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ZhengTianXiang also be tsinghua university

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Wang guangmei of more than ten brothers and sisters, the first to participate in revolution is fourth brother WangGuangJie. Later renamed WangShiGuang, is film ever dies waves of the prototype of one of the hero.

In the 1930s, WangGuangJie first in Beijing university mathematics reading, after turn to tsinghua university electrical engineering department, learning radio professional. When yao jolin, ZhengTianXiang also be tsinghua university students, and WangGuangJie is familiar.

In 1935 December 12, Beijing outbreak of “nine” sports, WangGuangJie into it, and soon joined the party leaders of the Chinese national liberation vanguard, later became the communist party of China. After the war broke out, beiping subjugate, tsinghua university moved to southwest mainland, the WangGuangJie no with school transfer, but left in anti-japanese activities. In order to listen to the Soviet union “force a radio broadcast, the content of the anti-japanese down anti-japanese propaganda, WangGuangJie assemble at home radio and radio station. Wang guangmei also help him listen to accept copy. Later, the Chinese communist party in tianjin BeiFangJu need to establish a secret radio, alias YaoKeAn yao jolin find light jie, let he tried to assemble a radio transmitter, and prepare to receive secret radio. In order to cover work, as looking for a young woman who called WangLanFen, in the name of husband and wife and light jie in tianjin the British settlement rent, as a secret radio location. WangLanFen another name is wang xin, is the transfer of general, former jinzhou province governor of the female, WangDuan China northeast exile students, was a communist. Two people in the arduous struggle jointly established feelings, 1938, 12 menstruation, party organizations approved by the official marriage.

Garcialafuente become the light of beauty, have a period of time after sister-in-law, living in light of the house, with beautiful housewife, carry on the party’s identity screener underground work. She introduces wang guangmei known as beiping CuiYueLi comrades organized. And WangGuangJie later, in the revolutionary ranks continue engaging in military and telecommunication business. September 1946 1 party in hebei handan established official xinhua radio broadcast, to national convey the party’s voice. This radio equipment, is WangGuangJie and comrades-in-arms in was hard conditions QiPinBaCou make up. He therefore was awarded “bazant hero” title.

In 1948 WangGuangJie from shanxi-hebei-shandong-henan area base, to central report came xibaipo liberated areas of radio work. Wang guangmei see he needs to watch, he put his watch to him. Because wang guangmei is to learn physics, fourth brother to wang guangmei go with him up base areas stations. Wang guangmei wanted to mean to say now I can’t, I may be married, and put and liu shaoqi intercourse told him. He listened to the facial expression be very serious, say you don’t fancy, liu shaoqi, is our party’s leadership!

After liberation, light jie as electronics industry vice minister. He put the old revolutionary intellectuals and big two temperament perfectly combine, integrity, easy-going, sedate kind, in the electronics industry sainted. The “cultural revolution”, he was called “ZouZiPa”, “reactionary academic authority” and “bad”, add and wang guangmei relationship, examination and review, endless, finally in QinCheng prisons shut the last eight years. In prison he doing nothing, just write a book to bluff. In prison small scrip, he write full of numerous 700,000 lettering, fully nailed 39 Ben. After prison, his breath published 12 this radio and radar professional books, again show legend.

Jiang zemin as electronic industry minister, WangGuangJie considering his age has retreated, requirements, but jiang zemin consider his qualifications deep, the business is precise, and specially appointed deputy minister and entreated him and chief engineer. Later agreemaent founded, electronic ministry recommended him for the academician, WangGuangJie JianCi does not suffer, he said age, when academician no practical significance, and to show young people when.

WangGuang masterpiece of general also caring for uncle have add. In business occasions, to general office commensurate with respect to general was on pins and needles, but privately to life, from work to general help. Once he to general said: “your mama more and more like your grandmother!” Said the tears flowed copiously. He charged general: “you have to help me take care of her!” When he died, general is Tibet troops investigation, cannot return the jing, make since general BaoHen unceasingly.

English salon tew said the world

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

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Andy lau, ChenGuanTai GongHua port slice kung fu legend
2010 – June 1 10:05:09 sources: Beijing youth daily
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The first DaLeiTai “whole cantonese issue — –

By the famous actor LiangXiaoLong, starring ChenGuanTai etc, Andy lau LinGuDong produced, passing the kung fu movie yesterday DaLeiTai “comedy premiere. In addition to film the creator outside, famed director zhang guoli, ning hao is specially attended the DaLeiTai cheer together “. Film played the “make to flesh” propagate language, while in yesterday’s premiere, our actors are to the audience display on different levels of injury.

