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the enemy in my interference

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Since 1927 “harvest uprising” MAO zedong rate of workers and peasants, the revolutionary army onto jinggangshan after jinggangshan becomes “in jinggangshan road” from the start. Jinggang mountain roads are armed with seizure, QiangGanZi men, so how to play, adopting how strategy and tactics becomes the fundamental army choice. As the army’s top leader, MAO zedong up date began to explore creating effective strategy and tactics, and the strategy and tactics of the kernel is the famous “enemy enter I back, the enemy in my interference, the enemy tired I dozen, the enemy retreated I chased” “16-character tactic”.

“16-character tactic” created in MAO zedong, there was a process. Early into the jinggang mountains revolutionary old man XiongShouQi in the memory also say: “remember 16-character MiaoJue originally only four word, namely” enemy enter my back ‘. This is 1927 when half of MAO in jinggangshan brought out.” Was followed MAO zedong create the jinggang mountains revolutionary base in memory of ChenZhengRen jinggangshan struggle and guerrilla warfare strategy problem once said: “in suichuan chuan (i.e. 1928 l months), he heard the chairman proposed guerrilla warfare 16-character, especially in the first half of the year, listen to more specific.” ChenZhengRen added: “in suichuan sichuan still hear chairman proposed ‘scattered to arouse the masses, concentrated to cope with the enemy’ this one extremely important principles.” ChenZhengRen, XiongShouQi memories fully shows that the reds guerrilla war strategy and tactics principle to form in MAO zedong there experienced a historical process.

Indeed, 1928 in January, MAO zedong in suichuan sichuan convene and preside over jinggangshan front and suichuan county of sichuan, vie two counties joint conference, at the meeting made “16-character tactic of twelve characters, namely:” enemy to I walk, the enemy in my interference, the enemy retreated I chased “. The concrete situation is in jinggangshan region a.m., workers and peasants armed separatism “” the fire of MAO zedong, smell wanan riots have win, namely from hence sichuan sent someone to send to vie county, sichuan attend comrade to vie suichuan jinggangshan front and hence, 100002 county joint conference. Meeting on January 20th to 22 in SuiChuanXian town convened, million head once tianyu, anxian ZhangShiXi 11 people to attend. MAO zedong at the meeting listened to million anxian work report, finally to million anxian work were instructions: hope wanan comrade very good use “enemy to I walk, the enemy in my interference, the enemy retreated I chased” twelve word tactic, preparation and reactionaries operations.

In jinggangshan such specific environment, MAO zedong has created more than anyone red guerrilla warfare basic principles of conditions. In the student, MAO zedong had led one carring students army pay had one armed KuiJun of beiyang spurt, idiom genuinely anybody. In the process of leading the autumn harvest uprising, his illustrious military can soon exposed. When the autumn harvest uprising troops suffered a major setback after, MAO zedong suspended their rubicon into changsha orders and fold soldier jinggangshan. Although he had previously not command military, but his resolute decisive, command dedicates, is enormously popular by army’s acclaimed. MAO zedong understand, should be in all directions is strong and ferocious enemy of the political environment, makes the new small red revolutionary regime survival, development, we must take a different set of conventional special operational principles.

MAO zedong’s back in the troops military thought education when once said, not only should we will fight, and will play circle. The enemy is “newcomers mismanagement, best not to come”, we will “three homes” withdrawing troops. The enemy retreated, where I wonder if we’ll have to survey. We’ll bring his pocket several circles, etc of his weakness exposed, can grasp accurate, played malicious, played neat and have captured. It is like money will come as weiss, ShiBen not stem. Anyhow, fight when you can win dozen, dozen don’t win and then walk. You call I call you won’t get hit, I’ll beat you must eat you up.

Visible, only to have this kind of subjective and objective conditions in jinggangshan, to make the red army of guerrilla warfare basic principles, arise rapid development. Age objective social environment and caused a subjective condition decision the reds startup period of guerrilla warfare basic principle, only in the jinggang mountains revolutionary base this form of guerrilla warfare heartland, only in the revolutionary war mainly leader MAO zedong’s mind initiation, and determine its formation and development is a from simple to rich process.

