden in many fields leading position in the world. Then the king had put the princess of the skies named China’s palace, but also established guangzhou road, built the dragon boat hotel. At the time, the “Chinese” two characters in goteborg once brilliant.

So far, we found the Swede why give us attested to mention ge debao date reasons. Ge debao date of this country has made an enduring contribution. The advocation of their country’s national, ge debao date has a hard of give history feelings. No wonder, in many places the gothenburg displays salvage Chinese ceramics pieces. Even the governor Mr. Masson gave us a gift, also used fragmentary China ceramics ceramics refining boards.

Make the Swede unfortunately, in 1743, frombt raha shoesm China inbound ge debao date 3 boat loaded with goods is about to enter the port, suddenly near the harbour fortress struck the YiErFu fort sunk. Allegedly, more than 100 tons of Chinese porcelain pieces produced huge loud in goteborg, urban any one place could be heard.

From busy working field, came in foundation meeting room. In one vice-chairman told us that they are to 1 billion krone’s cost, build a ship hull, no matter from equipment and size with that same ge debao date sunken ship, with five new time to finish. They plan, the launch of a new ship will completely according to the 18th century around the cape of routes, to China on a business and the investigative sailing to grand memorial rui trade the passage of history.


honored as a commando commandos

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

In 1958, July, I with young mbt chapa gtxas strong attitude, honest, by large peak medicinal field ZongChang pumped to the “flying tigers”, . This is from 49 production team to pick out the chosen from ZongChang lubricious, pick dung to all teams, help three beet seedlings to upgrade. No 200 square meters, surface cesspit deep 3 meters, above is a pigsty, from 1955 BanChang, muck haven’t had. If LinLin dishes, usually at home in the production team pick dung alright, this is ZongChang pick up four sub-field dozens of production, the most distant is more than ten mile, to team also not finish the task, also must send excrement to field. Workers take care of me, I be bailed dung. A YaoZi more than 20 jins, several cubits long wood, and placed YaoZi pestles to hurled down to get thicker ladling up. Man is the popular wood on high mouth along the drag procrastinate on down, dished out later, always hanging cast up, 3 two hands forward Cupid mouth. Garnish FenTong. At the end of the day, the waist sour arm of pain, even take chopsticks anymore. The next day I attend pick dung. Because it is the shock brigade, with is full of custom-made installed more than 100 jins of VAT. I have been reading, from MeiTiao, even HuanJian or do not come, others get over her shoulders in a car pole change, and I must put FenTong down, again by another shoulder to pick. The first few bear alright body vigorously not the kui, to XiaBanTian, shoulders as a horse chew, rely on waist leg bone and support. Workers encourage me to say: “before twelve feet, three days shoulder aligning with four days.” Shall I bite the bullet passed first days of good, this is physical and the will of the contest, sweat and meat can spend. By shoulder redness and swelling, break the skin, numbness, like a robot, begin to walk through the total break away. The more, the more arduous task back thicker than pick, carry the heavy some rare, to finally down to go and pick up jie cesspit like mud dung, a pick have originally of two carry heavy, and distance farther and farther, the most distant one day can pick three pick. Near the end of the day, a long assault me from dung and carrying next shout to the office.