In the film, two big martial arts superstar Chen view LiangXiaoLong in taihe portrayed is TaiDiLuoBin disciple, master coma after two people care teacher 30 years, expect him to wake up. Two in the 1970s and 80s superstar in recent years are seldom mountain, young audience for their impressions of the limited “jinyi guard glaive assassins and” kung fu “the fire in the cloud ahriman. In the 1970s, one of the above three niche ChenGuanTai said: “two directors to find I said, ‘this play was written for you, but they are” shaw, like most old fans of true temperament, and promised to kung mountains.” “ChenZhen” LiangXiaoLong also say: “now the knight errant slice or kung, over-reliance on stunt, like the DaLeiTai” effects, then I don’t make to the meat of the metagame, give an old bones.”

As the film for both kung fu “Andy lau predecessors” natural more respect to add, he said: “I’m in” the warlords “plays the zhao two tigers, in LaoBan” stab the shao-films director of ChenGuanTai horse is played by the yellow longitudinal. Although Peter chan and shao-films expression theme is different, but filming “the warlords” before, I have seen shao-films version of “stab horse”, seen ChenGuanTai teacher after the show, I was suddenly know how two tigers zhao the role of ChenGuanTai each eye, there are, in fact, that kind of wild uninhibited personality an action one look is enough.” ChenGuanTai is laughing, says Andy lau than that ACTS well. That play the role of yellow longitudinal closer in Cardiff, zhao two tigers mang more like a general.

It is reported, the DaLeiTai “will be held on June 4th in the national distribution, and the first in the country to take all the cantonese olympiad. Exhibitors Andy lau and expediting LinGuDong special thanks to the boehner pictures in winter to the President of this decision. Andy lau, expressed as a salute to shaw kung fu movies, cantonese piece form can more accurately express the director’s idea, an actor’s performance also more natural and smooth, hope the audience can feel appeciate port slice charm. As the Andy lau this resolutely resist online piracy, Andy lau said: “genuine and piracy battle was like, ‘DaLeiTai’, so today see your full support, I believe the right side will surely win the final victory.”

days later will switch to colder

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Especially like the scenery partsi don’t willing to, YouCaiHua want where to look?
Clarity is cloudy heavens, slightly a little hot, saying is a bit dull in days, two days later will switch to colder.
Rape open, I come back, just just, flowers in the air, gas dilute not only stuffy with hot dissolve, days gray also wipe away, grave overburden grass in a year between YouCaiHua, this time I envy lies only in the green bosk submergence in huanghua under across a layer of spring soil. Farewell, who already had two ShangFen can also have thoughts, grandma would secretly hide in privately owned the ground, she said: when I die, you will smuggle me was buried in privately owned the ground it, you, your brother father rushed to dig a pit, uncle bury me, who all don’t let know, like this ratio what all good. Grandma afraid to burn.
Grandma gave burned, buried in the designated cemetery, then there will make a way, grandma moved back, according to her meaning, and was buried in the ground, privately owned fields of privately owned rapeseed, open one person’s much taller flowers, grandma would pick place, family ShangFen shimoji would also mean, grandma likes to have relatives in the side. Qingming day, it is said that ShangFen people back in the field, we follow the same on the next day is the mother saw I said qingming back he said: shall we say, waiting for you to come back again.
ShangFen is the YanXiao, kowtow, mother mumbling blessing deceased also qi qi strangers, before his rest is my grandpa. Grandpa burial day is the hottest weather, red towel draped over who carry the coffin neck to sweat soak off color, dyed in white shirt, a trumpet, fat woman dress down into the water like hippo like that. That day, the mother grief clansmen sorrow too false limbs and I lay all handles, whole person MuMuDe. Now all good come over, grandpa peremptory became a god, with prayer, we accept week Monday after he talking and laughing.
Paper money is in the green light, no not grass on the place, leaves in flames quickly fade to land in CuiBi lit, is really the best sacrifice, connect rebirth also don’t need to wait for the coming year.
YouCaiHua bosk up out a wisp of smoke boasts ShaoTou looms, spend a few black spots, it is to make the ritual relatives you, grave also can count, it’s my favourite. Wohin see rape tweeds. The question belongs to the city of snoop. In many places YouCaiHua also peremptory become scenery.
I come back, come back to see YouCaiHua, how see also no see a visitor, at most, who is only a micro-state mother they hardly see YouCaiHua YouCaiHua before them, nor a dummy, YouCaiHua not right out of their hand yao, a neighbor on the river bank cut down a tree roots as branches, carry on the shoulder, with the mother came through with greet, these fields is shirt-sleeve, also not only in today’s blossoming rape plants turn day, every day of the year so, it is proposed, just calculate fusion, the world is there suddenly produce confluence.
Here filled with people, also do not know a few lives, the beauty of rehabilitating blots out the CuiXie, hence, never nor scenery, which may not come for appreciator we enjoyed ourselves, and even a child never meet, wild birds, bees flying in the call.