That year with MAO zedong fighting together, as a member of the jinggang mountains in the chingkang mountains struggle of tan chen-lin practice and development of MAO zedong thought, “a text for the reds guerrilla warfare, the basic principles of forming the incisive elaboration. He said, jinggangshan region large, complex terrain is important, the masses condition again good, very beneficial to carry out people’s guerrilla war. MAO zedong set by guerrilla warfare strategy and tactics, be in namely interact struggle so specific condition, along with the development of practice and development. The famous guerrilla warfare 16-character tactic “enemy enter I back, the enemy in my interference, the enemy tired I dozen, the enemy retreated I chased”, and “suited to arouse the masses, concentrated to cope with the enemy”, “the independent with fixed region, wavy. Propetamphos tracking, advances the policy with hovering type DaJuanZi policy” wait, it is to smash the enemy was three times siege repeatedly battle, given the success and failure the lessons of summary and rich rise.

MAO zedong is not only “16-character tactic” creator, more practitioners. The autumn harvest uprising in jinggangshan team into way, luxi suddenly and propetamphos encounter, inferior retreats, caused much damage. He then came to LongShi, maoping, value XiangGui warlords because of hunan enemy, most reactionary forces, the reds will transfer boundary counties ChengXu captured tea ling. Hunan propetamphos, such as these jinggangshan back toward the enemy force is weak, the JiangXiSui sichuan offense, toppling reactionary landlords armed, every conquer hence sichuan. When the main forces of the red army in suichuan sichuan suited to arouse the masses, jianxi enemy ZhuPeiDe department a battalion in reactionary landlord armed with occupied ningkang hsin-cheng. MAO zedong’s side of yunghsin and ningkang, instructions etc riots teams, day and night XiRao enemy, make an enemy 1 days surprised, tired, A centralized main back to maoping rest late-night urgent attacks, the next day QuanJian ShouDi xincheng world. These battles are using “16-character tactic” and “suited to arouse the masses, concentrated to cope with the enemy” success combats. Thereafter the famous lungyuankou combat, our first west YangGong linghsien county, not the jianxi decoys unionizing enemy Yang chih-sheng, YangRuXuan department deeply, and then around a circle

you simply can not having an affair

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

1. Sign in before marriage certificate, careful consideration. After careful consideration, please consider. After considering again, please consider. Really unable to reconsider, please think about each other.

2. If your wife tube too severe, you simply can not having an affair, If your wife tube too loose, you don’t know which one to pick an affair object, If wife tube properly, she would just know your affair object.

3. Marriage is like war, only different is, you play battle with the enemy generals after he sleep in a bed.

4. Don’t attempt to change wife, make clear to change is yourself, Don’t literally criticism, or wife would split wife flat to you, Don’t assume escape wife, or wife would double hunt you down, Finally, remember that money in exchange for time, wife in the department store time longer, and you get along with time is less.

5. Road go not necessarily will meet the demons, but absolutely will meet my wife.

6. The husband table gou code: blame don’t have to tell you live with, such as bulldozing or supermarket clerk, The wife dish yucky lies not in her a bad, but in your eye is poor.

7. Don’t give too much money, but the wife think a lot, If wife think enough to give some, but shall not exceed 5% rise. Remember, this will be the next to the amount of money with you want money of wife accomodations.

8. In the second day of the wedding ceremony ends, you will see countless makes you admire who showed up at the side – this is life.

their house never foreign propaganda this relationship

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Allyson living in Russia for decades, from secondary school until they entered the work units, he did not fill in relative bar had liu shaoqi, LiuYunBin name. Speaking of which cause, allyson explained: at that age, sino-soviet relations are in worse period, the KGB monitor their family. Myra for their safety, take them back to hide. During the school, allyson change with the mother’s maiden name that he hid open KGB surveillance. “Besides considering safety outside, we don’t want to show off, does not want to let people know we have ‘so great relatives’.” Allyson said.