Field named generation Zhao, silver had smallpox, a face of lousy skin beans MaZi, after the joy needless to say, when angry also like laughing. He is a good man, GuRen, before liberation HanGua winter wear fire burned lime, live, liberation rolled over and, from militia into the land reform, again arrive field players. He have no culture, likes the reader, and always give us when workers treat, no local rich against bad. At the same time to call the office and three right, one is county association for science and technology cadres Kenneth a. sudduth, writes a good hand calligraphed, engraved plate the county-wide first, said wang steel “;” One is the cultural centers of creation, learned, can CaiYuanHeng cadres, a good brush calligraphy painting poets gathering, research of folk songs and drama, woven will guide festival, A is county in Chinese research group leader CengJianYe, bachelor degree, “million og had joined the army,” great is the east China sea fleet before demobilizing faculty, Chinese culture and history, and has profound skills; I calculate an author, eat too bitter, can work, don’t believe there are accomplished. People only four, strengths. Field leadership also to have complete, secretary of the party committee, vice field, youth corps committee secrmbt shoes cheapetary, general accounting are present. I’m a little wonder that few of us and what happened. Secretary first speech, said the field party committee research, has regu1ations approval, decided in the big top get a speciality training school, medicinal aspects of technical talents, and put the task given to us by four people. I feel a little suddenly, think carefully, again not suddenly, because generation field ordinary asked me is stem what of, also want to teach, know that I am in the wangs tent quietly teach kids literacy, and didn’t blame. Just running the great responsibility, our main task is to Labour transformation, eat tonic, eat not laxatives, again afraid students don’t listen to our school do well not sin sin? We four people looked at each other, but no one dare comment. Generation field like knowing how our minds, fervently guarantee said: “run schools and want you to several to teach, we party committee is after three transgressions of five times, but also decided after the research to the organization committee of your files to read, teaching reform, you also the big top the first ever middle school is big, do good credit. As for responsibility, don’t worry, I when the headmaster, as long as you work hard, what’s the reason I’m responsible for!” ZhiDeYouSheng, what say? On the spot to determine the school is the nature of part-time day and snow days when morning and evening classes, production big classes. Training target is medicinal primary technical personnel. Eductional systme three years, year funds, and the second part self-sufficiency works, the third year full self-sufficiency. Decide school set three classes, by the county unifies the recruitment of students two classes, oneself recruit a class. Old wang responsible school daily job, because he was right, than we these a few prachanda right to “right” too loose live a little. I is on duty director, teach mathematics, pipe production, meal, and the school to earn money.

In 1958, handle affairs is strictly, the next day, I like LiangShengBao buy rice that, to neighboring sichuan fengjie to recruit students. Then this party, was opened to traffic didn’t travel allowance, I fry a pocket bag millet take off. Hungry, chewed several pmbt moto bootut your bag millet, thirsty, drink a few holds spring water, At night, to back second friend slept in dirty and smelly, a dime a night of waste mountains store. From SanJiaoBa, vomit cheung, WuMa stone, zhu fish dam, guanyin ta-pa-ni etc. To recruit more than 30 students.

The rabbit is tentatively scheduled ZongChang schoolhouse room, this is a seven rooms with rocks dry build by laying bricks or stones three-sided house, front is wooden partition, each approximately 30 square, roof with thick bamboo, bamboo surface oil xin-er upstairs do teachers and students dormitories, lower the classroom. We and the worker puts rabbit cage away, repeated blunt scraping the ground, still can’t go to the stench. Fortunately several rightists do, old alley, with wang use FangSongTi wrote “enshi county big medicinal field specialty mountain high school” JiaoPai. In wooden partition, wrote “education for proletarian political service”, “combining education with productive labor” slogan. On either side of the door by XiaoCai made murals. Popular poems with paintings, he wrote poems is: “dashan covenant in JiuChongXiao, millennium bitter wine endured, pick stars when tunes, brew to pour.” dew around I write is: “we mountain is full of treasure, conveniently seized a grass, walk into town ask, 100 son eighty missed.” Whether word is poetry is the picture, then read in enshi county level is first-rate. This all ready, they had been to see backcourt leadership of praises, like haven’t met our several similar

I only occupies a large house

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

My elegant room is my bedroom.mbt vizuri gtx From his appearance without any special, a large house, into several small box, small box and are divided into bed,of a small box of a bed, HeYaZhi have?

I who get along with long things, there is always a difficult to forget the feelings. I’m in my elegant room have lived for more than a year, although already felt it cannot bring in summer, winter to keep my warm boiled water, when dirty, provide trouble for me to be quiet. But I know it’s feelings RiShenYiRi, now 1 have left.

Sometimes play basketball back, only remember things is turned on the computer to “alumni” receive food. As for bathing, all set aside. Stealing food is an art. As long as kung fu deep, every kind of food can steal it. Every seven o ‘clock will get up early, their friends all the “search” again and again down, there is always a great gains, watching their own “cash” increasing, it is a kind of “achievement”. But some of the dishes are not steal, because vegetables time and class conflicts and bad openly to skip class, then, to a class pulled foot ran to the bedroom. This, however, is not a good thing, every night! Jas room now steal food and the illegitimacy meet then ask: “you of dishes cooked?” Is there a hero appreciate feeling.