relationship is often shown

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Among the whole network jianghu also have affectionately tender feeling, maybe high black moonlit night which the wind will received from network another terminal that get online in the middle of a woman or a Wolf notes “to make friends” mail, and casual emitted a flashing failure elder brother, mildew female QQ avatar, let you startled. In reality we make friends is a prudent, because real friend is to bear some responsibility and obligation, In the network because the person’s anonymity and interactivity, its individual in a relationship is often shown as ID, ID is usually called between each netizen. This online friend concept is broad, generalized, but it is the between polite appellative, and the reality of the concept of friend comparison, connotation and denotation is different, also not completely have special friends feelings, responsibility and obligation relation.

People make friends with a purpose, different people, such as different age, gender, qualifications, occupation, marital status, psychological, personality, culture and ethnic differences in background, its purpose of friends of the same nature is impossible. There is time, energy problem, we are in society, the humanities, the concept, a drastic change in the information times, people work, life rhythm are soon, time not only embodies its inherent space-time concept, but also reflect economic value, so special take time dating in many people seem to is a very luxury business.

Real friends are not day can pay, it is in a relatively long time work or life, in the same storm-tossed boat sharing weal and woe, because each other of adjacent sexual attraction, produce like with similar sex and complementary form closely. Of course, also have “love at first sight”, this extremely brief encounter with the subjectivity of the identity of a risk, but also lurk must undergo the test of the reality after. Friend is interpersonal pour need, also is the need of people respect, so the prodect has many friends of moving story between treating each other. Also is so, this beautiful touching interpersonal relationship may be easier to have been ill intentioned people use that defiled friends this vocabulary. And so, people can produce friends want discreet psychology.

Internet dating, the characteristic is fast, but the most existing between the sexes and make friends. Say of “loving” is a key to advice between two hearts can make the solitude of heart, also a junwu meet prevailed but human innumerable. Perhaps in the lonely night alone because of loneliness and are willing to silently facing this virtual space, to kill his own life and lonely, the in the mind yet secretly expect another person’s a salute, let him or her to accompany oneself silently walk, JuJu in lonely time has hands can hold to warm gets colder heart. Each other perhaps nothing but that was only lukewarm through the tip of the discourse makes complete two hearts gradually draws close, tapping out each other’s touched and warm, share each other’s passion and lingering, leave each other’s look and dependence. In blue clear days between the endless CARES and missing, just like “endless lovesickness blood drip thrown open red bean, don’t finish spring LiuChunHua full picture floor, sleep instability screens rain after sunset, forget new sorrow and old sorrow”, the net love like this, people began the germinal moved and because it touched and cyber love.

Spiritual demand is always infinite, the opposite sex net friend exchanges on marriage siege is undoubtedly a suffocation of care, so the network of boundless, virtual, ChaoYi, relaxed, ego, anonymous, stealth, interactive and instant, free from vulgarity characteristic just used to the nearly zero cost communication needs. The net love is the modern network space and electronic medium as the main communication method feelings the interaction process, outstanding performance for: romance sex, mysteriousness, openness, contingency, almost, irrational, yellowed love sex and sexual deviant aspects. String is the net love of life, such as the fish in the water, the characteristic of computer network indication the point-to-point, point-to-multipoint net’s love life period normally not too long.