Therefore, their house never foreign propaganda this relationship, the more never enjoyed special care. Allyson from Moscow aviation college graduate with excellent results, was assigned to national aerospace command center, with militant identity engaged in Soviet leading-edge technology research of national defense. Because of the job, he has won many national medal. Before retiring, he is command center of senior engineer.

Long-term since, allyson have been trying to get in touch with the liu, eventually because of the two countries’ strained relations without success. Until 1987, he just had liujia news, and had returned from ideas. Later, with his grandfather, grandmother live in 1989, mother died in 1998, sister died in 1988 to in America, this more firmness him back ideas.

In 1998, liu shaoqi 100th anniversary, in a direction, liao sofa commemoration invited him to join the invitation. Can this seal invitation was Russia detained the departments concerned. Reason is allyson in state secrets unit made 20 years professional soldiers, according to the regulation must wait until retirement three years later can go abroad, which was allyson has not retired. Allyson after know very anxious, even with “the infringement of citizens’ freedom of correspondence” for relevant departments to Russia petition. When all efforts fail, he chose to advance retire, hope the trip to China can be realized at an early date.

In April 2003, allyson finally and wife first embarked on a homecoming road. More interesting is, when he first went to China in Russian embassy visa, saying he is liu shaoqi’s grandson, staff unexpectedly startled, how also dare not believe. Because, at that time, most people still don’t know his existence. Staff kept his passport take them in, a long time to come out. Staff told him that they examined, indeed. Allowed to work abroad, allyson with his wife couldn’t wait to fly to Beijing and grandma wang guangmei live for several days, deeply felt the warmth of family, then you RenZuGuiZong reaches his hometown in hunan. On 15 April, in LiuAiQin, uncle aunt WoBaoTian accompanied by allyson and Mrs. Virginia returned to hunan province ningxiang county long east HuaMingLou town carbon son rushed the village of their hometown. In HuaMingLou, allyson detail visited liu shaoqi former residence and galleries, and to act as a translator’s aunt LiuAiQin questioning. When that father LiuYunBin also once carbon son rushed lived more than 10 years, o liao trachomatis xu full of tears.

According to local customs, the homecoming, allyson great-grandfather, great grandmother to ShangFen, flowers, he will also keep some home precious documents, pictures to comrade liu shaoqi memorial stash. Then went to nanjing to YuHuaTai HeBaoZhen grandma laid wreaths. In November 24, is comrade liu shaoqi’s birth 105 anniversary, allyson and Mrs. Wang guangmei again came to accompany HuaMingLou carbon son rushed, attended the commemoration.

Since then, allyson often trip in between the two countries. “I have two hometown: China and Russia. I’ll try my best to do some benefit both countries things.” Allyson said he retired from aerospace department, and China’s contact more and more, because his wife knows medical science, so he hopes to set TCM “transplantation” to Russia, “we want to build a large in Russia with TCM base, TCM medicine can not solve the solution of some of the pain, it is also a good!”

He said: “as the sino-russian hybrids than ordinary Chinese, I’ll know more about Russia, than ordinary russians know more about China, I hope I can make my this’ advantages of folk friendship ‘, Russian ambassador, and help more Russian friends about Chinese culture, politics, economy, so as to make sino-russian established between common people more profound friendship.”

Now, allyson it has obtained the foreigners living in guangzhou, permanent residence certificate. His a pair of children also has already grown up bilingually, daughters have already graduated from college, married Ukraine’s an actor, son became a father’s alumni, also admitted to the Moscow aviation institute. He also revealed, already from Moscow, graduated from the university’s daughter to China a university studies again a professional. Allyson still keep the Chinese tradition: like noodles, don’t love to drink milk, is also interested in chili. Re-edited since “guangzhou daily”

Allyson, liu shaoqi’s President, in Russia anonymity decades, in only five years old you then after grandpa once, even his father in the “cultural revolution” in the news, but also in suicide after his father’s death after twenty years only learned about… Not long ago, comrade liu shaoqi memorial hall staff through lots of historical materials, uncovered liu shaoqi Russian President of the antecedents of mysteries.

specially to see the grandchildren

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

For the father’s death, allyson were these: “we all sad, also feel mysterious… I don’t have deep memory of his father, when I am still too young to father. In my understanding is adulthood. Until now I don’t believe his father will suicide… but we thinking of father, sister of father’s memory than I do, she also wrote a very sincere feelings poem -” the miss father “.”