In the bedroom reading is my first hobby, each factions have deep understanding, browse, but after he left, so others, I seem to have the level also but dirty just. But the pleasure of reading is not easy, especially when it comes to the experience of the esoteric things, the more see more fascinating, until understand a good grasp of time, that joy is beyond description. Reading books and posture was also with different. See ZaShu optional and lie, tan chest Lou belly letter hand browses, curiously, deep undersmbt amalitanding, self-complacent, xi extremely and song, See classic, by making a cup of Chinese tea, sit staring, shaking, hand ZhuBi, circle of dots, transcribed extract and meticulously. But my desk without a few books, as he has no money, won’t buy, Secondly, buy books mostly become the ornament. But the book in the library, in hand circulation quickly, finish a few days, finish see just yet. I was a library regulars, besides science class library rarely involved, the rest of the book put words position I mostly knew by heart. Even sometimes borrow without access the computer, straightforward to enter an JieYueShi, intuition walk to a bookshelf, also can find.

The display of elegant room is not very exquisite, with “art” to describe it is the most appropriate. Because art are mostly panic, grotesque and elusive. We most of the time for the artist’s understanding, but is a group of unkempt appearance weirdo just. Sometimes elegant room one month don’t sweep the floor also some things, but seem very clean. Lodge tube in the bedroom when aunt to our scores comparison is proved. Temporarily greatly without computers, space seems to be big now with computers, space immediately narrow, day or so, and no wrong. My bed is number one bit, wall labeled a picture of yourself wrote “pour greed springs and become aware great, the place with Jude huan” sawasaki desiccation. If earnestly seek, still can find twos zhang entertainment or basketball star wallpaper. Dormitory beds is hanging on the wall, but to a summer, will not altitude deeply cold, on the contrary, some mosquito partial defying cold at night, like bombers in the air target fluttering and uncertain when I send a cruise missiie, or to a burst of electromagnetic interference. Mosquito-repellent incense at this time lost utility, mosquito also seem to learn modern advanced technological and cultural knowledge, evolved into senior mosquito, become clever. In order to prevent oneself “blood all die”, hence much money bought a mosquito net top. From then on, “administered anti-smoking activists”. This image bought a missile defense system, thought since then, can daydreaming soft pillow. But sometimes it can be a mosquito honked opportunity, literally find a hole and went inside drill. For example, the operating missile soldiers also have a nap time, she was in the middle of the missile blast, awake, bloody, very not pathetic. But this time also can not yelling, to the bedroom friends heard, it’s not disturbing pure dream? So in the dark with mosquitoes playing peek-a-boo, on one hand, on the one hand, the wind increased fan in the body, but seemed to embed quilt someone in the same bed fire, the quilt first is hot, then is wet, had to probe breathe fresh air, and stretching feet sends out the quilt of high temperature. However, that only trained mosq mbt wave shoes uito, already embattled, instantly attack, to a waiting for him. At that time, the two “radar” (ear) all failure, only hear its voice, disappear to its shape. As the higher animals, human, then allow dismemberment, a fish, WuHuAiZai! Then the only expectation is early dawn, then, the more you wish, days less bright. See next time, ShaLeYan from dawn also cry Trinidad yet.

Elegant room daytime mostly very quiet, night is different. By day peaceful monks temple, into a busy market temple fair, the people walking, noise is extraordinary. Have to pull people to play basketball, one don’t want to go, another half I push of say: “go to cough up.” You come to me to, I do not know how – closed the deal. Have called three calls four CARDS, that voice from his own bedroom repeated: “CARDS luo! To run of quick – doudizhu yo, hurry to play, SanQueYi ah.” Unknown to the people in the thought is selling stinky tofu man is here. Have quietly reading and “as ErDong southwest north wind”, “I” from kui, still can see deep “crack smirking. All curious enquiry, just knowing that see unexpectedly is a children’s comics. Also some inwardly collateral, nothing more than brokenhearted, thus, lonely, and so on. Also gathered horses to the KTV, sing the song of songs, it remains, the single song “, “the dead will love” people sing them. My elegant room, should be the most popular, because is located in liberal arts class, eat boys bedroom central passageway place, “commander” battleground. Because of this, so KouMenSheng criticism, but see you to go with me, with friends with friend, voices bubbled up.

Elegant room and I’m not alone, for my unique more not solitary place. My opinion jas appear to others may not not common. Since “how could entirely as desired”, so take a “guilt”. My heart