In urban life, interpersonal is with a certain distance to protect themselves, because the reality we always has so many scruples. We really can’t well to grasp, and as we will back to strangers, abide by the side of or not speaking to strangers of psychological suggestion. We consider ourselves closed in the construction of concrete forest, among helpless and testily hide in the behind of door of guard against theft. After all, “exchange” is everyone’s natural desires, so we had to love and dreams of edge silently look to the right and stop for a long moment. We love network, alone in the lost and banish own soul divulges own heart, online maim be without scruple the say just anything, let the space to carry himself in reality is helpless, let some dream of that feelings of atrial watered dry. He put all his efforts to outline a picture of love, constructing creates heart blueprint dream homeland, diligently to guard the net love dream of every detail. Each other to caress this spirit are not meet lest destroy reunion feeling, because its meet disappointment is always remain a feeling and memories of good.

The net love of the spirit of love is a kind of satisfaction, such as qian zhongshu sir say: “since sino-italian this egg taste, why must see this only under the hen egg?” Originally love is including erotic love, affection and the responsibility and obligation, that love is the physiology, psychology and moral definition, but this “E generation affair of the net love has its own rules of the game, the real meaning of classic love is the spirit and the flesh separated. However, people’s ID although is digital, but person itself is vivid beings to, then who will merely content keyboard fingertips feelings? After all flesh is the net love from spirit towards the terminator.

In a touch flesh may not feel temperature unaware breathing most of the time, and see the nets industry eyes, love actually still leave? Once upon a time circles doing the rounds as such as “the first intimate contact” heart-breaking story, but actually do most of the net love not succeed, it is not the net love congenital defect, but because the net love of crowd there are a number of people are married clan. They play is heartbeat, no fool will be delighted to walk in another from a grave tomb of the unknown.

April 2006 “bronze mustache case accounted for door” event known as cold brother husband and wife quiet moon the disclosure of bronze mustache case accounted for online relationships caused a stir network, network moral torture Internet civilization of defects and nets

students each year college admission

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

17, 2010 China lushan international writer writing camp, China formally camp attracting vice secretary, lu xun of liberal arts dean zhang jian in group communication meeting, lu xun of liberal arts will be revealed with Hong Kong and Macao held together, and writers training and Taiwan region of cooperation is also discuss the midst.

Zhang jian points out, lu xun 100 students each year college admission, but requires entrance people far greater than this number. Each issue trainees are made by various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the PLA and the industry attracting federation (attracting) recommendation, through the strict screening, finally lu yuan by the Chinese one party, the secretariat for approval and determination.

According to information, training course setting, both politics thought theory, and creation seminar, Lecture teacher as Chinese attracting, qinghua university and famous writer, again have important state professor departments responsible; Classroom Settings both indoor and outdoor lesson, also have class.

China has been attracting and lu xun of liberal arts maintain and expand with the overseas Chinese writers association, conducted with Hong Kong writers will, Macao pen etc of Hong Kong and Macao literature communities visits activity, the 2010 China lushan international writer writing battalion were invited to Taiwan famous poet, prose writer ZhanChe, Taiwan “wen news editor-in-chief, President sealing DE screen, Hong Kong writers will executive President taoran etc people attended.

According to information, lu xun of liberal arts predecessor was established in October 1950 central institute of Chinese literature. In 1954, the central institute of Chinese literature was renamed the central literature assembly, ownership of Chinese writers association. In 1984, wen speak what was renamed lu xun of arts. In the new period of 20 years, a large number of young writer from lu xun of liberal arts on Chinese literary field, such as JiangZiLong, YeXin, ChenGuoKai, wang anyi, zhang kangkang, GaoHongBo, LiuZhaoLin, mo yan, yu hua, LiuZhenYun etc, lu xun of liberal arts also is becoming China worked in cultivating young writer’s base.

too keen lack of Chinese friends

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

China held each year, “Chinese bridge” contest, each term has have a lot of Japanese people attended, can be the best grades are often not Japanese.

Many Japanese participants give us the impressions are Chinese speak quite clear, with heavy accent. Caused by the reasons of this phenomenon is very complicated, many people think that Japanese students compare inside collect, not love to speak in public, interpersonal also not too keen, lack of Chinese friends, so much less the opportunity to practise, and language learning key lies in practice. Working in China, Japanese people are generally funded enterprise, although the senior subjectively have improving spoken English skills requirement, but with ordinary Chinese contacts, and Japanese enterprises few opportunities for many Chinese employees knows Japanese, plus the Japanese group character made it impossible for them to overcome his social barriers among Chinese people get immersed in spoken English not gao, became very normal phenomenon.