“I saw grandpa side.” Allyson tell the author. In 1960, liu shaoqi to Soviet communist party workers delegates attending eighty one country during the meeting, specially to see the grandchildren.

Hence, allyson first saw the grandpa. That year, he was just five years old. He said: “it was the scene I clearly remember. It is autumn, the door suddenly come car very luxurious black sedan, walk down the old man kind kind, he not only kiss me, also gave me toys and candy. Later I know it’s grandpa. That is my grandpa to my first and last impression.” Allyson had kept all grandpa kiss photo of yourself. Allyson said, although only seen with grandpa side, but then I come back to China, to feel everybody to grandpa’s evaluation is very tall, he to grandpa’s beloved sentiment of queen multiply. Now, his hands wears watch, also be comrade liu shaoqi memorial to his, picturing liu shaoqi’s head. Allyson said: “it was comrade liu shaoqi memorial gave me, I will never wore it.”

Allyson was able to go back to China, and grandma wang guangmei care are inseparable. In Beijing, wang guangmei though grandchildren, but often care in Moscow granddaughter, grandchildren, and have been looking for a chance to let his granddaughters, grandson to Beijing reunion. In 1987, the eldest daughter of liu shaoqi LiuAiQin fee the very hard, never Chinese relatives and friends of the Moscow classmates’ve got allyson a’s whereabouts, long-lost relatives finally got in touch with each other.

October 1988, should wang guangmei invitation, mara living in China for a short time. In early 1998, China central television documentary film accept the liu shaoqi “crew interview, wang guangmei heard crew will go to Russia, also entrust of the central literature research BianYanBu, deputy director of the second HuangZheng to Sonia and o ShaDai to $500, liao hope they can go home to see. Later, allyson wrote in wang guangmei letter, beginning for “I called wang guangmei beloved grandma”, and in the letter deep feeling ground say: “my root is in China, I’ll always be a member of liu’s family.”

March 18, 2007, allyson to guangzhou attended wang guangmei deeds exhibition. Mention wang guangmei grandma, he said: “throughout every meeting, grandma can let me feel intensely her amiable, feel her for the liu’s cohesive force lies.”

The graph is tianjin east suburban new

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

1960 summer, MAO zedong feel pressure. For he advocated “the great leap forward and the movement to establish people’s communes of some methods, slogans, and began to feel disobeyed, self-confidence some moved.

“Great leap forward” period, FuKuaFeng prevalent. The graph is tianjin east suburban new made people’s communes with the so-called “move seedlings and false” method, and says rice per person, can sit for people to visit. In 1960, June 14 to 18, the central committee of the CCP politburo enlarged meeting held in Shanghai to discuss economic and international issues. Meeting, the last day of MAO zedong’s morning spent two hours, write a short essay summarized the decade “. Saying is “ten years”, actually is mainly three years “great leap forward” summary. In the afternoon, MAO zedong closed meeting for three added plans index and “ten years” and speak a summary words.

He to the state planning commission proposed the new scheme is still not satisfied, that this “after three years of index, there are still a great danger, even for LiuYuDe for Tibetan skill, for practical possibility, still want to beat a big discount, party still don’t know.” He said yesterday, standing and several tube economic comrades working exchange opinions, think the adjustment plan have to adjust.

This conference, index a pressure, the process of meeting again pressure became pressure index process, in deng xiaoping as saying: “we are doing these days of reformism.”

MAO zedong summarized in the decade “, made the self-criticism: “I also had many mistakes. Some are and party a accomplice.” He said, high index should be determined to change, change it was completely initiative. “The initiative is an extremely important thing. The initiative, was’ speacially”, “until ‘. This from seeking truth from facts, from the objective situation in people in mind a reflection of reality, that people for objective external dialectics process of cognition.” He admitted: “we for socialist period of revolution and construction, and a very great blindness, and it has a large unrecognized realm of necessity, we don’t even know it profoundly. We should take the second decade time to investigate it, to study it, from which to find out how it inherent law, in order to use these rules for socialist revolution and construction services.”

MAO wrote this summary, although only for two hours, but brewing time is very long. Far not said, roughly from November 1959 hangzhou meeting, MAO zedong began trying to after the founding of 10 years experience in this field. After 1960 January Shanghai conference, march tianjin meeting, and after a series of small conference talk, the Shanghai conference, he considers that the time is ripe, to summarize the historical experience from the Angle of party leadership, solving the problem of knowledge, so, write this article letup important documents.

“Ten years” is MAO zedong summarized first, is the only a systematic review and summarize three years “great leap forward” words, but by his first admit to the great leap forward and the people’s commune movement errors. However, in the situation, MAO zedong didn’t also can’t know guiding ideology of the “left” errors.

one abnormal death toll

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

This situation is not built in a day. Early in 1958 start “great leap forward”, 1959, MAO zedong and mistakenly launched lushan meeting struggle, the “reverse right-leaning” movement, cause ultra-left thinking unabated, in a short span of two or three years, the national economic imbalances, the national food dropped substantially, the forest damaged farmers hunger, disease outbreaks, one abnormal death toll, greatly dampened the farmers labor enthusiasm. MAO zedong hear rural appear famine and starved of news, was very anxious and restless. In Beijing, he months when eating of meat as the dish dish of staff said: “you is good to me, but you don’t care about my light from life, and should pay attention to economy. For example, this green vegetables, you all the leaves take out, the light that I eat tender, the food is not wasted leaves?” Once MAO zedong office late into the night, hungry, let staff to get some cooked taro finally arrived. MAO zedong ate two, sat down on the chair fell asleep, staff found MAO zedong’s breathing is not normal, a see is the mouth return with a taro, quickly from his mouth go toward outside dig… Actually, no matter say “scourge” or “man-made” all right, or at that time most people still don’t or wouldn’t pull difficult to “man-made” on contact, central leaders have felt the rural situation good grim.

In 1960, on October 21, even the competent foreign Chen yi, the CMC enlarged meeting also tight frown, unbearable loudly say: “this year already have a province began to lack of grain harvest later will lack of grain, next year will be more manger son ble en herbe missing, a how to spend questions. A shandong, henan, a liaoning, one is a hebei, sad, followed by shanxi, there are several provinces. 58 years, 59 years several big battle, to give our reserves hollowed with, our supplies box locker ark into ate up, again for two years, so the disasters caused difficulties, next spring come again to a disaster? People’s really quite tired and extremely poor, the mood also is very bad, labor enthusiasm generally is not high, everybody exodus would not make produce, need us military help.” Chen yi words reflect leaders generally anxiety mood.

“Great leap forward” bring another independences is large, industrial and mining enterprises from the countryside to hire, urban population soared, 1960 than 1957 3124 million, increasing than in 1951, nearly double. On the one hand, greatly reducing the rural labor force, on the other hand need to rural greatly increase grain purchase, and food but not that much. 1960 on May 28, the central committee of the CCP issued an emergency instructions uncertain food “point out:” in nearly two months, Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai and liaoning append the food is not enough to sell, library has almost hollowed with, if don’t immediately assault cast shipped a batch of grain to put, have sold out of danger.” June 6, the central government warned in a directive said: “summer later, Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, liaoning and other big cities and industrial zone of grain stocks is very weak, Beijing can pin 7 days, tianjin can only sell 10 days, Shanghai has almost no rice stocks, liaoning 10 cities can pin eight nine days.” Zhou enlai secretary li yan memories: “every day to central provinces menace, make prime minister did not eat, sleep well.”