Japanese say bad authentic Chinese, is by no means they is hard to learn, not value language specification. Contrary, the Japanese universal humility, studious, attention language specification. The Japanese in learning aspect very inquisitive a, speech regulating especially attention, especially for they have no speech experience of language items more attention. They pay great attention to specific pronunciation essentials, such as hair Chinese unique voice elements, the tongue is in the correct position, oral specific shape. They hope to understand each key point, think through mastery of these key emits accurate speech. We consider that the language learning, diligent and value standard has positive role, especially on purpose for research learners is very helpful. However, too much emphasis on standard pronunciation, if by context influence resulting from the change the transnormal usage, it is difficult for them to accept, when voice into language flow has certain sound-altering, will give them caused difficulties.

Japanese say bad authentic Chinese, with them in the learning process are very dependent on collective, AiMianZi relevant. Japanese students in class like panel to complete the study task, like reading, like to discuss together, oneself have idea also must first get others only after the approval to publicly expressed. Japanese about collective overly dependent on May originate from eastern country strong family consciousness, habit, rely on the collective to reduce the risk of face. For language learning, rely on collective have certain benefits, because language must be in the interaction of language training needs mutual cooperation. But overly dependent on collective can also lead to learners’ subjective cannot get better play. Such as group together to achieve a task can reduce team members anxiety, but let teachers are unable to get on a team member detailed information, and thus could not be cleared teaching. AiMianZi Japanese students are afraid of being laughed at that wrong, must have very grasp to openly show, the more openly the more attention the opinions of others. But dare not actively speak, don’t want to speak in public, people can’t get around the feedback, it is hard to correct pronunciation errors. For AiMianZi and eschew learning difficulties also make Chinese teachers are unable to understand the real difficulty and demand, often wastes a lot of time explaining some already mastered the content.

Japanese say bad authentic Chinese, Japanese I mostly ambiguous or quiet, relevant. The Japanese in human relationships, always listen to more than lest beneath expression, even if the said, “do not also fudged, onservative. Japanese students generally not in public opinions with people, even if it is disagreement, also will seldom put this split directly expression comes out, but with a more euphemism way implies that out. If the other side cannot understand, also tend to agree with each other, lest produce dispute. Therefore, Japanese students will seldom questioned the teacher, when designated answer questions with quincunxes tempted tone, say while observing teachers’ reaction and timely adjust his answer. Japanese students quiet and introverted, always silent when many, seldom talker expressions and language is very ambiguous, let a person guessing what exactly in their hearts. This kind of personality traits may originate from Japan’s traditional culture, in Japanese culture silent man often considered a person fix for people with higher. For language learning is concerned, ambiguous and introverted is very adverse factors, because language is “said” come out of, pronunciation must pass say more practice much to improve.

Japanese say bad authentic Chinese, Japanese I study Chinese ways of learning about. The Japanese in Chinese learning aspects like via email or letters way to study contents, don’t like to use direct means of communication, they will use pen speaking out their own learning difficulties, but he would not verbal description. Facing the written material, most Japanese students are more concerned about those meticulous grammar points, sometimes even the language learning as a scientific research to do. This rigorous attitude may with the Japanese national attention rating system has the very big relations. Japan is a social hierarchy, in society everyone has his own particular identity, can’t literally Passover rules, any one thing all must, in accordance with the procedure, cannot tatol mses program. For language learning, pay close attention to grammar in understanding this paragraph, writing mistakes, so few Japanese literacy tend to be strong, But too much emphasis on standard spoken words, large amount of conserve and non-standard even transnormal usage is difficult to accept, such as being “suicide” usage, so the Japanese hear ability often relatively weak.