Rural situation is more anxious. On the great leap forward and the preparation conditions under double pressures of transition, grassroots cadres in a new guise, deduce the pursuit of tragedy to many. Lushan meeting before once haul of anti-communization, whim, force to command the wind again stage a come back, and intense.

LiuQuan sighed oneself accepted bribes

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

‘built after the completion, ho-shen want to find the geomantic gentleman again go to survey once. Results, that sir like the human life evaporate, as in city didn’t trace and shadow. Even the two street fight like brothers together disappeared. LiuQuan the panic, more think about it, the more I think is wrong, hurriedly sent judge those who once seen two brothers, results of the answer is, no one knows whether this two people what the derivation, don’t even say that Mr. Feng shui.

LiuQuan sighed, oneself accepted bribes, zha cannot give oneself take in. So coaxing ho-shen, said that the geomancer brahmanical went, the brothers “neighbors” also testified that the two brothers living abroad. Ho-shen self-reliant emperor dare not take him how, Mr Feng shui is not the thing to his heart.

Time flies, the emperor’s father, jiaqing emperor died.both really come on stage. The Treasury empty for years plus ho-shen the hatred, jiaqing hold power then ho-shen mow down. January 13, JiaQingDi jiaqing four-year announced the lakesy ho-shen SINS, the monkey property. Subsequent day, JiaQingHuangDi received dense fold, speaking and Shen in shengjing dragon village unexpectedly built luxurious’! The record on the throne jiaqing fell, gas is shaking and tremble. The tombs specifications raced the emperor has too unbearable, don’t even say this ho-shen had a leopard bravery, unexpectedly ShanDong AiXinJiaoLuo home ‘- f changling! This time jiaqing wish will ho-shen pieces put to death. However, the minister again and again for ho-shen and read in his favor is princess father-in-law, also once for court give many force’s sake, jiaqing bend, promised to give ho-shen a “well”. January 18, ho-shen was given to commit suicide, white practice for big dream. A hang up

Allegedly, ho-shen had written a poem before death: “fifty year dream true, now die. XieGongChen was suffused with water containing dragon day, confess takes cigarette is glaring.” a dream of red mansions “lee debauchery, QuYun:” cock-a-hoop wearing weng, GuangCanCan, chest JinYin wiley rh suspension JueLu Gordon, HunCanCan, nether world road near! “this used in ho-shen body pour also is very suitable. Ho-shen dieth, shout building sloping wall is fallen, all with pushing, ho-shen everything about were turned out, this check the check, the thrown down broken down.

Soon, shengjing officials received a decree, JiaQingDi ordered ho-shen built in shengjing ‘broken and, together with the dragon village concurrently ruin. A burst of the dust float in the sky, former richly could be compared to the home and Christ ‘razed to the ground, gradually, the village is ruined, again without the human beings.

A year later, have already covered with green dragon in the village of abandoned, slowly pace three people, the two young guys, a middle-aged lame man. Three looks quite have the smoke of color, the middle-aged man is suddenly now craggy, not only driving the early birth, and storage to grey huafa short shall, in the breeze diotrephes bleak. Duo to former ho-shen ‘seat after their three stopped.

“Master, this years you experienced the wind and frost, dodge chase, now FuFa, host your enemies the happy.”


“Master, fortunately, you are wise and cheat the ho-shen said there is a block feng shui treasure-house, let him ShanDong bear on Christ’s involvement.”

“Even without I add this one wood, ho-shen that fellow still will certainly not FuFa, god KuanRao such overbearingly person.”

The master, then we want to go where?”

“Ten years hatred once scattered, judai sends out make boats. Just, just!”

they opened up early wasteland

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

According to legend, LingQian changling fort shengjing blessed are two villages near, one is called “dragon village”, one is called “feng village”. Fu ling have not built before, here is a skewer, often by wild animals. Although no one lives there, here but beautiful scenery, often some auspicious appear. In the end, blessing, there will be a changling built some ShouLing person. These ShouLing person is few, they opened up early wasteland, formed small settlements. To shun zhi years, blessing changling institutions more and more complete, in the former changling fort, emperor established f changling manager praetorium and palm through government, with an attendant all sorts of small officer, servants, and the people, the former changling fort began to become prosperous, this former changling fort allegedly is in the “feng village”, in the former east of changling fort, there is a small village called “dragon village”.

Now, the two villages are not exist. Feng village is former changling fort, demolition in previous years. And dragon village is misty, simply even its authenticity are unable to textual research.

Time playback to qianlong period, when economic flourishing, people are also live happily ever after. Qianlong every immersed in oneself “world datong” “perfection” beautiful dreamland, seems pretty confused, in fact he has turned more sensitive than the old who are absolutely, sentient beings is he playing in the hand by playing dice, one of the most sound to several was upstaged strong ho-shen. Ho-shen, who not only for himself, but also for the emperor money, can ho-shen don’t understand what the word preserve our sanity, senior bigger and bigger, ambition, also more and more inflation. All this was YongYan (later JiaQingDi) to see in the eye, hate in my heart.

Ho-shen, who in his own house built emperor enjoyment nanmu with temple, home Settings zha zha look like ning shougong, yard also made some ornament, and that the peng island, YaoTai yuanmingyuan almost. With the adult garden in his garden son inside, buoyed almost done immortals. But, riches and honour prosperous carelessly become empty dream. In ancient times, people think about later generations’ geomantic fate, geomantic good ancestors will bless offspring promoted to become rich. Ho-shen than others more superstitious this set, he fearing that wealth had passed away. Hence, ho-shen just wondering how to give their ancestors find a good place to QianZang.

Words greedy slave owners often has an evil, ho-shen the manager called home LiuQuan, this man belong to the master of the slave, JiQuanShengTian lovers. He not only help master money, oneself also kept everywhere hack now, liu2 zong3 tubes have dozens of homes, also oneself openned pharmacy, pawn. Looking at pieces of glistening silver, LiuQuan heart than the host still tickles. Hear master want to find a geomantic gentleman, LiuQuan began to move the brain. He had to raise the find a good geomantic gentleman.

One day, LiuQuan strolling in the street, the distance there were sudden brawl. He is also a pleasantly see XianShiEr namely advocate, will carry carry thy skirts, keep your chin up walked past, slaves are busy help him through the crowd, originally is the brothers fight, one holding a long piece of wood, one hand hold an axe, mutual glaring stare the other party. Gnome male – “rise, LiuQuan look straight smile:” play, play and not see red not line! “flank slaves also ineptitude, just before the two brothers with all the CuanDuo prepared a big fight field, an upward-mobile left 清癯, slightly some lame middle-aged man walked to come over, pull open brothers urged,” have what thing to say good say, don’t hurt you. Don’t deceive men, brothers, I am to see you both for geomantic possessions and up strife, because your home is not that bad ‘position the feng shui, lost brother peace. “the men repeatedly nod.

GuLiuLiu LiuQuan eyes turned several circles called the slaves Mr Rack over questioning. That sir hear is liu big director, busy bowing and scraping, hope to introduce yourself to a conception and adults, and give LiuQuan large sum of benefits. LiuQuan hear eyebrow presbyopia laugh, hurriedly brought this geomantic gentleman to see ho-shen.

Ho-shen to geomencers explained his intentions. This Mr. A faltering, way: “I did find a place in shengjing good domain, dragon, near the village.” ho-shen heard exultation, always recklessly he distain moved Christ geomantic contraindication? He smile happily reward the geomancer a large sum of money, then ho-shen orders shengjing dragon village, and rushed HeLing dragon village people, not long, all navajos magnificent 2nd-century ‘is repaired, ho-shen specifically for this’ held a grand QianZang ceremony.

The XuMaoYong lu xun so is up in

Monday, January 17th, 2011

70 years ago, lu xun’s a titled “answer XuMaoYong and Anti-Japanese War united front” letter, make XuMaoYong overnight become cultural people well known characters. Because of lu xun’s this answer “is actually a kind of extremely strict accountability denounce, even can use” scold “word to describe. As is known to all, lu xun’s articles to implicative forceful, fen is known, the use is internal, And this is consistent with lu xun’s style is widely divergent, including the accused straightforward, and is used WaiGu kung fu.