The Japanese study in China, it is difficult to make really good friends, especially is Japan’s national friend. Character is the effect of Japanese students of making friends, one important reason. Western students to Japan feels is: very polite, but there is a kind of sense can’t talk together, in truth, because they give people the feeling is difficult to close. In addition, the Japanese assiduous, studious, strict self-discipline and to learn yibanyiyan attitude make other country’s many students think they are perfectionist, make friends with them will be very hard. Make no foreign friends, Japanese students tend to spend more time with their compatriots dealings, therefore, in China’s Japanese easier to hold dough, many things are on the same page. If a person is subjected to the teacher or classmate

number of military writers sortie tv& creation

Friday, January 21st, 2011

In recent years, due to the main melody needs and market leader, a large number of military literary works were adapted into films, quite a number of military writers sortie tv& creation, such as the ZhuSuJin kangxi dynasty “” my brother, ShunLiu”; LanXiaoLong of “soldiers raided” “my head my group”; The JiangJiTao west-han emperor “” LiangJian” “the ever-changing world”; LiuJianWei “beckoning paradises”; “” The history XuGuiXiang sky of the highlands TeWuLian “; “” WangHaiLing “hand”, “Chinese style divorce”, “senior colonel’s daughter”, ZhuXiuHai of speech, the yard pine-woods “; “” The burning passion mam years “, “happiness resembling flower is same”, etc. On the one hand, it improved the quality of contemporary Chinese films, leading to host the prosperity of literature, On the other hand it also has promoted the influence of military writers, visibility and quality of life. But, for military literary creation, writers and works of film and television of just is a have to alert “double-edged sword”, at the time of harvest the market also mysticism hurt writer.

First of all, I simply comb film of red tide of the basic state of military writers, generally there are four cases. One is the past excellent writers, now no longer engaged in the original, but will spearhead “setter,” will someone else’s novel dramatized. The 2nd kind of circumstance is the so-called “set of written,” the authors write a novel script simultaneously. Or to change it out first script novel, Or at drama to write novels. The third type is specifically for TV writers. These people in novels was only on ErSanLiu level, but good for writing drama. A fourth situation is to write novels, don’t get an electric shock. If XuGuiXiang, his novel each one sold film copyright, frequently hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he never refuse to carvalho half-grabs adaptation.

Then, let’s see how do writers towards drama. The first affirmation rich triggers. Literary creation general with word math book, 1000 words almost 1200 yuan. Even by royalties on basic around 10%. And drama is according to set “, million words or so episode, famous book an episode of 180 thousand, little also have 230 thousand, and a written is twenty or thirty sets, 339 set, the temptation is not big. The second level is so-called writing “achievement”. I will not once listen to name writers friends genuinely talk about their feelings, such as love in the street after supper walk because? Because he were then being popular TV series, he likes to listen to them in passers-by behind evaluation, likes watching people hurried to driving home to watch TV excited the matter. TV is like this, it is a kind of can instantly cash fame, immediately hear applause of high return creation labor. Literary creation is different, its writing process is lonely, lonely, even after editing and publishing after entering the market, and it’s difficult to readers in the first time get the timely feedback, after a film achievement strong stimulation writer has been difficult to sit like living literature creation onto. Third level, is the artistic ideal pursue. ZhuSuJin had quite a lot of research in the United States, Japan, want to improve Chinese film and TV drama will make level, drama, it has established the classic art studio, achievement is good.

Or ask: the literary creation and the contradiction between film and television, don’t writer cannot take in or “win-win”? Answer yue: it’s very difficult. First, because both the value orientation is different. Film &tv production is industrialized product, it follows is the commercial principle, everything with market benefit for the judgment standard, say simply is to pursue ratings. Plot, suspense, violence, pornographic, is the content of unspoken rule, “money” is the most powerful manipulator cultural market. But pure literature creation? It is a kind of heart open, a soul of float in the sky, is a writer of human nature and human feelings, worldly transcendent eulogizing and close to JiaEChou torture and flay, is individual life for all the four seasons of transmigration of exquisite natural feeling, a unique experience and perfect expression, does not carry secular humanism and even without “purpose” mental activity. This is essentially decides literary creation and film &tv production inner differences.