The XuMaoYong lu xun so is up in arms is because “defense literature” and “national public resistance literature” two slogans struggle, but also in lu xun and XuMaoYong of hu feng’s opinion, ba jin’s totally different. This letter is seriously ill, LuXunShi already published soon, he died. XuMaoYong wrote a vice couplet yue: “the enemy, but depends on the more friends? Ask yourself. I know I, sin, male has nothing.” And explained that he and lu xun’s private relations have felt grief, I finally reposed in this sixteen words out. But he has been particularly take a pen to say: “sir, although before the speech act, not wrong, but even errors, also from a kind of very pure starting position, absolutely no despicable motives. He observation character, discriminant friends, though not necessarily correct enemy, but his love comrades-in-arms, the strong hatred of the great spirit, is consistently.” Rhetoric between, visible XuMaoYong have been bitterly grievance, think lu xun is wrong to scold.

But which one is right is wrong, actually MAO zedong in yenan have made a correct answer. MAO first affirmed the debate the nature, is a revolutionary alignment internal debate. And that this argument is not only the inevitable, is also beneficial. Struggle to touch to the dispute, truth more bright, you know a consensus, things will be easy. Of course XuMaoYong fur also points out: there is wrong, this is on lu xun’s disrespect. But finally MAO said “wrong unimportant, just know I was wrong, later study hard corrections, according to the right reason to handle affairs, the future is bright.”

By rights, since MAO zedong has already concluded, this paragraph of case-solving pack it in, “let bygones be bygones hereunder well”. But behold, this letter after founding, unexpectedly again repeated by the person only mention, craps evil slag overflow. Seems to differentiate who to who wrong, but so to launch again and again to struggle, but make Chinese culture by the catastrophic attack. Meanwhile the right and wrong wrong, wrong wrong to the rightness, likelihood of, be like CuoFei wrong, humor must reminiscent of more seriously.

editing and publishing has recently

Monday, January 17th, 2011

This morning, tsinghua university hid the warring states bamboo slips research results released, bamboo only have lost more than 2000 years of the warring states “ya-men”, also recovered chu history and historical geography. Related research achievements in editing and publishing has recently.

Tsinghua university in jul 2008 moon hid a batch of diffusing to outside of the warring states bamboo, after two years of cleaning protection and research, and finally determined that, for a total of tsinghua Jane 2388 MEDALS, of which found the lost more than 2000 years of the warring states “ya-men”.

According to tsinghua university, a history professor xia-shang-zhou chronology project research group LiXueQin introduction, tsinghua Jane were reorganized literature more than 60 papers, this will be the Yin to “, “offering male”, “bao xun” nine references to surface.

Published articles published in nine eight article belong to “ya-men” or similar “ya-men of literature.

Such as “the training”, tells the king wen wrote his deathbed to their Lawrence w. word, mentioned many legends and shang ancestors on a micro legends, the articles from FenShuKengRu after it was unknown, including the middle path of thought very philosophical meaning.

Tsinghua Jane also observed in the zhou dynasty poetry. It is understood that the “, the ritual poem, books, music and easy, spring and autumn “known as” six-channel “, one of the “happy the sutra also because FenShuKengRu cause extinction, left the five classics.

This, experts in tsinghua Jane’s research found ZhouWuWang conquering LiGuo DeShengHuiChao after drinking in the ceremony of material, spring-and-autumn experts say this is the music of the sutra.etc.

Have an article on bamboo slips BianNianTi historical records, recorded at the beginning of the western zhou dynasty, under the upper up to warring states early history. Bamboo slips in a poem unexpectedly and zhou poems in the poem about the crickets, amazing.

Tsinghua bamboo slips of chu not only recovered history and geography of history, but also detailed account of the past dynasties Truman dwellings migratory process and reason. Meanwhile, tsinghua Jane the relevant content also clarified some academic history of difficult problem of long argument.