Secondly, they to the writers’ requirement is different also. Film is more than a profession more professional departments jointly participate and comprehensive art, writing is very basic part of work. At present, ferrer entered the quality of personnel engaged in the good and bad are intermingled, and do not pay attention to the scriptwriter’s role, but doing it as a subordinate position even part-time position, as long as you can make up attract viewers eye story will do. In order to attract eyeball, can follow feeling “first”, and then is to follow a “sense” go, is ultimately to “lower” go. Say to the basic elements, pure literature creation exquisite artistic conception, atmosphere, mental characterization, environment description, character, etc. Of course, dramas have language requirements, such as dramatic dialogue be splendid, but that is more to plot unfold, metasomatism story, design the suspense, want a ring buckle a ring; But pure literature writing and possible focuses on mind digging. So, etc., and the like. Serious point, long-term drama writing told writer may be harmful, eventually leading to the authors artistic quality and artistic talent corrosion. Has the writer says he first write several TV play to make some money, and then secure writing novels, the United States it yue “taking article raise wen”, this is actually self-deceiving. Once tasted sweets is difficult to accept hand drama and will only far, deeper (such as ZhuSuJin early 1990s said will return to the novel, in the late 1990s claim back). And the authors will write novels and play together set, hope two don’t delay, this seemingly w actually be wishful thinking. Novel structure and script rhythm is different, the language of the novel and the script language is different, write spoil the storyline and FenJingTou script pen how can write a good novel?

Yang zhenning unveiled the secret

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Yang zhenning name who all know, because he had a Nobel Prize, and LouPing, for many young people speaking, it is strange. But in the new edition of the LouPing memorial in collection, Yang zhenning tend to LouPing expressed respect. One is a physicist, one is the communist party of China’s underground workers (later also educators), between them, have what is the connection?

LouPing families wrote in the letter, Yang zhenning unveiled the secret. Yang said, LouPing is my (beiping) chong DE high school classmate, higher than me next. Remember he was the nickname “member”. He and I not familiar, but with his classmate buddy zhu Wallace first (mr.zhu ziqing made the firstborn) very thick. Later I learned, LouPing and zhu Wallace first all with the CPC beiping as have close relationship. Zhu Wallace first and I was all live on campus, he organized 67 classmate has established a “club”, there will be LouPing. They introduced to I read a YiSiJi tao-fen such a man’s writings, benefit quite a lot. Over the past decades, Yang zhenning teabags because the book, return to LouPing family sent them in middle school rare photographs of morality. As for LouPing nickname why call “of prunus communis”, Yang zhenning says, who also said isn’t clear, but all of that. Since then, the reporter interviewed famous actor, writer HuangZongYing, she was in the readme article “small confused deal” memories in one day, said, my eldest brother (HuangZongJiang) chong DE middle school students (LouPing) came to tianjin no. 2 my house, tree Delhi hand heart clutched the eldest brother wrote a note to see his appearance, probably is ready to will note swallow to belly. I and my niang a look at this wrinkled, cranky body “of the” elder brother, he knew he had to hide in my house for a while, because at that time the Japanese aggressors are everywhere manhunt anti-japanese youth. LouPing in my family lives down, “may be born as his face of prunus communis and involuntary, I called him” of prunus communis elder brother “”. And this one plot, eldest brother HuangZongJiang how memory? He said, LouPing wondering why want to leave subjugate of beiping? Because the students SunDaoLin arrested (of course SunDaoLin face torture said nothing, just like he later in the movie ever dies of waves of performing it. Wrote here, we can come back again LouPing topic with Yang zhenning has come. Because of this, Yang zhenning to set up the progress and patriotic ideas, he kept LouPing as ZhiJin friends, and thought to its ideals and his career and life produces a great impact.

In this paper, the reporter to interview HuangZongYing to quote LouPing one: the righteous for, resolutely. Of course, there are WangWenJuan (SunDaoLin madam) represent deceased SunDaoLin issued to worry that word presence in Peiping underground work old comrade-in-arms salute! Anyway, we should give back in jidong resistance warriors a lofty salute.

forgotten by the people of zhang

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

This year is the 90th anniversary of zhang ailing’s birth, and a wave of “zhang ailing hot” filled with cultural, book publishing, drama, music theater etc., zhang ai-ling’s works are being rediscovered, even chang’s own life story also became a stage of subjects. In addition, the Hong Kong will also hold large chang commemorative activities, including work conference, letters, manuscript exhibition, film and video festival…

From the start of the 1980s, had been forgotten by the people of zhang ailing suddenly started to fire up, the fire has been fire until now. However, in her big heat at the same time, there is also the popular said zhang’s works, WangMengCeng puzzled writer said: “zhang ailing now fast into the modern Chinese literature’s representatives have so good.? I really don’t know. I present thermal is very confused Eileen chang.”

20 years 5 times “zhang ailing hot”

Early in the 1940s, zhang ailing in “subjugate period” Shanghai creation and published in her life, the most important novels and essays, including novel aloes crumbs ยท first furnace sweet “, “little love”, “jin suo ji, etc, this is zhang ailing first in the domestic field on fire. After about 40 years, zhang ailing gradually unnoticed until the 1980s, just once again become popular culture.

Professor of Peking University WenRuMin said, “in the 1980s, first literary historians to zhang ailing zhang unearthed, reposition and its classical glycosylated. Next, the expert’s opinion was film &tv absorption transformation, zhang ai-ling is readers and audience understand.” In fact, WenRuMin is discovered one of zhang ailing’s literary scholars, 1985, Peking University teachers WenRuMin and QianLiQun, WuFuHui compilation textbook the three years of Chinese modern literature. The book, zhang ailing and zhou zuoren, shen congwen, and qian zhongshu etc has not taken seriously before the writer into the mainland history of literature.

Since literature redefine zhang ailing, all sorts of zhang’s works after by adaptation of film-and-television works gradually onto the stage and screen, WenRuMin think, this is really “hot” beginning, zhang “cultural business through commercial mechanism selection and packaging zhang ailing zhang to the 1980s the most glaring and successful cultural goods and symbols. But take note, this was created chang is a according to business principles are filtered out chang, the result is called zhang ailing hot.”

At the beginning of this century, with a close relationship with the writer Eileen chang subject was excavated, zhang ailing has once again big heat, famous cultural scholars LiHe said: “even in that year, subject and zhang ailing two people on literature also say, have each other using mean, Eileen chang’s words have little popularity, very clever, very can affect the hearts of the people, subject is sparkling, if don’t talk of his personality, only say words of his text always is so beautiful, let a person yearning.” Obviously, this two personal influence each other until now is still there. Because zhang ailing hot, subject was excavated, Because the subject of words, zhang ailing and more attention.

Following the subject after heat, ang lee’s film “lust, caution”, again become push zhang ailing heat power, this has been 20 years fourth zhang ailing hot. “Lust, caution”, published last year after year reunion “and” little Eileen chang’s birth, the 90th anniversary of were expected to become zhang ailing hot fifth climax.

the diary of lu xun has comparatively

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Lu xun’s hobby collection, collection is widespread, but most likes to collect antique books. Studying in Japan, he often in Japan kanda JiuShuTan parking on the search oneself to like old books. In 1912, lu xun in Peiping, the ministry of education work, live in xuanwu district outside the shaoxing venues. This place from liu lichang very near, he often might want to visit liulichang seek his favorite books, collected many ancient books.

About collection books, the diary of lu xun has comparatively detailed records. For example, on May 12, 1912, afternoon to liu lichang, LiGuan ancient ShuSi, buy the Fourier series of compiling xi shop. 21, walk outside to late xuanwu uew-y ten pieces have two flowers copies. 25, afternoon to purchase the LiTaiBai sets of coloured glaze factory “, “view yuan quantity long-lived buddhist”, “Chinese painting”…

For his collection of books, lu xun is devoted to record their account “ShuZhang”. From 1912 May to 1936 October 17 (i.e., two days before his death), which 20 years, he has spent 10913.65 yuan, bought more than 14,000 books. He spend money in buying books, accounting for one-fifth of his income.

The existing of lu xun’s library consists of a variety of, more than 13,000 3800 book collection, it serves the amount of giant and broad scope. Moreover, in lu xun’s books, some are very precious rare version. His collection of qing dynasty light fourteen years KeBen “taizhou linhai rely heavy series of 20 volumes, LuXunChao fill script total 4 copies zero eight pages have been relevant departments for cultural relics appraisal of national level.

Lu xun’s library, had hidden that use. He take full advantage of his collection of books, is industrious, skilled in research, textual research work out the Chinese novel ShiLve “and” ji kang’s collection “, “XieCheng HouHanShu” wait for a book of edits. In a sense, lu xun obtained academic achievement and his perseverance collection activities are inseparable. Guo moruo in research of luxun said after collection, lu xun is a brilliant achievement, collection of his role destinations.